17 Living Room Carpet Ideas

Living rooms are one of the most decor-heavy places in a home. They are where people guide guests for soirees, where people hang out during game night, and not to mention where people flaunt their personal style. Having the right carpet can help lay out the mood of a room, especially one as important as a living room. 

A good living room carpet is going to make your home's ambiance change into something that offers a lot more dimension. The carpet you choose can add calm to a room, action, texture, or just make it easier to focus on a particular piece of furniture. These ideas below will help add a unique twist of style.

Domestic sofa in the living room, 17 Living Room Carpet Ideas

1.Wall-To-Wall Neutral

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Interior of bright modern living room with comfortable sofa decorated with Christmas tree and gifts

If we are going to start out, then we might as well start with one of the most common carpeting ideas in use. Wall-to-wall carpeting is one of the most common ways a living room gets laid out, and when you pick a neutral color like tan or beige, it turns your floor into a nice backdrop for fine furniture and bold decor. 

The good thing about wall-to-wall neutrals is that you can work with almost any kind of decorations using it. If you're a fan of the wall-to-wall look, then this is usually the best way to do it. 

2. Perfectly Persian

Classic brown and white living room with hardwood floor

Persian carpets are considered to be one of the most luxurious "old school" carpets in the world. Made by hand with world-class weaving methods, these carpets can last for up to 200 years when cared for well. Persian carpets are known for their unique, exotic patterns as well as the way they add a splash of Oriental style to most homes. 

Persian carpet material makes it easy to get mud and dirt out of your carpeting, which makes it a good option for high-traffic living rooms. The bigger perk, though, is that it comes in style. Persian carpets work wonderfully with traditional homes.

3. Texture It Up!

Modern interior design of Scandinavian apartment, living room with gray sofa, sideboard and white armchair

Woven rugs are cool. In fact, they aren't just cool; they're stunning. Having a highly textured, single-color woven rug will add a modern touch to your home. This is a good way to add texture to your home while keeping the focus on the furniture and decoration surrounding the rug. What more can we say? It's simple, chic, and elegant. 

We suggest trying this choice in living rooms with a very modern feel. 

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4. Floral Finery

Stylish and classy home interior design with high quality vintage furniture

Some might find this option retro, but it really isn't. Floral prints can be done up in a modern, stylish way. It's all about choosing the right floral print here. To get the most out of a floral rug or carpet, accent your living room with tons of planters and flowers. Or, better still, go for bold colors that will take your breath away. 

Bigger floral patterns are more modern than petite ones. 

5. Oh, Jute!

Bright room filled with green plants with simple poster on white wall

Jute rugs and carpeting were once considered to be a part of survival skill schools. However, people are starting to get in on the "green" movement. This includes getting rugs and carpeting that are made out of green materials like jute or bamboo. Along with providing a unique texture to your living room, this choice gives you a good way to show your greenness.

Fans of environmentally-friendly living will love this way to add more sustainability to a home. 

6. Say It With Stripes

Green armchair and firewood next to fireplace in gray living room interior with plant

A classic staple in living room decor, stripes are amazingly versatile. In a contemporary home, they can add a little linear structure to your house's look. For nautical living rooms, stripes add navy chic. People who are fans of simple patterns love them because they are crisp, clean, and available in every color of the rainbow. What's not to love?

Thin stripes with a nice contrast add a perfectly modern way to enhance your room's look. It's also a great pick for living rooms with a round table

7. Retro-Modern Flair

Remember the Atomic Age, when everything had that 50's spiffy look to it? Whether it was the organic "globule" shapes, the little stars added to them, or the space-themed goodness, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you can add that same retro-modern funkiness to your home with the right rug. 

Finding a rug that has this type of print can be tricky, but don't worry. We did the hard work for you.

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8. Feeling Sheepish

Beagle dog sleeps on fur carpet in living room

If your living room is more of a statement room than a place where lots of people congregate, then you might want to opt for a hide. Sheepskin-style rugs made of faux skin are large enough to be used in a living room while snuggly enough to make your feet warm. Besides, their long-hair texture is downright amazing in photos. 

