11 Eye-Catching Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Decorating your living room walls in a way that’s appealing, welcoming, and pleasing to you can be a difficult choice. Will you use artwork or wallpaper? Picture frames or plants?

With countless options for decorating your living room walls, we put together a list of trendy inspirations to help you along in your living room design. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Vintage black poufs in trendy eclectic living room interior with brown couch, 11 Eye-Catching Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

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1. Accent With Wallpaper

Accent walls are an easy way to give your living room a unique and eye-catching look.

Big floral wallpaper gives this living room a dark and feminine composition. The colors play off well with the gray sofa and pink details around the room.

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Living room interior with a sofa, pillow, blanket and flowers on wallpaper

Choosing an intricate pattern or design, like stripes or delicate foliage, creates a striking focal point in your living room, reducing the need for additional decor that could clutter the space.

For flexibility, consider using removable adhesive wallpaper, allowing you to change your design as desired.

2. Lively Decor

Poufs on striped carpet in spacious living room interior with plants and table next to sofa with pillows

Create a welcoming space by lining a living room wall with shelves full of greenery. Plants as decor are an inexpensive way to add color and life to your living room. 

You can decorate your shelves entirely with plants or add other stylistic elements. You can also combine standing shelves and hanging shelves to get a full and vibrant coverage of greenery.

3. Vertical Garden

A hanging chair with beautiful bright throw pillows and matching gray sofa with a tall vertical garden at the back

If you have a green thumb and love plants, consider creating a vertical garden in your living room. Imagine it as an outdoor garden bed mounted on your wall.

This is typically done with rows of tilted hanging planters that allow plants to grow forward and downward, creating a lush green wall when fully grown.

There are numerous DIY options as well as pre-made systems available, ranging from basic manual watering setups to advanced self-watering walls.

4. Customize With Chalk

Living room with pattern carpet and gray couch

Chalkboard paint is a fun way to personalize your living room. There are many different ways to use chalkboard paint, from application to styling.

You can paint an entire wall or, if you’d rather have a smaller design, paint a portion of a wall and create a frame so that it looks like a hanging picture.

If you’re an artistic person or have kids, a chalkboard wall would be a perfect addition to your living room.

Allow your kids or guests to create their own artwork that they can wipe away and recreate countless times. Or create your own beautiful picture or design and have the freedom to change it up whenever you please.

5. Sophisticated Wall Molding

Classic gray interior with armchairs, sofa, coffee table, lamps, flowers and wall moldings

Adding wall molding to a blank wall is a great way to bring instant sophistication to your living room. Molding panels add warmth and dimension to an otherwise cold and boring wall.

Whether you’re creating large or small panels, this is a fairly easy job to do since you can purchase wall molding at any hardware store.

After measuring out your desired panels and cutting the molding, you can use a nail gun to attach the pieces to the wall. Just make sure you’re nailing them into studs and not just drywall.

6. Matching Gallery Wall

Scandinavian interior design living room with framed artwork on wall and wooden elements

Gallery walls are a popular way to style artwork and photos of different sizes to create one cohesive look.

For this room, the artwork is in matching frames that also match the wood finishings of the furniture in the living room.

Matching frames can transform what might seem like chaotic wall decor into a deliberate and stylish arrangement.

7. Mismatched Gallery Wall

Vintage black poufs in trendy eclectic living room interior with brown couch

Mismatched gallery walls combine complementary colors and materials to create their own cohesive look. This may mean that you choose two different frame colors, like black and gold.

This could also mean picking different colors from the rest of your living room decor and mismatching all the frames.

As long as the colors are consistent in your decor or throughout the artwork, you can put any combination of frame types, colors, and materials together for your gallery wall.

8. Faux Brick

Modern living room with comfortable sofa, floor lamp and brick wall

To add texture to your living room’s plain walls, consider a faux brick wall. While exposed brick is a popular choice for modern decor, you don’t need a brick home to achieve this look.

Brick-printed wallpaper can look flat and unconvincing. Instead, opt for interior art panels for a realistic 3D brick effect.

These panels are easy to install—simply peel and stick them side-by-side along your wall to create the illusion of a textured brick wall.

9. Extra Large Mirror

Colorful and cozy living room with a designer armchair and sofa along with a round decorative mirror and glass wall

Mirrors have several advantages when it comes to incorporating them into home decor.

They reflect light back into the room, so whatever light source you have, be it overhead lighting or natural lighting, will be multiplied in a room with a large mirror.

Since mirrors reflect the room around them, they give the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is.

10. Clock

Interior of a modern living room with teal and wooden paneled walls

This large golden clock is a beautiful focal point against this living room’s hunter-green mantle.

Oversized clocks like this are not meant to necessarily be practical or used for telling time; they are decorative pieces that can be placed anywhere, like above mantles, above couches, or in the middle of an accent wall.

11. Basket Wall

Cozy living room corner with a soft pink sofa, geometric patterned pillows, basket wall decors in various sizes, white side table with fresh flowers, rattan side tables, and a woven pendant light

A popular trend in boho-style homes is basket walls, created by hanging a variety of mismatched woven baskets on a wall.

This project can be affordable or expensive depending on where you source your baskets. Second-hand shops or craft/home goods stores offer budget-friendly options.

For a curated look, consider purchasing rattan basket wall decor designed for wall hanging. While pricier, this option allows you to choose baskets that match your desired design or color scheme precisely

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