11 Living Rooms With Bright Curtains Ideas

Curtains may seem to be just an afterthought to cover windows and blinds in a room, but they should be given much more credit for the role that they play in your home. Curtains can be energy efficient, blocking out sunlight and assisting in heating and cooling regulation. Occupying a dominant space on your walls, curtains can become a main focal point in your living room, a bright detail that coordinates with other colors in the space, making the room seem complete. With so many color combination options, we have created a concise list of some of the most popular color combinations to help with your decision.

Though every decorative touch in your space should be individualized to your taste and the mood of your home, some popular and interesting choices stand out among the endless number of possibilities in curtain and living room colors. Eleven of these color combinations are among those that we will further discuss, including:

  1. Red Curtains with Black & White Room
  2. Teal Curtains with Brown & Gold Room
  3. Chartreuse Curtains with Teal & White Room
  4. Coral Curtains with Neutral & Black Room
  5. Magenta Curtains with White & Chartreuse Room
  6. Gold Curtains with White, Grey, & Teal Room
  7. Green Curtains with Yellow & Cream Room
  8. Purple Curtains with White & Black Room
  9. Mint Green Curtains with White & Grey Room
  10. Blue Curtains with White & Grey Room
  11. Orange Curtains with Tan & Brown Room

Though choosing curtains for your living room may be one of the biggest decisions to be made, other questions will almost certainly arise within the span of your project. What other accent colors could I use throughout my living room to coordinate with my curtains? How will certain color combinations affect the mood of my living room? We will address these questions and discuss other closely related subjects, just keep reading! 

A bright living room with mustard yellow colored curtains, dark green colored chair and gray colored couch, 11 Living Rooms With Bright Curtains Ideas

1. Red curtains - black & white living room

Classic bold red is always a popular choice to add a splash of color to any space. Pairing a deep red with greys and even black shades can create a muted background with a striking shade of red for a sharp contrast. Pair bright primary red with shades of blue or green for a cooler color combination or with orange or yellow for a bright energetic feel to your room. To bring out warm tones of darker reds, pair with neutral tans and creams.  

The bright red print curtains in the example below quickly draw your eye away from what would otherwise be a rather dark space. These curtains' vibrant color sets the tone for the rest of the colors in the room to change the atmosphere to bright and energetic.

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Gorgeous dark themed living room with light colored sofas with throw pillows on it, and floral red curtains

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2. Teal curtains - brown & gold living room

Teal is a cool bright mixture of blue and green that can give your room an aquatic feel and be combined with many colors. To maintain a cool color palette, consider combining teal with grey, white, black, or blue shades. Browns and tans, when combined with teal, can warm up the color palette. A few bold, bright color pairings with teal are red, orange, yellow, and coral, all color combinations that can give your room a stimulating and vibrant feel.

The teal curtains pictured below quickly catch your eye as the focal point of this room. With the matching teal throw pillows against warm, neutral tan and gold, this teal color makes the entire room pop. 

Modern contemporary living room with a beige colored couch, bright curtains, and wooden flooring

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3. Chartreuse curtains - teal & white living room

A bright mix of green and yellow, chartreuse curtains can add a burst of citrusy color to any room. Combining chartreuse with shades of blue, grey, and purple create a cool color palette. For warm contrasts, look to shades of red, magenta, and natural wood.

The chartreuse color on the curtains accents the white and teal throughout the entire room in the example below. Combining teal and chartreuse in several places in the room helps to spread the color scheme around your space. 

A well lit living room with light yellow curtains, blue patterned wall, a white baseboard, and a white couch

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4. Coral curtains - neutral & black living room

Coral is a perfect bright mixture of orange and pink tones. This grapefruit color pairs well with cool shades of grey, teal, and blue. The pop of citrusy pink in the midst of a neutral backdrop pictured below is perfectly accented with small amounts of black.

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5. Magenta curtains - white & chartreuse living room

Placed between red and blue on the color wheel, magenta can be tipped in either the cool or warm direction with many different colors. To bring out the cool jewel tones, pair magenta with grey, black, blue, or purple shades. Pairing magenta with white, yellow, oranges, or browns will bring out the color's warmer tones. 

A jewel-toned purple-pink mixture, magenta is the perfect color to brighten up your living room, as shown in the example below. Paired with chartreuse in this otherwise  white room, magenta adds a dramatic fun hue to this color scheme. 

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6. Gold curtains - white, grey, & teal living room

Yellow hues can range anywhere from bright and citrusy to deep rich gold. Most shades of yellows and gold make a bold and elegant pairing for many shades of greys and charcoals. Cool shades of blues and greens pair well with yellows and golds. For a warmer bold color pairing, consider shades of red, orange, hot pink, and mauves to purplish pinks.

The golden yellow color of the curtains combined with the teal and grey give the white and grey walls a pop of sunny color in the example below. Using this cool teal color for both the accent chair and throw pillows, combined with the golden yellow throw pillows that match the curtains' color, is a great way to achieve a cohesive look in your room.

A bright living room with mustard yellow colored curtains, dark green colored chair and gray colored couch

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7. Bright green curtains - yellow & cream living room

This fun mix of bright green and yellow comes together in the example below to create a funky modern vibe against a neutral backdrop. The bright green curtains and throw pillows offer a crisp, cool contrast to the warmer cream and tan accents. This shade of green would also pair well with cool shades of grey and blue.

A bright colored living room with bright green colored curtains and a cream colored couches with green throw pillows

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8. Purple curtains - white & black living room

Purple is the perfect mixture of red and blue. This deep jewel tone adds a mystical, moody atmosphere to your living room. Deep purple also pairs beautifully with light shades of greens, golds, and yellows. This black and white backdrop is accented beautifully by the similar hues of the curtains, rug, and accent chair. 

A gorgeous living room with a violet chair, curtains, and circular carpet with a small glass table on it

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9. Mint green curtains - white and grey living room

Crisp and cool mint green combines with this white and grey palette and accented by red and gold to create this fun, colorful color scheme. 

A living room with a dark colored couch, a light green colored curtain, and bright colored pillows

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10. Blue curtains - white & grey living room

These striking blue curtains contrasting with the stark white living room walls in the example below are a shade between royal and navy blue and pair perfectly with the dark grey and natural wood accents. This blue hue pairs well with cool tones like greys, greens, and darker blues or warm tones such as yellows, oranges, reds, and magentas.

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11. Orange curtains - tan & brown living room

Add a fiery splash to your walls with bright orange curtains. The warm contrast to the tan and brown pictured below is a colorful break in the tan walls and brown accents. Small amounts of the warm orange color scattered throughout the room bring the color palette together. Vivid shades of orange combine well with greys and blues for a cool color companion or red and magentas for warm pairings. 

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Final words

Although you may not always pay them much attention, curtains can be the perfect solution to adding some color and life to your living room. By using contrasting and accenting color options, you can create endless color combinations to complement your personal style and home. By bringing you this list of diverse color combinations, we hope to have given you some ideas and inspiration for your ideal space.

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