11 Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Your living room isn't just a place for you and your loved ones to watch TV. It's the place where you lead guests for a round of cards, as well as the place where most people first get a real glance of what your home is like. That's why checking out your living room walls makes a lot of sense. After all, the walls of your home help frame the ambiance you'll have. 

Getting the right decor for living room walls isn't like any other room in your home. It needs to help bring a family vibe to your place, or at the very least, give your home a backdrop that would be ideal for entertaining guests. It's the place that sets the mood of your entire house, after all. Want to check out the hottest ideas for living room wall decor? Take a look at what we dug up.

Rustic living room wall decor with sofa and stone fireplace, 11 Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

1. Nautical Fun

Living room with cozy armchair located close to the window nautical fun style

Nautical themes are ideal for beach houses and homes on the coast and always add a little flair to the room they're in. Oceanic decorations are also some of the easiest to find, simply because they are so popular. If you're a fan of the colors blue and white, then this wall decor theme makes all the sense in the world. 

All you have to do to get a vibe of fun in the sun is add some seashells, a lifesaver, or any type of items that harken back to days of sea shanties. Anchors, aweigh!

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2. Rustic Wonder

Warm and cozy rustic living room interior with high quality models of stylish furniture

Have you ever wanted to feel like you're kicking back in the middle of the forest, communing with nature? A little woodsy decor on your living room wall can be an excellent way to attain that same ambiance. You don't have to opt for a taxidermied deer to get this feeling in your home. All you need are elegant pine accents, some Western accessories, or even the right painting for the job. 

It's essential to check out country decor stores with rustic living rooms that will cater to your look without making it look cheap. If you're not sure what would work with this vibe, consider decorating your walls with wooden cutouts.

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3. California Love

California love boho style living room with cloth hung in the wall

In the 1960s, California was the place to be if you were a member of the "Flower Child" generation. This was particularly true in San Francisco, headquarters of the hippie revolution. If you're like many people out there, you probably still wish that the spirit of the 60s was alive and well. Guess what! It can be in your room. 

To get this vibe in your room, add beaded curtains, bright orange accents, and hippie-esque throw pillows. It's impossible to feel down when you have these accouterments in your home. 

4. Parisian Delights

There's something innately gorgeous about Paris. It's a city of lights, romance, and innately classical architecture. If you're a fan of French architecture and the exquisite way it makes a living room look, opt for antique furniture paired with accents that possesses a French flair. Eiffel Tower-themed accents, gold statuettes, and French signs are all encouraged. 

Even if this look is a bit more old school than most others that are popular, the truth is that everyone still enjoys this style. It's a visually appealing, sophisticated look. 

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5. Hello, Hygge!

The term "Hygge" is pretty popular these days, and it's a Norweigian term that alludes to that warm, happy, cozy feeling of contentment you get when you're snuggling inside on cold winter days. Though the term originated in Scandinavia, it now morphed into a term with a heavy connotation of the warm, inviting look of Scandinavian decor. 

This style works well with almost all types of leather couches, not to mention any kind of sheepskin throws you can find. Of course, any time you can add a splash of birch or add warm candles to a shelf is welcome in this concept, too. 

6. Down-Home Home Decor

Close-up of fresh bread and milk on a table in a cozy dining room interior on a countryside

There's a very subtle difference between "country" and "rustic." Country home decor has a very rural vibe to it but has a strong cultural background that alludes to farm life. Rustic is more about bringing the woods indoors. This decor involves a little bit of BBQ pit, a little Southern charm, and a lot of family-oriented decor. 

If you want to get more of a classic Southern look to your home, stick to contemporary yet weathered decorations. This cute sign is a great pick for your wall setup.

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7. The New Victorian

Sitting room with bookshelf, books, arm chair, sofa and fireplace in new Victorian style living room

There's something so impeccably irresistible about Victorian furniture, isn't there? That's why people still love the look of antiques. Getting an old Victorian ambiance to your living room isn't easy, though. It can be challenging to balance the old look of antiques with the need to keep things modern and fresh. The key to making it work is simple: use light colors alongside antiques! 

Your main goal when balancing Victorian decorations is to "open up" your room. This is done by employing the right color schemes, adding light in, and avoiding clutter at all costs. Getting some lovely crown molding can help.

8. La Vida Tropicale!

Yellow pouf in modern creative room, tropical style room

In the United States, seeing brightly colored buildings is a rarity. In South America, it's the norm. Bringing in a splash of bold color alongside some tropical decorations is an easy way to add some Latin flavor to your home. Sunny and cheerful as can be, having those tropical colors in a room is a surefire way to ensure that your mood stays upbeat throughout the day. 

If you go for this option, don't hesitate to add some fruity or palm-themed decorations to your room. It'll fit the mood perfectly. 

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9. Florida Fun

Sea view living room of luxury summer beach house with glass window and wooden floor

Florida has a unique aesthetic associated with it, especially when you take into account the tourist-filled areas of the state. There's a lot of pastel pinks, turquoise, and yellows associated with the state. There are also tons of palm trees, fishing-themed goodies, and neon lights to enjoy. Together, these elements make a pretty neat, unique theme that works wonders in a living room. 

Florida styling is fun, casual, and pretty. It's easy to decorate a wall using Florida-esque decor or paint. What else could you want?

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10. That Modern Mystique

Bohemian living room beige colored furniture and wooden elements

No matter how old you are, modern living room decor is going to be a great choice. Modern decor is sleek, has a way of working with almost any color scheme, and can also help flaunt your favorite decorative items in ways other style options don't. A favorite among New York's elite, having a modern living room is a way of adding an artistic twist to your home. 

It's important to remember that modern does NOT mean soulless. Adding some greenery to your walls will make your room feel warmer and less sterile. If you want to kick up the inviting vibe a little more, enhance your scene with some warm colors. Even having orange, pink, or yellow throw pillows can make a difference. 

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11. Map It Out

If you're a fan of global decoration, it's important to remember that adding exotic accents like Moroccan lighting can be a great way to make your walls pop. However, it's not the only way to show off your globetrotting vibe. If you want to add a different way of showing your love of traveling, consider hanging up a map on your wall. 

Maps work with tons of different styles and always add an intellectual touch to your home. Besides, it makes it easier to find the next place you to travel to.

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