Living Room Curtain Ideas For Small Windows – 17 Ideas You Will Love! (With Pictures)

It can be difficult to dress up a small window. Do you make it seem larger or try to keep it minimal? This post will go in depth about different curtain styling ideas. These images are meant to inspire you to embellish your living space. Use your imagination, and do what works for your home!

Here are 17 living room curtain ideas for small windows. Please note that the images used have varying sizes of windows. Nevertheless, the styles depicted can be used for all kinds of petite window shapes!

Small and cozy living room with green carpet, Living Room Curtain Ideas For Small Windows - 17 Ideas You Will Love! (With Pictures)

1. Simple And See Through 

As seen in the image above, the curtains only reach partially down the window. They are also light and transparent.

This gives the windows the opportunity to spread natural light throughout the living room. These simple curtains especially work well with the busy wallpaper behind them. This creates a balanced dynamic along the wall. 

2. Light Up The Night

Light Up The Night - Decorative Himalayan Salt lamp turned on by old white wooden window

One way to create a unique curtain look is by using lights. Fairy lights are being used as decor more commonly these days, and we can see why! Try styling the lights to match the vibe of the curtains. It is also important to make sure they don't become a fire hazard, so please read the cautionary instructions. 

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3. Back To Black

Not only is Back To Black our favorite Amy Winehouse song, but it's the perfect curtain style for any home. Without becoming blackout curtains, the dark color is able to bring a certain elegance to the room. Try experimenting with different shades of grey if the black curtains darken the room too much!

4. Half Open Or Half Closed? 

We can't determine whether this curtain is pulled half open or half closed. Either way, we love it! The orange brings a bright ambiance into the atmosphere.

Leaving the window curtain open halfway can also provide partial privacy for the room if needed. There doesn't always have to be a reason behind the curtain style; you can also just leave the curtain half open if you think it looks neat!

5. Cafe Curtains 

These types of curtains are called cafe curtains because they only reach halfway down the window. In this case, the fabric covers the bottom quadrants of the window.

There will also be other cafe curtains throughout this post that will cover the top quadrants instead! Keep an eye out for these 80s staples as we continue!

6. Marvelous Magnets 

Marvelous Magnets - White Curtain Wood Window Frame

One way to style your curtains is to use magnets. In this image, the designer used a round magnet on each drape to hold it in place. This is useful if there is a particular position you'd like to keep the curtains in. Try experimenting with different kinds of magnets!

7. The More The Merrier 

The More The Merrier - Interior of small apartment living room.

Another method of accenting small windows is to place the curtains higher than the window begins. The actual window is not very large, rather the light color of the background faced with the dark curtains makes the space seem taller.

We noticed, however, that the curtains may get in the way of reaching into the drawers under the window.

8. Roman Shades

Roman Shades - Roman blind curtain decoration in living room interior

Roman shades are controlled by a cord system that helps raise and lower the fabric. This example is a basic beige Roman shade, however, you should find a design that suits your home! The cord can also be customized, although most of the time it is a simple white beaded chain. 

9. Pastel Yellow

Pastel Yellow - Bright yellow curtains hanging in a stylish boho room

Notice how this image flows so well! That is because there is a balance between light colors and accent pieces. The pastel yellow curtains are a beautiful backdrop for the brown lighting fixture.

This also opens up the room and increases the amount of sunlight that reaches through the curtains. Also, note how all of the furniture has a warm undertone to it. It's a good idea to match the curtain tone to the furniture tone. 

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10. Patterned Cafe Curtains

Here returns the lovely cafe curtains! This time with a funky pattern across the fabric. This is a great way to draw more detail to the window or the scenery between it. They could even bear a seasonal pattern; just imagine the rich pumpkin-colored fabric! 

This could also be a great opportunity to make memories with the children in your family. Teach them how to tie dye or use nontoxic fabric dye. They can have fun while providing you with a personalized set of curtains!

11. Eclectic Yet Contained 

There is a lot happening at the top but not too much going on at the bottom. The white base of the curtains keeps them grounded in the minimalist theme of the home.

The vibrant colors draw our attention higher, which makes these curtains more suitable for narrow windows. Can we say party on top and business on the bottom? Love it!

12. Sheer Butterflies

Some people may think this is too childish to be a living room curtain, but we think they're great! The wind can carry these sheer butterflies when the window is open.

It also adds a little pop of color to an otherwise plain wall. However, if you're looking for something similar to blackout curtains, these won't be on your radar. 

13. Doily Pattern

These curtains aren't exactly doilies, but they're pretty close to it! Embrace the delicate feel of the lace in your home.

These are often used when they are handed down from generation to generation. Although, there's nothing wrong with using thrifted curtains or making your own. In fact, it would be lovely to see doily pattern curtains made from recycled doilies!

14. Double Up

When in doubt, double up! This designer decided to layer the curtains to give them a fuller look. When dealing with small windows, you don't want to cover up the little window space you have. To extend the illusion of the window, you can place heavier curtains on the edges of the view space. 

Another method of doubling up is to use one sheer curtain and one blackout curtain. That way during the daytime, the sheer curtain can provide privacy while blocking a minimal amount of sunlight.

The blackout curtains can be pinned back or tied. During the night or sleeping hours, you can easily open up the second set of curtains over the sheer fabric. 

15. Diagonal Drama

If the other curtains are unique enough on their own, try trimming them on a diagonal. If you can't commit to trimming them, pin them back with a safety pin or magnet.

Play with the shapes of the curtains. Do they fall in a flattering way? How can you best suit your windows, given the space that is provided? Sometimes it might not be the pattern of the curtains or the fabric. At times, we simply need to change the position of the curtains to feel satisfied. 

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16. Stylish Stripes

The illusion that these stripes give off is stunning! The drapes fold in beautiful ways that create this flowing mosaic.

The colors are also intriguing. It has a 70s color pallet and the perfect amount of geometric shapes. If this color scheme isn't for you, you can also try a black-and-white version of the illusion. Bold curtains make for good conversation starters! 

17. Gradient Beauty 

Look at this gradient! The warm brown contrasts so nicely with the tan and black on either side. One curtain may appear upside down—that is intentional! What a lovely statement piece the curtains became once one side was flipped upside down. This one is for all the indecisive home decor enthusiasts out there! 

Wrapping Things Up

Elegant and comfortable designed living room with big corner sofa, wooden floor and big windows

There were so many different kinds of curtain styles that we explored in this post. We featured classics, like the cafe curtains and Roman shades.

Yet there were also some outliers like the gradient curtains and ones that used fairy lights. Whether you choose to mimic a style shown here, or just use one as a suggestion, we hope we played a positive role in your home decor journey!

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