17 Beautiful Living Rooms With Green Walls Ideas

When it comes to the wall color, there are certain choices that everyone kind of expects. Yellow, white, cream, grey, and beige are good examples. Other colors? Not so much. While green is a very popular color among designers, it's not a color that many people feel comfortable painting their walls. 

After all, anyone who remembers the egregiously tacky avocado green walls of the 60s and 70s will tell you that badly-executed green is a nightmare to deal with. However, well-used green wall paint can turn an ordinary home into an extraordinary one. The question is, how do you do it right? A little inspiration can work wonders here. Browse through the following 17 living rooms with green walls for great inspiration. 

Interior of a modern mansard type living room with green walls, green sofas and a white carpet with a coffee table on it, 17 Beautiful Living Rooms With Green Walls Ideas

1. The Living Living Room

A green themed living room with an indoor vertical garden, cream colored sofa, and throw pillows

This living room has one of the hottest new trends in hyper upscale homes: a living wall. This involves growing green ivies, ferns, and other green plants to create a unique, textured wall that grabs attention like nothing else. Living walls are usually high maintenance, but there's a simple way to make it easier: use faux plants. 

Are you up for this challenge? If so, you might need a lot of hangable grids to hang your plants on. 

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2. Harvest Green Done Right

Modern interior of a nature color inspired living room with green sofas, white accent chairs, and huge window on the background

Most people will hear "avocado green" and run the other way, but that doesn't have to be the case. The key to making a living room look good with this classically 70s color is to modernize the furniture that it's being used with. Of course, you also have to keep in mind that the color scheme has to be modern as well. 

A far better way to work this color (rather than the bold orange and yellow of yore) is to stick to a white, dark brown wood, and beige palette. This keeps it tropical but cute, especially with curtains that work with green walls.

3. A Lemongrass Vibe

Luxurious rustic themed living room with spacious aesthetics, green walls with protruding ceiling trusses and a fireplace on the background

This room offers a reachable, contemporary look that features a lemongrass-style yellow-green as the wall color. Much like the harvest green option above, this uses a heavy influence of dark woods and beige to modernize the look. The big difference here is the style of the furniture. This room has a far more contemporary (even approachable) look than most modern layouts do. 

Our favorite small touch has to be coordinating the lighter sofas with the stonework around the fireplace. It's just plain chic. 

4. Sage Decorating Advice

Scandinavian themed living room area with a green chair and ottoman, small coffee table, and mock up picture frames on the wall

Sage green is one of the many colors seeing a newfound popularity in recent years. This pastel green looks amazing as a wall color, especially if it's done as a split-level color with another complementary color. Here, a warm cream acts as the top half of the wall color while sage is used as the bottom half. When accented with sage furniture, you get a very cohesive yet slightly masculine look to your living room. 

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5. That 70s Update

Interior of a small modern living room with wooden flooring, brown and white chairs, glass coffee table, and a green painted walls

The 70s was pretty famous for pairing two difficult colors together: avocado green and harvest gold. Believe it or not, green and orange can go together. However, you need to update the look, big time. To do this, stick to clean modern lines, a little bit of green and orange, and a ton of white to help mellow out the harshness of it all. 

It's important to remember that some color combinations used to be popular for a reason. You need to figure out how to channel their old charm in a new way. It's just that simple. 

6. New England Class

Beautiful living room with green walls, stripped leather sofas, wedged center table, and dangling lamps on the ceiling

New England-style home design is something that you need to see to fully grasp. On one hand, it's sophisticated, like the Hamptons or Martha's Vineyard. On the other hand, there's a lowkey vibe of Bostonian charm, mixed in with a little bit of seafaring goodness. This home has that stately vibe thanks to the "old money" look of the furniture and the rug accenting this room. 

With this look, it's important to go for traditional furniture. If you can't imagine it in a country club, it probably isn't New England enough to suit this aesthetic.

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7. Ivy League Wonders

[PIN id="27092035249084239" size="large"] [/PIN]

Did you ever notice how people tend to think of a certain sense of style when they think of Ivy League schools? Princetonites, for example, always seem to have access to stately classrooms and dorms that channel that inner 1800s scholar. This look is pretty similar, thanks to the black fireplace, black light accents, and heavy emphasis on the bookcases. 

The trick that made it look extra scholastic? The dark green and white. It's a classic combination that reminds us all of vintage libraries and studies. 

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8. Pink And Eclectic 

[PIN id="506092076883893398" size="large"] [/PIN]

Dark green is a color that can often feel deeply masculine, but it doesn't have to be that way. This eclectic look brings a dash of pink into the mix to even out that masculine vibe. By sticking to a pastel pink with rattan accents, the designer was able to give people a quirky, slightly tropical impression. 

