11 Awesome Living Room Nook Ideas

Using the nook space in your living room to your best advantage is surprisingly much easier than one would think. An area to read or study usually comes to mind when we think of one, but there are plenty of other nook uses. You can use your nook as a rehearsal area for an instrument or even store some firewood. A nook can also become a place of high fashion and even be considered a luxurious area of your home if that's how you wish to design it. 

The unused nook area in your living room has been calling your name for months, and it is time to do some decorating. We have done our research and have compiled a list of our top 11 living room nook ideas and are dying to show you.

It is entirely up to you at the end of the day and what your dream ultimately is for your living room nook space. Whether you are looking for extra seating or just a place for art and memorabilia, we have you covered. Without further ado, let's begin!

A small living room nook with comfortable pillows and a floor lamp on the side, 11 Awesome Living Room Nook Ideas

1. Bohemian Hideaway

The first idea we'll explore is this Bohemian-style living room nook that is perfect for any size space. You can see how this design chose to create extra seating and even added a beautiful light fixture and some plant art. Boho is very "in" and tends to go with just about every color or pattern. 

2. Pastel And Simple 

A gorgeous and light color themed reading nook on the window

The next nook idea we have is a more modern and straightforward design and has a very classic feeling. The pastel pillows and furry area rug make this space look complete and ready to snuggle up in. When in doubt, get a couple of throw pillows. 

Top Finel Square Decorative Velvet Throw Pillow Covers

Here are some velvet pastel pillow covers that will look great in your nook. These come in a variety of colors and sizes for you to choose from. Click this link to view them on Amazon.

3. Seating Plus Storage 

A small gorgeous wooden living room nook with pillows, storage boxes, and white curtains

Here is a multi-functional nook area with some space for storage and seating. This is an excellent idea for those who may have a smaller space and need to put their books or records somewhere. The white and bright decor also makes this space look very open and welcoming. 

4. Perfectly Charming 

A small living room nook with comfortable pillows and a floor lamp on the side

Another way to decorate your nook space would beto add some charm to the area. This reading nook looks straight out of a fairytale and is very visually appealing. Try using some long curtains like the ones shown above to give your nook that storybook feeling. 

5. Super Cozy 

A gorgeous rustic living room nook with brown blinds, decorative lights, and pillows on the bed

Here, we have this intimate and cozy-looking nook area that makes us want to take a seat. The string lights above add light at night and give this a very personable and thoughtful final design. String lights are a great addition to any nook space. 

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Here are some string lights from the Lighting Ever Store that will give your nook that extra special feeling. These lights come with remote control and have various lighting settings that include twinkling. View them on Amazon by clicking here. 

6. Right By The Fire 

Following the intimate design style is this super cozy and warm living room nook idea. We love the wood stacked up the wall and the multi-dimensional artwork right above the nook area. This is a great way to utilize space and create a modern and stylish living room concept. 

7. Rockin' to the Music

A rustic themed living room nook with a gray chair, orange pillows, gray flooring, and a guitar on the wall

The next living room nook idea we have is a comfortable and simple design that uses a rocking upholstered chair. You can see how the designer chose to place candles and a vase for decorative ambiance along with a guitar to make this space multi-purpose. Guitar players and collectors can appreciate this simple design. 

8. Bright With Hints Of Blue 

A gorgeous minimalist themed work space area with a white sofa with white throw pillows and gray carpet

Next on the list, we have this office space etched into a living room nook, with a super bright and modern look using different blue shades throughout it. We would also like to note the floor mirror because it opens the space up even more and will be great for selfies. Blue is the new black when it comes to home decor. 

NeuType Full-Length Floor Mirror

Here is a modern and simple floor mirror from the NeuType store that will look great in your nook. This mirror measures 65 x 22 inches and can be leaned up against any wall or freestanding with an attachable stand. View this mirror on Amazon here. 

9. Bringing In The Outdoors 

Ninth on the list, we have this stunning outdoorsy-themed living room nook that quite literally takes our breath away. This is an excellent idea for those working with cabin space and can be used for a little bit of firewood storage. This design makes a functional yet cozy reading nook with a brilliant view.

10. Floral Accent Wall 

A floral themed living room nook with a gray sofa, cool minimalist inspired coffee table, and a gray carpet

Next, we have this gorgeous floral backsplash nook design that takes a more artistic direction. Going with an accent wall in your nook will make the space memorable and give it that unique touch that draws the eye. The use of real plants in the area as well ties the look together very well. 

11. For The Smallest Spaces 

This final nook design idea is for those of us living in super tiny apartments that have minimal space for furniture. Transforming your living room nook into a bedroom area or even just a place to nap is a great way to utilize space and get the very best views from where you are sitting. This type of placement is for those New York City studio apartments we love to loathe. 

To Wrap Things Up

No matter your taste, having your nook be the coziest and most inviting space in your home is only going to elevate its overall design. Adding more seating or even storage is a great and stylish way to get your home organized and allow for extra creativity. There are so many different and fun design ideas you can follow to really make your space feel brand new. There are no wrong ways to decorate your home and its many rooms and areas.

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