17 Fantastic Living Room Furniture Ideas

Decorating and styling a living room can be a multi-tiered project that takes some serious planning. We all have a living room, and we all want it to look ultra-stylish. Lucky for you, we have looked into this very topic and are so excited to show you some living room inspiration!

When choosing the perfect theme for your space, try imagining what your dream living room would look like. Do you prefer a more eclectic style, or are you looking for a more modern or minimalist design? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways you can design your room, so it can get foggy. 

We will show you some of our favorite living room concepts and give insight into how you can achieve them. Transforming your space into something right out of a magazine can be much easier than you think. Now let's find you the perfect room!

Close up view of green sofa with pillow, book and blanket near wooden coffee table with plants. 17 Fantastic Living Room Furniture Ideas

1. Farmhouse Eclectic 

The first living room we have on our list is an eclectic style farmhouse. This room feels very artsy and modern and will make for a topic of conversation. The use of wood and Earth tone accessories makes this room stand out in many ways. We especially appreciate the deep royal blue sofa paired with the two brown leather accent chairs. 

ALPHA HOME Living Room Leather Accent Chair 

Check out this similarly styled accent chair from the Alpha Home line. It might be precisely what you have been looking for to complete your farmhouse living room. Click this link to see it on Amazon.

2. Bright And Boho

This image features a light and Bohemian style living space. This design is trending now and will give your room that open and welcoming feeling. Bohemian style design utilizes vintage and wood and handcrafted decor; it is a unique way to decorate your home. 

3. Plant-Based

For all of our plant lovers reading, this is a clever design option. Going with plant themed wall art and real plants around your living room is a green and clean way to decorate your space. We love how this room chose a succulent design and executed it in a high fashion way. Incidentally, succulents are low maintenance plants, which is another reason we love using them as decor. 

4. California Diva  

Coming in as one of our absolute favorites is this California diva inspired living room. This is the type of living room you saunter around whilst wearing a silk robe and smoking a cigar. We truly cannot get enough of the pink and blue color scheme paired with that fabulous gold light fixture. 

BAODEN Globe Mid Century Gold Light Fixture 

Following a dramatic gold chandelier theme, this high fashion and bold light fixture can turn your space completely around and become a centerpiece within your living room. View this on Amazon here.

5. Light And Airy

Next, an open concept living room that feels very light and airy. This design sticks with a pretty, neutral color palette and has incorporated natural aspects within the space. We really appreciate the simplicity and clean vibe this room gives off.

6. Wild West

For all our cowboys and cowgirls, we have this western design living room. Choosing to decorate your living room with western patterns and leather furniture may be exactly what you are looking for in this design process. The unique and almost quirky style that follows this design is warm and welcoming and will make for a great living room space. 

7. Over The Top Glamour 

Next on the list is an over the top and very sparkly living room concept. This design style is either loved or loathed, so it is up to you to decide if it is the right move. We think you can never have enough sparkle and glamour in a space, but it can get tacky rather quickly. Less is always more when it comes to this style of decor. 

Elegant Designs Eclipse Crystal Vase  

This glamorous vase from the brand Elegant Designs goes with some feathers or white flowers; it can elevate your room and make for a beautiful centerpiece.

View this item on Amazon here. 

8. Ultra Modern 

Coming in at number eight, we have this ultra-modern and futuristic looking living room design. This room feels like Toronto or New York City to us --it's a show stopper. The large and dramatic light fixture makes a statement, such as as a fine piece of art. 

9. Mirrors Galore 

The next living room concept on our list is a mirror dominant design that we absolutely love. Using mirrors to open up space is a great option for us in smaller or narrower living spaces. This also reflects natural light throughout your living room, which will add brightness. Natural light is a coveted feature, so why not create even more of it in your space?

10. Elegance

The next room idea we have to show you is this aesthetically pleasing and elegant space. The use of a chandelier and wall sconces really creates a timeless feeling and provides a great amount of light. The rich blue couches paired with the gold accents in this space really turned out amazing. 

LinkRomat Convertible Royal Blue Sectional

Following a royal blue color scheme, this sectional from LinkRomat includes a chaise lounge and definitely has an elegant look to it. Follow this link to Amazon if you want to check it out. 

11. Black Accent Wall

Following a more serious look, we have this black accented wall living space we are loving. Black tends to be very severe in any space, but this room made it feel more like an artful choice. The gold paneling on the ceiling definitely makes this look work, paired with leather furniture below it.

12. Wonderfully Quirky 

Coming in 12th on our list, we have this insanely whimsical living room that is truly a work of art. The use of pop culture pieces adds nostalgia to this space, keeping us comfortably in pleasant memories.

Re-TRO Vintage Pinup Doll Fashion Print by Buduth

We had to find a Barbie-themed piece of wall art after seeing that room, and here is one from the Buduth brand. Click this link to check it out on Amazon.

13. Book Smart 

Going with a more studious theme, we have this super cozy and library-Esque living room concept. Books are fun to read and make for a visually pleasing decoration in your living area. Use shelving to display collectors' items as well, or arrange seasonally themed decor.

14. Old Hollywood 

Another California themed room on our list is very old Hollywood meets glamour. The stacked rug and leopard chair make this space pop and really make us feel like we are in a music video. Having fun with your room is only going to make it more memorable. 

15. Totally Wild 

Coming in at number 15, we have this insanely wonderful cowhide decorated living room. The use of animal print and the mannequin lamp makes this room a top pick for anyone trying to go against the norm. This room is giving off very much disco magic energy, and we love it. 

NativeSkins Faux Cowhide Area Rug 

We found this epic faux cowhide rug while scouring the internet and knew we had to show you. Click this link to check it out on Amazon.

16. Simple And Subtle 

Shifting gears a little bit, we have a more simple and clean ambient room. The sofa and coffee table's matching legs tie the look together well, and we appreciate the area rug design matching the plants on the coffee table. Subtle decor can make very loud statements when done correctly. 

17. Modern Minimalist

Our last room inspiration is coming from a modern and minimal design that has a very livable feeling. The use of marble and grey colors makes this room feel simple and clean. We also want to note that the hanging paper lamp is a wonderful final touch and makes this room feel warm and comfortable. 

Our Final Take 

Decorating and planning a living room might be the most important portion of your design process. Your living space is where the most action and memories will occur, so it is imperative to plan it out well. Whether you are super quirky and want your room to be wild in design, or if you are more of a minimalist, you have a sea of endless options. 

From old Hollywood charm to vintage farmhouse, we found some amazing rooms for you to be inspired by. Having fun and choosing art and furniture that reflects your style is the best part about owning or renting a space. There is only one you and your room should reflect that. 

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