This room has a lot of notably feminine touches in it, but still keeps it with a slightly islandy vibe. The end result is something that would make anyone want to talk about the style.

9. 50s Glamour

[PIN id="1548181130226775" size="large"] [/PIN]

Fun fact: medium-green walls were a 50s thing, especially when it came to men's studies. This living room channeled that energy beautifully by adding polished gold fixtures, dark wooden accents, and midcentury modern furniture. Can't you just imagine Rod Serling lounging here? It's the gold and worn green that you can thank for that. 

The big deal that people need to remember with 50s retro looks is the lines of the furniture and accessories. You have to stay with rounded lines that remain just a little bit Art Deco to really pull it off well.

10. Geometric Green

[PIN id="839217711811179876" size="large"] [/PIN]

So far, we've seen a lot of rooms that have a flat green wall. That's great for most people, but sometimes, you just want to have a little texture. People often forget how stately and elegant green wallpaper can be. This designer used a gold and green geometric print to add texture and dimension to their living room design. 

While this does have a slightly retro touch, it's still modern enough to avoid the dreaded look of being outdated. To make sure you get the right vibe, add tons of green, beige, and gold accessories.

11. Bohemian Sunrise

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For many people, there are two colors that remind them of nature: the green of trees and the gold of the sun. This bohemian-inspired room has a sun theme that was enhanced by gold mirrors molded to look like that gorgeous glowing ball in the sky. To balance out the gold and green, the designer added several touches of salmon pink. 

Adding to the colors is light cream furniture pieces and neutral flooring. The end result is a cozy, artsy look that most people will adore at first sight. 

12. 50 Shades Of Green

[PIN id="361695413828951305" size="large"] [/PIN]

Woah! There are so many different shades of green in this photo, it's hard to tell which shade is the best. The full spectrum of green created a beautiful monochromatic look. Since green is a color that is psychologically associated with lushness, life, and nature, the way this room makes people feel is adventurous and alive. 

The many plants, textured look of the carpet, and bold accessories turn this into a jungle-approved room that is a thrill to be in.

13. Ombre Walls

[PIN id="240309330105618106" size="large"] [/PIN]

Green can often be a bit too dark or dramatic for many rooms, especially if you're working with darker carpeting known for working with green walls. A lighter, gentler touch is a must for rooms that are particularly petite. That doesn't mean that you have to go without green, though. This artist created a gorgeous ombre wall with a geometric twist as proof. 

This is a great way to open up a smaller room and also still give your room a unique, stylish touch. 

14. Keep Things Light

[PIN id="774124925587240" size="large"] [/PIN]

Light green is a great way to make your room look a little lively without going fully heavy-handed. In this room, you get to see a cool blend of white crown moulding, green walls, organic-looking decor, and beige furniture. Since everything is super light in color, the room has an airy ambiance that works well with it. 

This is one of the easiest ways to make your room look modern, fresh, and perennially classy. Light colors always look incredible with almost any type of architecture.

15. A Taste Of The Tropics 

[PIN id="298152437837189804" size="large"] [/PIN]

No one ever said that the walls have to be exclusively green, and here, we see a bunch of green on the wall paired with yellow. The green tropical plant mural immediately gives this living room a bold vibe that is impossible to ignore. To keep the room looking open and modern, the designer paired everything with bright yellow and white accessories. 

If you always wanted to bring a taste of the tropics to your home, this is a great way to do it. It's a wonderful look that will breathe life into any house!

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16. Country Life

[PIN id="20407004545854381" size="large"] [/PIN]

Country and farmhouse designs are some of the most popular designs throughout most of the United States, and it's easy to see why. There's a certain level of down-home charm they offer. This living room uses green, worn wood, and a lot of cushioning to add a familiar flair that puts everyone at ease. 

The trick they used is manifold. First, they paired sage green (a traditionally country color) with medium stain wood. Then, they added decor made from kitsch one would expect in a country store. Things like worn ladders, pretty farm equipment, or even a nice scale can make your living room feel more rustic. 

17. Hollywood Maximalism

[PIN id="14847873752298655" size="large"] [/PIN]

Hollywood is known for bringing a crazy level of decadence to their living room, and that's exactly what's going on in this multimillion-dollar mansion. The designer channeled their inner eccentric Hollywood movie star to create a wildly exotic, downright opulent look to their home. It's all about the (very obviously expensive) green furniture with mahogany wood, paired with a jungle green wall. 

The mirrors on the ceiling make this room look way larger than it really is, while the leopard print chairs add a wild streak that one expects from someone with the taste of a Tinseltown native.

In Closing

Did you know you had so many style options when it comes to living rooms with green walls? You are certainly aware now. From a warm country feel to a moody Ivy league aesthetic, the options are boundless. Enjoy! 

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