15 Living Rooms With An Amazing View

Who wouldn't want a living room with a view? For many, looking out over a dazzling skyline or majestic mountains is a dream come true, and rightly so.

The sight of scenery that's truly phenomenal can provide relaxation, happiness, and even improve your overall quality of life. If you are lucky enough to have a living room with a breathtaking view, you might wonder what's the best way to decorate.

There are a few design tips you should follow if you want to highlight the view in your living room. First, you will want to keep your furniture on the simpler, more neutral side. You don't want your decor to take away from what's outside.

Another way to highlight the view is to keep things airy and open, and that means no window treatments. If the windows in your living room don't have any drapes, the view will constantly be on display.

Seating is important too when your room has a gorgeous view. Your sofa and chairs should maintain a vantage point so that there are plenty of places to sit and gaze at the scenery that is right outside of your window.

If you need some ideas for decorating your living room with a view, we can help! Below, we have put together a list of 15 gorgeous living rooms with amazing views. 

Huge luxurious living room with a huge window proving an amazing view of a gorgeous landscape, 15 Living Rooms With An Amazing View

1. Sparkling Sea

This living room has plenty of simple, neutral tones, as it should, since the view outside of the window is the focal point.

A luxurious living room with modern furniture's with a scenic view of the ocean

The hanging swing offers the perfect spot to watch the ocean and sky come together as far as the eye can see. The mood is one of calm and relaxation.

2. Pretty And Picturesque

Luxurious classic living room furniture's and scenic of a gorgeous landscape

The view in this photo features mountain tops at sunrise with gorgeous shades of orange illuminating the space. Note how the brown chairs coordinate perfectly with the natural atmosphere.

The look in the room is warm and inviting and the scene is picture-perfect.

3. Ocean Beauty

Interior an ultra modern living room with a scenic view of an ocean

Having an ocean view is a dream come true, and this living room has a style that emphasizes the natural splendor right outside. The modern furnishings are situated, so that everyone seated has a bird's eye view of the scenery.

The floor-to-ceiling windows allow for an abundance of natural light and unlimited access to the breathtaking panoramic scene.

4. Gazing At Green

Light gray sectional sofa with patterned throw pillows inside an ultra luxurious modern living room

Floor-to-ceiling windows enhance a great view. And the living room here has an entire wall of windows, which offers a view of the beautiful, lush backyard.

The beige furniture and wood floors complement the colors of nature in a simple and harmonious way. The result is a relaxing space to sit and enjoy the natural beauty. 

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5. Palm Paradise

Luxurious modern living room with a gray sectional sofa and a huge window providing a scenic view of a landscape

Looking out over palm trees is a lovely sight, and this room perfectly accentuates the tropical mood outside with sparse, modern furniture that isn't overpowering.

The dark-colored sofa contrasts with the light floor and white wall, but the room is still plenty bright because of the enormous windows. 

6. Mountain Retreat

Luxurious living room with a gray sectional sofa and an amazing view of a mountain landscape

If the view from your living room is a spectacular snow-covered mountain range, you won't want anything to detract from the scenery.

The room in this photo takes nothing away from the awe-inspiring vision outside, with only a simple beige sofa and neutral flooring and walls. The entire look is majestically picturesque.

7. Lovely Lake View

Cream inspired luxurious living room with wooden flooring and a sliding door providing a scenic view of a lake

When you have a great view, it's a good idea to use the colors of nature in your room. This space in the photo creates harmony with soft, green throw pillows that look stunning against the backdrop of the trees outside.

The light-colored modern furnishings and large windows give the room a lot of light and an unencumbered view of the picturesque lake.

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8. Quaint Meadow

Interior of an entertainment room with leather sofas and a scenic view of a rice field and a huge mountain

The large windows in this photo give the occupant stunning views of the sky and hills in the distance. Note how the bright green grass outside contrasts well with the darker furnishings of this room. And the combination of colors inside and outside is quite striking.  

9. Glowing Rocks

Interior of a two story mansion with leather sofa and matching tan painted walls with huge windows providing a scenic view of paradise landscape

The red rock mountains outside the wall of glass in this living room are a sight to behold. Note how the decor in the space perfectly captures the dramatic view, using furnishings in the same shade as the mountains.

The reddish-beige walls and floor also highlight the spectacular colors of nature. And the purple and beige rug completes the room with just a hint of more color. Overall, the space achieves a look of southwestern sophistication. 

10. Spectacular Skyscrapers

Gorgeous white inspired condominium living room with a huge picture window showcasing a view of the city skyline

If you are all about a beautiful cityscape, then the living room in this photo will take your imagination to new heights. The decor is modern and minimal, so that all the attention focuses on the towering buildings just outside of the window.

The black rug and barstools contrast nicely with the lighter colors in the room, and the overall look is modern, upscale.

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11. Snowy Slopes

Few things are as beautiful as a snow-covered mountain peak, and that's just the view that this chalet-inspired living room provides. The deep brown furnishings are the perfect accompaniment to the bright, white snow and wide, blue sky seen through the window.

The ambiance in the room is warm and inviting, perfect for an afternoon just sitting in front of the fireplace watching the snow fall outside.

12. Island Retreat

Mountains aren't always snow-covered, as the scenery in this photo proves. The tropical scene features a stunning view of a mountainous coastline. Look at how the interior in the living room is casual and relaxed, mixing various shades of cream and brown.

Also, the black chairs highlight the dark-colored mountains in the distance and provide a stark contrast to the lighter tones in the room.

13. Captivating Countryside

The picturesque, rolling hills seen in this photo are a lovely view for anyone lucky enough to sit in this bright and spacious living room. The space uses light, appealing shades of gray and beige, which provide a charming ambiance.

Look at how the colorful throw pillows complement the sofa. Plus, the large windows offer lots of natural light and a larger-than-life view of mother nature. 

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14. Treetop Charmer

The living room in this photo features a calming scene of a beautiful, green forest. Look at how the enormous windows offer a panoramic view from every angle.

The wooden chairs and the simple coffee table bring a rustic vibe to the space. But the modern sofa and plush white rug offer a bit of contemporary sophistication.

15. Dramatic Hollywood 

If your view includes a famous American landmark, consider yourself fortunate. This space features a stellar view of the famous Hollywood sign right in front of the living room windows.

The interior features decor with a contemporary style, with lots of neutral colors that occur in the surrounding landscape. A potted palm and flowers on the table bring some warmth into the room, preventing it from becoming too austere.

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Making The Most Of Your Vibrant View

Huge luxurious living room with a huge window proving an amazing view of a gorgeous landscape

Decorating your living room with a view will be a breeze if you use some of the ideas shown in these photos. Lots of light and neutral tones are the key.

If you make the room all about the scenery outside, you can't go wrong. So, dive into decorating, and then sit back, relax, and enjoy the view!

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