This look can be difficult to work with in terms of cleaning, but if you're really into it, it's absolutely doable. 

9. Going Geometric

Modern living room interior with black and white checked pattern pillows and carpet

Geometric prints are a great way to pull attention from your furniture to your carpet. This is especially true if you grab a carpet that has a strong contrast in colors. The picture above shows what a bold statement a black and white carpet can make, just with a little geometric flair to it. 

While this is often better used in modern settings, the truth is you can use geometric prints in any home if you style it right. Who doesn't love that sleek, contemporary touch?

10. Oh, You Animal!

Orange velvet armchair on leopard carpet

Animal print carpets are often derided as tacky, but this just isn't true. When paired with the right furniture, it's possible to get a living room look that's exotic, a little rock n' roll, and just right for people with a love of animal print. Leopard print and zebra stripe are both top choices here. 

Want to get a more modern look? Go for grey-based prints instead.

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11. Go For Gradient

If you love the idea of single color carpeting but want to add a little more action to your carpeting, there's an easy way to do that. Gradient print carpeting will slowly transition from one color to another, giving your room a trippy feel. This carpet look is subtle enough to be mainstream but interesting enough to keep people guessing. 

To get a contemporary look that doesn't overwhelm, go for a subtle gradient. 

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12. Chevron Style

Modern living room with carpet, sofa and armchair

Chevron is one of those prints that often stayed out of public view but really shouldn't have. This military-inspired print is now the darling of the prep world, and rightfully so. It has a clean look while also adding a little funkiness to a living room. When paired with the right dash of color, it turns into a modern yet inviting accent for your home. 

We suggest going with bolder, thicker chevron lines if you pick this option. It actually helps make your room look bigger.

13. Diamond It Up

Interior of a modern living room with coffee table, white sofa and carpet on floor

Bold geometric prints are hot as can be right now, and at the front of that line is the Native American-inspired look of the diamond print. Diamond print carpeting is pretty popular among Southwestern living room decorators, but it's quickly gaining a following elsewhere, too. This chunky print looks amazing in modern homes as well. 

Is it a bit hipster chic? Absolutely. Will it ever go out of style? Nope. Better still, it's easy to match throw pillows to this pattern, too. 

14. Frame It Right

Living room in modern house with carpet on wooden floor, sofa and chair

Did you ever notice how plain carpets with a darker border tend to look a lot like frames? It's a design quirk that can turn into a perk. Think about it. This carpet design acts as a natural "frame" to a furniture item on the floor. The rug's border helps pull attention to the item it's "framing," making it easy to develop an elegant statement to your home. 

Getting a rug like this is a good way to keep things looking clean while still making a bold statement about your style. We strongly suggest it.

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15. A Look Tie Dye For

There is something impeccably fun about having a home with a boho flair to it. Tie dye makes everything a little brighter, a little more fun, and just a little more artist-friendly. So, why not enjoy having a living room that channels your inner hippie by getting a plush carpet with a tie dye motif? They exist, and they are awesome. 

To get the most out of this idea, keep things in the hippie spirit and get a carpet that has a bold, sunny color to it. You'll feel the spirit of the flower children come alive every time you look at it!

16. European Flair

Traditional European homes tend to have patterns that involve printed woven accents (think Irish knots) or Tudor-style colors. They still are fairly common in Britain, primarily because they look so sophisticated. If you love the idea of channeling a British cottage or French Maison, looking into a rug that has a more traditional print makes a lot of sense. 

Modernizing this and helping this design open up a room is simple: stick to lighter colors.

17. Going Full Circle

A domestic sofa in the living room

Most, if not all, the rugs that we've had on this list were rectangular or square in nature. That's because they are the status quo. However, there's another way to work with a rug that can break the status quo without making things too extreme. Rather than be a square with a rectangular carpet, change things up with a circular rug. 

Circular rugs can add a different take on the geometry of a room and give your room a different twist on its structure. If you're looking for a change, this is it.

In Closing

After going through these 17 living room carpet ideas, we're certain that you've found some great inspiration! There are so many ways to dress up your living room, and carpet is just one of those ways to do so.  

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