15 Gorgeous Living Rooms With Round Rugs That You Need To See

If you want to change something simple in your living room for some modern vibes, consider switching out your area rug for a round rug. Round rugs defy the traditional look by bringing in asymmetry and the illusion of more space. 

Round rugs aren't for every living room, so it's important to match your current decor so that it doesn't look disjointed. If you have a small living room with minimal furniture, a round rug will make your room appear larger. It also adds visual interest and texture as opposed to a streamlined and clean look of a living room with a large area rug. 

Amp up a modern style even more by adding real plants, wood tones, and a mix of plain and patterned textiles. For more inspiration when restyling your living room, check out these 15 amazing living rooms incorporating round rugs into their decor. 

living room with framed posters, chandelier, and round rug in front of white armchair. 15 Gorgeous Living Rooms With Round Rugs That You Need To See

1. Asymmetrical And Modern

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living room with brick wall. living room with brick wall

When you want to create a social sanctuary in your living room, style it like a cozy nook in the corner. Positioning a small table off-center upon your rug makes your furniture look effortlessly thrown together in a good way. It looks casual, warm, and inviting both for you and your guests.

Minimal art and a mix of cool and warm tones help the room feel balanced. It also ensures that people gathering in your living room will be your focal point and not any particular art feature or furniture. In other words, this style promotes social interaction and intimacy.

2. Multifunctional Loft

Multifunctional living room interior. multifunctional loft with different kinds and styles of chairs

When you feel perplexed about styling your multifunctional loft, alleviate your anxiety with a simple round rug. It visually creates separation between different areas in your loft. However, it doesn't look as separated as an area rug, so the overall loft feels cohesive. 

This especially works when your loft has gorgeous hardwood floors or wall-to-wall carpet. Show off pretty floors by using small rugs or take advantage of installed carpet to use rugs only for styling, not function.

3. Complemented By A Pouf

Ethnic style living room interior complimented by a pouf

Poufs bring the ultimate casual atmosphere to a living room. If you have kids or you are in your 20s, this look brings a playfulness to an otherwise stuffy living space. 

Round rugs complement poufs because they also look casual. By placing poufs around a round rug, you encourage your guests to relax while lounging with their feet on the carpet. Luckily, a wide range of poufs can be found on Amazon, like the grey knitted one pictured below:

Click here to see this round grey pouf on Amazon. 

4. Bright And Airy

White round carpet in bright living room with lamp and ladder near sofa with pillows. bright and airy

Consider using a small round rug in front of your sofa for a living room with lightly toned flooring and a lot of sunlight. Opting for a small round rug instead of an area rug allows more light to reflect off the floor. This makes the living room look bigger. 

Achieve a minimalist or Scandinavian style by only adding one or two colors to the room with a bright neutral tone as your base color. White, grey, beige, and wood tones work great as base colors for the walls, floors, ceiling, and furniture. 

5. Fun Space For Kids

Room with sofa, dresser, blackboard wall and yellow details. fun space for kids

Not all living rooms exist for adults. If you have kids and want them to feel comfortable in your living room, decorate with a bright primary color like yellow or orange. Bright, warm tones bring youthfulness and fun into your decor!

A small round rug in a kid-friendly living room makes perfect functional sense. Smaller amounts of carpet mean fewer places to scrub up accidental spills and messes. 

6. Boho-Chic Round Rug

Antique wooden bookcase with decorations in an elegant gray living room interior with a comfortable powder pink sofa and boho chic round rug

Mid-century modern and boho-chic styles are thriving this decade. Both of these eclectic styles incorporate vintage and modern items. If you use vintage furniture or decor like brass candlesticks or gold embossed frames, consider using a modern rug to bring a fresh modern element. 

A popular modern style is a boho-chic round rug, which adds texture with a geometric pattern. Find boho rugs on Amazon, like this black and white one:

Click here to see this Boho Chic round rug on Amazon. 

