17 Amazing Living Room Floor Lamps Ideas

Floor lamps are a staple of almost any room, and that seems to be twice as true when it comes to a living room. It makes sense. Floor lamps act as both a statement item and a reliable source of mood lighting. They're some of the most recognizable parts of a typical living room, often going so far as to set the vibe in a room. 

When a floor lamp is turned off, everyone notices. The same can be said about a floor lamp that doesn't quite match the decorations in a room. These ideas prevent people from wondering why your decor looks wonky instead of giving you an incredibly stylish look to your home. Browse these 17 living room floor lamp ideas to gather some inspiration. 

Interior of a country styled living room with wooden flooring, wooden dining table, and gray sofas with a beige carpet, 17 Amazing Living Room Floor Lamps Ideas

1. Tripod Style

Interior of a bohemian themed living room with a brown wooden furnitures, and gray sleeper sofa, and blue painted walls

There's always a look of unity that comes with having a distinct theme to your stuff. Here, the stools, table, and floor lamp all have the same tripod legs. This look is artsy, yet it also has a certain Je ne sais quois that makes it extraordinary. It's modern enough to work with most corporate lofts, too. 

Matching a floor lamp to a specific furniture theme is always a good idea. It adds cohesion and ensures it won't stick out like a sore thumb.

2. Center Seat

Interior of an industrial themed living room with light wooden cabinet and light gray sofas and chairs

Ooh, this look is slick. While this could be a winner in an article about grey couches, what we're going to focus on is the lamp type as well as its careful placement. The black "long arch" look of this floor lamp is bold, industrial, and a perfect fit for the room. What the designers did to make it extra unique, though, was make the lamp face right down at the center of the sofa. 

This bold placement creates a de facto spotlight, highlighting the couch as a statement item in the room. Whoever sits in that seat will be the center of attention. 

3. Mellow Yellow

Interior of a minimalist themed living room with a blue sleeper sofa, yellow floor lamp, and white walls

Nothing quite works in a room like having the right pop of color. In this corner of a living room, a designer could bring a white wall and floor to the background by featuring a light blue couch. To add a contrasting element, the designer decided to pair this with a gorgeous yellow floor lamp. 

The lamp adds a sunny, surprisingly warm vibe to a home that already had an upbeat, albeit stark, look. It's funky, wild, and youthful enough to make anyone smile. 

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4. It's A Gas(Lamp)

[PIN id="400961173082162108" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

One might argue that the steampunk aesthetic came and went, but the truth is that it's still a winning look. This floor lamp takes a cue from Victorian gas lamps, even going so far as to have the same bulbous look. When you combine that with the bronze-look pipe base, it's hard to ignore how neo-Victorian it looks. 

Even if you're not a fan of the sci-fi genre, it's hard to ignore the old world charm this lamp possesses. You might need to find a special artisan to make this, but it's oh, so worth it.

5. In The Spot Light

Rustic themed living room with a dark rustic sofas, abstract carpet glass coffee table, and decorative brick walls

If you're a former theater kid, then you probably already notice that the floor lamp here is a repurposed spotlight---or something of a similar nature. Much like our last idea, this has a very strong vintage vibe that works well with an industrial ambiance. It's a bold statement, especially in this rustic-minimalist room. 

People who want a daring look will love this option. It's pretty easy to find one. 

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6. Shelve It

[PIN id="770045236280012862" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Most of us have struggled with the issue of being unable to find extra room for the knickknacks we love, so why not make your floor lamp do double-duty? That's what this designer did. They used the "shelves" of the floor lamp to store several decorative statement items. This turned the lamp into a multifunctional treat for the eyes. 

To get a similar vibe, make sure that you pick colorful decorations for display. It'll add some color to your room and also make your room feel more human. 

7. On The Grid

[PIN id="459859811958771790" description="hide"  size="large"] [/PIN]

This look was somewhat popular in the early 2000s, but it still looks good today. This lamp has a warm "cup" shade that's caged in by black wireframe. The result is a look that's geometric, clean, and at the same time, contemporary enough to work in an artist loft, a modern home, and more. 

The simple color scheme of this living room works well with this lamp. However, that's to be expected. It's all about neutrals, which means this look is versatile enough to work with anything. 

8. A Fairytale Look

[PIN id="615022892860724032"  description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Most people assume that a floor lamp can't be modified by anything and that you have to buy a design you like. This designer challenged it by adding lights on their light. This lamp was accented by string lights, one of the most popular mood lighting accents on the market right now. 

The string lights gave this otherwise-normal tall lamp a touch of whimsy, making it possible to have a warmer mood without actually having the lamp itself turned on. 

