11 Inspiring Living Rooms With Mismatched Furniture

Sometimes we don't want everything in our home to match precisely. And that's okay. Take the living room, for instance. Though many furniture come in sets, maybe you prefer a mix and match approach. You can still achieve great design without everything having to match. 

We've looked around to find eleven super examples of living rooms that went beyond the matching set. Each of these home interiors will show you an example of how you might match two different couches or chairs in a way that works. Love different colors? No problem! Want a solid and a print? No problem! We've got a bit of everything for your enjoyment. So, let's take a look.

1. Choose The Same Style But In Different Colors

White and red sofa in a living room with brown carpet and dark brown center table

One way to approach having two different sofas that don't match is to choose the same style but have them in different colors. If you've got a specific set of colors you're designing around, this is a great way to bring them both in with some of your larger furniture pieces. In this living room, they've chosen throw pillows that pick up both the red and the white of the two separate couch colors. A red side table lamp further pulls in the dominant color of the furnishings.

2. Different Style Sofas With Similar Upholstery

Different Style Sofas With Similar Upholstery, luxury pillows on white upholstery sofas

In this living room, we love the beige linen neutral fabric on both sofas. But how fun to choose different style sofas with matching fabric. The smaller sofa in the foreground has intriguing latticework on the arms and is vintage in feel. The sofa facing us in the photo has traditionally upholstered arms. What ties in both sofas (and the coffee table) are the dark brown wood for the legs and detail work. Because all of the stains are the same, this mismatched grouping looks super together.

3. One Chair In Leather, Couches In Fabric

Luxury living room with One Sofa In Leather, One Sofa In Fabric

A large elegant living room is the perfect place to mix things up. In this room, the homeowner has chosen a rich chocolate brown leather chair for one side of the conversation arrangement.

On the other side is a soft-toned upholstered sofa. The fabric pattern is neutral but appears to have a damask design that brings in some of the darker browns of the other plain fabric pieces. The paint color, area rug, and curtains tie in with the sofas' colors, giving the room such a gorgeous feeling. 

4. Two Different Textures Of Upholstered Couches

Luxury living room, Two Different Textures of Upholstered Couches

Here's another dressy classic living room. We love when a room is large enough to accommodate an arrangement of furniture like this. Two sofas, a coffee table, some end tables, and even a gorgeous chandelier create an excellent area for conversation and catching up.

In this room, each sofa is covered in fabric and similar styles and profiles, but the textures are different. The soft brown sofa is covered in a luxurious velvet fabric, while the lighter color sofa is finished off in a patterned cloth type fabric. The throw pillows work to unify the two pieces.

5. Match Your Loveseats, But Not Your Sofa

Lobby area of a hotel, matched love seats but different sofa

Here's another interesting option for your living room sofas. Rather than have a mix of sofas and chairs, have one main sofa and two matching love seats.

It's a nice way to keep cohesiveness but giving you some flexibility when choosing pieces of furniture. Here, the sofa is in a lovely deep navy, and the sofas are covered in a dark tan fabric. The styles of all three pieces are very similar in overall profile and size, including the types of legs.

6. Match Bold Color With Neutrals

trendy seating arrangement with a mustard yellow sofa and a deep bluish-green velvet sofa, complemented by neutral-colored chairs and patterned throw pillows

There are two chairs in this trendy seating arrangement in bold colors, flanked by the area rug and coffee table in neutrals. The mustard yellow chairs and deep bluish-green velvet sofa look great together.

The pale neutrals of the walls and area rug fill in the details. We love the arrangement of fun and fabulous throw pillows on the sofa. Particularly the textured and patterned pieces.

We found the fun shaggy throw pillow covers online. This set of two 18 x 18 pillow covers come in a whole bunch of different colors. They are trendy and unique for your unique living room. Click here for these on Amazon.

7. Find A Great Rug To Tie In Your Two Different Furniture

living room with a large creme colored sofa next to a soft grey sofa, decorated with varied throw pillows and an abstract rug beneath a three-tiered glass and brass coffee table

Sometimes you are handed down some great furniture. Or you find what you need on an online sales site, and they're not the same color or material. Does it matter?

No way! Get your bargains and build your room around them. Here a large creme colored sofa is paired with a long rectangular glass coffee table. They are different styles with different materials, but it doesn't matter.

Why? Because the homeowner has loaded them with gorgeous throw pillows and vases and tied them together with a bright abstract rug. In a room like this, you're so busy loving all the details that you forget the furniture don't match.

Though only two tiers, this glass and gold coffee table can help you achieve the look in the above living room space. It's practical and beautiful. Click here for this on Amazon.

8. Two Chairs And A Sofa Give You More Lounging Space Than One

living room with two mismatched sofas facing each other, centered by a coffee table, in a casual lounging setup

The great thing about having more than one chairs is the wealth of lounging space. If you're worried about figuring out the arrangement, don't be. It's simple.

Face the sofa and one chair toward each other with a coffee table in between. It looks better with two chairs facing a sofa. This way, if you both need a place to lie down to watch the television, you've got it. Best of all, they don't have to match!

9. Old World Charm And Style Oozes With These Mismatched Set

living room showcasing sectional pieces in varied colors and patterns, adorned with coordinating throw pillows

Do you love the luxurious? Then consider doubling up on old-world scrumptiousness. A classic soft teal velvet and cream sofa looks like the movie star harlot next to the star metal and glass coffee table in this living room space.

Both are traditional, old, elegant styles that are often replicated and can also be found at second-hand sales. Anchored by a large mirror behind the sofa, this room looks beyond refined.

10. For Something Really Unique, Mix And Match Your Sectional Pieces

living room showcasing sectional pieces in varied colors and patterns, adorned with coordinating throw pillows

Sectionals tend to be pretty massive sofas and are usually all in one upholstery or leather color. But if you love a sectional but want to shake it up, why not give this approach a try?

These sectional pieces are covered in different colors. A couple of throw pillows pick up the colors. It's a creative approach to working with a sectional.

11. Well-Loved Pieces, Even If They Don't Match, Create A Cozy Vibe

cozy living room with two mismatched, well-loved sofas, harmonized by throw pillows or a unifying rug

For most of us, what we really want in our living room is comfort. If you have a couple of well-loved furniture pieces, but they don't match, figure out how to make them work. Tie them together with throw pillows or a rug. Match the rest of your furniture pieces instead of your sofas. Pick things that work with your style, and chances are your room is going to come together brilliantly. 

If you use throw blankets, maybe choose something that picks up colors from both sofas and put one on each sofa. This could be the perfect unifying factor for the homey design.

These lightweight Turkish throws come in many colors. They have a cozy feel with the tassels and knitted design. The lightweight cotton is super soft and a great cozy blanket to take a bit of the chill off of you.

Click here for this on Amazon.

Perfectly Paired Even When They Don't Match

With your home's interior design, the most important thing is that you love the way it looks. Each piece we choose is chosen for a reason, and with a bit of creativity and ingenuity, you can make them work together.

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