12 Lovely Living Room Floor Lamp Ideas

Choosing the most suitable living room floor lamp can be a daunting task. How do you choose the right one with so many styles to choose from? Depending on your needs, you can select between ambient, task, and upwards lighting. Today we're looking at 12 different floor lamps for the living room that we think will inspire you.

A gorgeous Scandinavian themed living room with a light red colored sofa, patterned throw pillows, and a tall floor lamp, 12 Lovely Living Room Floor Lamp Ideas

1. Torchiere

A tall floor lamp glowing on the side of a room

Torchiere lamps are beautiful tall lamps that cast light upwards. Although these lamps do not provide ample task lighting, they provide soft illumination for a dark corner. Torchieres come in various styles, from classic vintage to sleek modern to match any décor. If you're looking for an accent lamp that's sure to be a conversation starter, torchieres are the way to go.

Stained glass torchiere lamps are lovely and classy. Click here to see this Tiffany style torchiere lamp on Amazon.

2. Arc

interior of a gorgeous modern living room with a modern designed divider and a white painted wall with a tall arched floor lamp

This type of floor lamp has a long, arched frame. The arc allows the light to be focused on a direct area, making it the ideal task lighting for reading, crafting, and typing. Set this lamp slightly behind your chair or desk for the best effect. Many arc lamps are adjustable so that when you want less light, you can swing the lamp away from you.

3. Shelf

A small shelf lamp with books placed next to a gray sofa

Shelf lamps give you two items for the price of one! With a lamp on top and shelves on the bottom, you can light your room and store knick-knacks too. Many shelf lamps come equipped with at least three shelves, and a lot have modern features like USB charging ports. The lampshades come in various styles like Japanese, drum, and bell.

Style meets function with this narrow Japanese style lamp. Click here to see this 3-in-1 shelf floor lamp on Amazon. 

4. Tripod

A gray sofa with beige throw pillows and a tripod lamp on the side inside a living room with wooden flooring

If you're looking for a lamp that gives off lots of light, the tripod floor lamp will get the job done. With their tall, sturdy frame and wide lampshade, tripods offer plenty of ambient lighting. Since these lamps take up a lot of space, use only one lamp; two if you have a large living room.

5. Tree

a hyperrealistic living room with a beautiful five-light tree floor lamp.

Think of the lamp's stem as the tree trunk and the branches as the lights. Most tree lamps have at least three lights, but some have many more! Place these beautiful lamps anywhere in your living room where you want to add a soft overhead glow. Some tree lamps are adjustable so that you can move each branch to your liking.

These globe bulbs offer soft accent lighting. Click here to see this five-light tree floor lamp on Amazon. 

6. Club

Interior of a modern living room with a gray wall, red chair, and a tall floor lamp on the side

The club floor lamp is considered the most basic type on our list; this essentially means that it is the definition of a floor lamp: a straight, tall base with a bulb and lampshade attached. However, the styles are anything but basic! Club lamps are available in designs ranging from simple to elegant.

7. Pharmacy

a photorealistic living room featuring a traditional-style pharmacy lamp.

Pharmacy floor lamps offer fantastic task lighting. These vintage-style lamps offer adjustable height settings and a moveable arm. These features allow you to place the light directly where you need it. Place an antique brass pharmacy lamp next to your chair, desk, or sofa for a bit of retro sophistication.

Add a timeless piece of furniture to your living room. Click here to see this traditional-style pharmacy lamp on Amazon.

8. Candelabra

 a hyperrealistic living room with a candelabra floor lamp, resembling tall, graceful candlesticks.

Candelabras aren't just for ceilings! These multi-lighted lamps resemble tall, graceful candlesticks and come with or without lampshades. Many come with LED candle lights for that old-world charm, and some have a more modern flair with globe lights. Candelabra floor lamps are a surefire way to add elegance to your living room décor.

9. Novelty

a hyperrealistic living room with a unique novelty floor lamp as the centerpiece.

Who doesn't love novelty items? These fun, quirky lamps are all unique and come in about every style imaginable. Some have neat functions like color-changing lights and music. Whether you choose an abstract design or something more traditional, novelty floor lamps let your personality shine!

This stick figure lamp has an adjustable body! Click here to see this novelty floor lamp on Amazon. 

10. Downbridge

a photorealistic living room featuring a rustic or contemporary downbridge floor lamp.

Downbridge floor lamps usually have a straight base with a light that extends downwards. The light's position offers controlled task lighting where you need it. Available in styles like rustic and contemporary, drawbridge lamps can accessorize with any living room interior.

11. Built-In Table

An abstract looking floor lamp on a white background

The floor lamp with a built-in table combination is another two-for-one deal. This genius design combines a floor lamp's height with a side table. A design with a larger table works perfectly situated between recliners, as it provides ample lighting and a table to store your belongings. A small, round table looks lovely paired with a vase or houseplant.

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12. Tower

 a hyperrealistic living room featuring a tower lamp for warm accent lighting.

Tower lamps offer warm accent lighting. The slim, often rectangular design looks best when placed in a corner. The soft glow emitted from tower lights is the perfect way to relax after a long day, and some styles offer color-changing lights for a soothing effect.

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