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9. A Tower Of Texture

Interior of a beige themed living room with beige sofas, brown wooden coffee table, and brown wooden flooring

Does your living room feel a little flat? Like it has no dimension or nothing unusual about it? A boxy "tower" floor lamp might be just what the doctor ordered. Having paper floor lamps (or fabric, in this case) is a great way to add a classy touch of texture to your room.

The cool thing about this option is that the lamp's shade in question made it easy to get a unique glow inside the living room. After all, not many people have black striped lampshades like this. 

10. Keep In Theme

Interior of a contemporary living room with hardwood flooring, gray sectional sofas, indoor plants, and white painted walls

While many designers are into the idea of keeping their lamps as a statement item in their designs, this designer realized that there is little benefit in adding unity to their design. This floor lamp features the same stripey theme that is primarily cream and grey, with lighter wood stains as an accent. 

This lamp's ability to keep things low key gives this room a harmonious look and makes it possible for the viewer to focus on the couch's throw pillows. 

11. Sometimes, Symmetry

An open space living room with wooden laminated flooring, dark ottoman, light green sofa, two yellow fluorescent floor lamps

Science suggests that we tend to find symmetrical looks visually appealing and that it's actually built-into our neurology. This designer took advantage of symmetry's appeal by using not one but two lamps. Positioning the lamps on either side of the couch gave this room a gorgeously symmetric, clean look that also improved the overall output of light. 

While the lamps themselves are pretty standard, the way they offered a warm glow made this a great look all-around. Sometimes, you just need a dynamic duo!

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12. Miami Vices

[PIN id="24629129201538813" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Are you a fan of tropical colors that look like they belong in the sunny state of Florida? If so, then the tropical look of pink and green is a good way to go. This is doubly true if you want to get that 1980s retrowave vibe you've fallen in love with over quarantine. This designer understood that this color scheme offers up a tropical, beachy vibe and went with it. Hard.

The overall look is a little Cuban, a lot Miami, and all impressive. 

13. Contemporary Country

[PIN id="442478732146578602" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Country decorations are often assumed to be filled with hillbilly accents or with cowboy decor. While that can add a charming touch, there's nothing to say that country can't be sophisticated. This room has a deeply country vibe thanks to the weathered clock but sticks to a modern color scheme. (Grey walls, yeah, baby!) 

The lamp here works by having a classic design that's still clean and not overly vintage. It's a fresher take on country.

14. A Different Type Of Floor Lamp

[PIN id="16607092365726659" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Most floor lamps are tall, thin things that are clearly lamps. This one, not so much. It's a lantern with an electronic candle inside, placed on the floor. It's a very vintage way to add some light when you need it. Since the lantern is placed on the floor, it acts as both a decorative statue-like piece and a source of light when the occasion suits it. 

Working with a French country look, this designer knew they had to get a unique finish for this lamp. Since it has an antique look to it, this unique lighting concept works perfectly with the country French look the design is meant to have. It's impressive coordination, n'est-ce pas?

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15. Woah, Morocco

[PIN id="323133342021641189" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Sometimes, you don't need to see the rest of a living room to realize why a design looks impressive. This is the case with this floor lamp. It's designed to give a unique take on the colorful hanging lamps typically found in this African country. By having a series of different colored lanterns hanging from the single rod, the lamp balances itself out and gives an explosion of color throughout the room. 

This look is pretty bold, so if you want to add it to your home, make sure that it can work with the rest of the decor. Thankfully, you can always count on this to be a statement piece. 

16. Crystalline Perfection

[PIN id="608900812118429959" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Speaking of statement lamps, let's talk about how you can brighten up a darkened room in a pinch. Dark living rooms, such as the one pictured here, need to have statement lamps that give very strong, powerful bursts of lightness. This 3D-printed "crystal" floor lamp is an excellent example of what can make your room look incredible. 

Since the entire lamp is an intricate 3D print that's transparent, it helps diffract the light it gets. This makes the entire floor lamp look like it's glowing. Saying it'll wow people is an understatement. 

17. Art Deco Touch

[PIN id="216876538296219649" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

In the 1920s, Art Deco involved tons of globe-like lamps as well as elegant portraits of flappers, clean lines, and a little bit of Gilded Age glam. Though that time might have been over 100 years ago, there's no reason you can't channel it in your own home using similar accents. 

To do this, add a globe lamp like the one here to your living room, and ramp up the number of gold accents you add. Then, pair it with dark leather and an Erte painting. It'll harken back to the days of New York glam in a second. 

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