7. Neutral Tones With Lots Of Greenery

living room interior full of plants with a grey couch, wooden table, lamp, with the two chairs on the opposite sides of the room. neutral tones with lots of greenery

Circular rugs feel more organic than rectangular area rugs. So if you want a more natural feeling space, opt for a round rug for a nature-themed oasis. 

Bring in plenty of real plants, big and small, along with wood tones in your furniture. Use natural materials in your decor like terracotta and stone. Stick with a neutral palette for all of your furniture, walls, and flooring, and let your plants bring in the color with pops of green. 

8. Minimalist Vibes

Green leaf in white vase on round wooden coffee table in stylish living room with grey scandinavian sofa. minimalist vibes

For a minimalist living room, limit the amount of furniture and decor you place in the room. This requires intentionality when it comes to choosing what stays and what goes. Think less is more, and try to aim for an emptier feeling living room.

Round rugs help achieve a more minimal feeling by highlighting blank space. This design style may be for you if you regularly feel stressed and desire a zen-like living room for meditation and relaxation. 

9. Layered With A Faux Fur Rug

Wooden table on rug in front of settee in simple living room interior with ficus. layered with a faux fur rug

When your living room feels a little empty or plain, add texture by layering a faux fur rug on a round rug. This can take a lackluster room to the next level by adding visual interest. It also makes a living room feel comfier!

Not only does layering two small rugs look good, but it could be more affordable than purchasing a large area rug. Find faux fur rugs in various colors or stick with a neutral tone like this white one:

Click here to see this faux fur rug on Amazon. 

10. Retro Living Room

red armchair standing in a retro living room in front of a shelf with plants and a fireplace and posters on a wall

Retro living rooms embrace vintage design and antique furniture. They often have wainscoting, wallpaper, and true antiques (items that are over 100 years old). This style sometimes looks like mid-century modern and boho-chic, but it differs in that it uses more dramatic color schemes and more vintage decor than modern decor. 

One of the best ways to make your retro living room feel fresh is by using a round rug with a modern pattern. This keeps a room from falling flat by adding some strategically placed eclectic and unexpected decor. 

11. Scandinavian Farmhouse

Scandinavian farmhouse living room interior with off white sofa and woodern center table on round rug

Farmhouse vibes still exist but have gotten a bit of a facelift in the past few years by incorporating a Scandinavian flair. Instead of decking your walls with whitewashed signs and wire baskets, leave your walls bare. Also, use large cushions on your couch and chairs, so the hygge or coziness vibes are visually seen and felt by your guests. 

A round rug in a Scandinavian farmhouse living room looks natural and more comfortable than a rectangular area rug. 

12. Grey Minimalist

Grey Minimalist modern bedroom with round rug, fireplace, blue walls, center and side tables

Not all modern style looks warm-toned and organic. Cool tones still thrive, especially grey. By using cool tones in your living room, you automatically bring a clean and classic look to your home. 

A round grey rug looks sleek with grey furniture and grey floors. Add some variation with light blues and greens and some pops of black and white. 

13. Under A Hammock Swing

American style living room interior, round rug under a hammock swing

When you want to use nontraditional furniture like a hammock swing, highlight it by placing a round rug beneath it. Hammock swings can be used indoors or outdoors and are made of many different materials like rattan wicker and macrame. 

Click here to see this macrame hammock swing on Amazon. 

14. Natural Tones And Textures

domestic sofa in the living room, round rug. natural tones and texture

When your living room incorporates a lot of neutral tones and hardwood floors, add a round green rug for added color. Green mimics grass and plants, so it works perfectly in coordination with a natural living room. By using a round rug, you ensure that you won't be covering too much of your hardwood flooring.

15. Centering a Maximalist Living Room

Decorative Monstera Deliciosa leaves in glass vase placed on wooden table in bright interior with plants. round rug centering a maximalist living room

In stark contrast to minimalism, a new design style called maximalism has started this decade. This style incorporates excess decor items like books, wall hangings, and throw pillows.

To keep a maximalist room from feeling too jumbled, put a round rug in front of the sofa. It centers the room and creates a better flow for all of your decorations. 

Complement Your Round Rug

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