21 Living Rooms With Yellow Walls [Inc. Mustard Yellow]

You don't have to be a Coldplay fan to be a huge lover of "Yellow," both the color and the song. There's something magically warm and inviting about living rooms with a yellow wall. Yellow is a shoo-in when it comes to making a room pop. Of course, that doesn't mean that you can't use a little inspiration to make your living room just a little more impressive.

Want to see how designing pros use yellow walls to make their homes glow? Take a look at these gorgeous living rooms.

Living room with mixed colors and an accent wall with a yellow and light blue painting incorporated with a gray couch, 21 Living Rooms With Yellow Walls [Inc. Mustard Yellow]

1. A Mellow Yellow

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Yellow loft living room with minimal decoration

Are you the type of person who has a hard time figuring out how to match curtains to walls without using the same color everywhere? This mellow number proves that you can match curtains and tan-yellow walls beautifully together. What makes this so gentle on the eye is the color palate. Since it's muted, it offers warmth without it being harsh.

2. Bright N' Bold

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Modern interior living room with mustard wall, stairs and furniture

On the other end of the spectrum is this number, which uses acrylic-look floating stairs paired with a bold yellow background to add a burst of energy to the room. Of course, you can't have everything be bold without having a problem or two. To balance out the bold yellow, designers use a monochromatic look with cool greys on the couch.

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3. Artsy Gold

Modern living room interior with parquet floor, yellow walls and glass windows

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that mustard yellow works beautifully well with dark wood flooring. Here, we see the yellow paired with a chevron-style wood floor. By avoiding the use of a carpet on the floor, you get a more open look as well as a nice focal point that's artsy and counterintuitive.

4. Good Day, Sunshine!

Modern living room interior design with mustard yellow walls

A sunny yellow wall can always make a room feel happier, especially when you have windows that are open and welcoming to daylight like in this room. Here, open windows, a bright white room visible outside the living oom, and a stark blue contrast in accessories add a ton of joy to this room. Doesn't it just look so naturally upbeat in here?

5. Rustic Reds

Charming family room with old style furniture and fireplace

With all the deep reds and leather accents this  living room has, it's hard to ignore how much warmth this room has. The trick to getting this rustic yet modern vibe all deals with color coordination. By working with fiery colors like red, gold, orange, and brown, this room looks like it's totally unified in its warmth. The mixed textures add a stylish statement, too!

6. Midcentury Mustard

Home interior with mustard walls and green couch

Midcentury modern is a look that tends to be linked to blues, pinks, and light neutral colors. Sometimes, things might get a little bold. Mustard yellow, though, isn't the norm. However, that doesn't mean it can't work. The midcentury modern furniture and clean lines in this home make it shine. 

7. Yellow And White

Modern living room with yellow couch and mustard yellow wall

Yellow is one of those colors that pairs remarkably well with white. It may even be argued that it pairs better than blue or green does. Here, the entire living room is decked out entirely in white and yellow. The light contrast offers up a fair share of action, all while making it easy on the eyes. Coordination never looked so effortless!

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8. Traditional Mustard

Warm colors living room with fireplace

Did you ever notice how many interior designers seem to elicit joy from houses that don't look anything like a typical home. It's frustrating, right? Here, you see a little change of pace. Warm mahogany finishes, traditional furniture, and nice splashes of yellow make this one of the most welcoming, easy to manage options on this list.

9. Black N' Yellow

A yellow painted living room with two couches and yellow throwpillows

Admittedly, black and yellow is a home combination that can be hard to pull off. However, this designer did it by balancing out the bold colors with a heavy smattering of pale neutral colors and geometric prints. By keeping prints simple, adding some potted plant accents, and adding black to focal points in the room, the room doesn't look overwhelming at all. 

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10.  A Posh Canary

A luxury living room overlooking a winter landscape

When most people think of canary yellow, they usually think of rooms that have a tropical feel to them. This room shows that yellow can be a perfect accent for an extremely modern home. