Having a living room that has been decorated with living, breathing plants has been a popular way to bring life into the most used room in your home. Plant lovers will tell you that having an abundance of them in the home has great benefits. It's known that indoor plants reduce stress levels. Others will note that indoor plants greatly improve the air quality of the room. 

While indoor plants clearly have benefits, there are some challenges that must be addressed. The room needs to have adequate lighting for most species, and sometimes arranging plants to fit amongst your furniture can be a little time-consuming. These are issues that can be addressed with a little bit of creativity and ingenuity, as you'll see in this post. 

We explored countless living room layouts that hosted plants of all varieties. Throughout this post, you'll see the many different and creative ways homeowners have incorporated greenery in their homes, and how it impacts the room. 

comfortable pouf in white, grey and navy blue living room interior with big green plant. 17 Living Room Plant Decor Ideas

1. Simple corner setup

Bohemian living room with beige colored furniture and wooden elements

The homeowner here chose to set their potted plant in the corner. The plant is in a bright room, with a window close by. This will ensure that it gets enough sunshine to thrive. You'll also notice that they chose to place three smaller potted plants on shelves above the sofa. The direct sunlight will ensure that these plants grow, while their location keeps them totally out of the way. 

2. Scattered throughout the room

Here we see a living room that has plants set in various places throughout the room. A larger plant is potted and placed in the corner. Elsewhere, we see smaller plants on top of a bench and on various side tables. The plants in this room are small and out of the way, and serve as pieces that accentuate the room rather than dominate it. 

3. Large plant adjacent to sofa

modern comfortable living room with Large plant adjacent to sofa, floor lamp, framed artwork on the walls

The potted plant in this room is large. It's big enough to dominate the room, as it towers over the sofa that it's adjacent to. The homeowners here are clearly plant-lovers, as you can also see smaller potted plants on the window sill to the left. The two windows in this room will allow for plenty of light, ensuring the health and growth of the plants inside of it. 

4. Plants in multiple corners

Scandinavian interior design living room with beige colored furniture and wooden elements. Plants in multiple corners

Having plants in both corners visible in this bright room give a sense of balance and symmetry. A common method to achieve this is by using end tables, but the plants used in this room show us that you can use greenery to accomplish the same thing. The large window on the right will let in more than enough sunshine for these potted plants, helping them be a part of this room for years to come.

5. Plants everywhere

Poufs on striped carpet in spacious living room interior with plants and table next to sofa with pillows. plants everywhere

Here we see a great example of how a plant lover can place plants of varying sizes all over their living room. We see large potted plants in opposite corners, as well as a medium-sized one on a table in front of the window. We see that the bookshelves are dominated by plants, taking up more space than the books themselves. 

6. Natural-looking living room

living room with large, green, and dominant plants. Natural-looking living room

The plants in this room are large, green, and dominant. They are in every corner and overshadow nearly every feature of this living room. The theme here revolves around bringing natural elements indoors, as noted by the faux grass throw pillows and rug. The plants themselves are housed in pots that have been made from wicker or wood, bringing more natural elements into this room. 

You can achieve a similar look with this handwoven Jute area rug. Both sides are usable, giving you twice the usable life.

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7. Furniture among the plants

Pouf and white fur in spacious floral living room interior with wooden bench, beige sofas and plants. furniture among plants

Look carefully and you can see the furniture in this room. The homeowner has placed plants of varying sizes on all conceivable surfaces. There are even smaller plants in pots along the floor. Plant stands have been added so that the room could host even more greenery.

Getting the right plant stand can mean even more room for your green friends. We found this wooden plant stand, whose multiple shelves will hold a great number of smaller varieties. 

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For a plant stand that is more simple, we found this metal stand that will hold your favorite pot. This design is perfect for corners, or in front of an unobstructed window. 

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8. Using the coffee table

stylish home interior (living room) with high-quality furniture. using the coffee table for potted plants

You can make great use of the coffee table by centering your favorite potted plant or floral arrangement in the center. The homeowner here has done just that, while also placing a larger plant in the room's corner.

9. Centerpiece

living room with open bookshelf, sofa, large windows, and plant in the centerpiece

In a room with little wall space and a lot of furniture, you have to use what's available for plant space. Like the above example, the homeowner chose to place their favorite plant in the center of the coffee table. The walls of windows will definitely provide enough light for plants placed anywhere in the room. 

10. Plant wall

home interior with Large potted plants are along the wall perpendicular to the chairs

A wall of plants makes the entire room thrive with growth. Large potted plants are along the wall perpendicular to the room's chairs, and a single potted flower sits atop an end table in the background.

We found a lot of different pots for plants. This self-watering and self aerating pot will greatly reduce mold and mildew and will make for a lot less maintenance on the owner's end.

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11. Making use of the windowsill

woman's hand spraying water on houseplants on a windowsill

For those who love plants but have minimal available room, window sills make for a great spot. Placing the plants here will ensure they get enough sunlight, while at the same time place them out of the way. This is a great way to enjoy indoor plants without having them disrupt the flow of the room. 

12. A shelved wall of plants

Beige sofa next to dining table with grey wooden chairs in open space interior with A shelved wall of plants

While you can see plants in every part of this room, the wall of shelving is what our eyes are drawn to first. And rightfully so. This shelving unit hosts plants on every square inch of space, making the room seem almost like it's alive. 

13. Hanging plants

Interior floral poster with vertical wooden frame. hanging plants inside a living room

If you lack available floor or window sill space, consider hanging a plant from a hook. These hooks are durable and easy to screw into your ceiling, and will hold an impressive amount of weight. They work perfectly in corners near windows. 

14. Real greenery in a green room

Elegant green and gold living room with comfortable brown sofa, coffee tables and golden chandelier. real greenery in a green room

The green walls and decor in this room are accentuated by adding larger green plants into it. A larger plant has been potted and placed off to the right, while green apples and a large green frond have been set upon the table in the foreground. 

15. Lone plant out of the way

Bookshelf and sofa in living room. Lone plant out of the way

Upon first glance, you might not even notice this potted plant on the floor to the right. This little guy is out of everyone's way, taking in the sunlight from the window that it's been placed next to. For a room with lower maintenance, consider a single plant. Its greenery will still make for some life in the room, without taking your focus off everything else.

16. In place of the end table

modern stylish living room with large indoor plant placed in place of an end table beside a sofa

We've seen sofas and chairs flanked by potted plants earlier in this post, but we really admire this technique used in this example. A large potted plant and a table lamp are placed on either side of this sofa, while a roomy coffee table sits in front of it. The plant in this room serves as an accessory, albeit a dominant one. 

17. Plentiful, but out of the way

Wooden stool with black vase on brown carpet in bright living room with painting above shelf with plants. Plentiful, but out of the way

Finally, we see a plant lover's living room that hosts numerous plants that are totally out of the way. Using shelving and getting creative with available wall space has allowed this homeowner to house a lot of greenery, but in such a way that the room isn't dominated by them.  

In Closing

Plants can take some work to maintain and keep healthy, but those who use them to decorate will attest to how much they brighten up a living space. No matter what species of plant you are considering for your indoors, be sure to read all available care instructions. Making sure the room you have has enough light and heat are critical for the health of your plants, so choose wisely before you purchase!

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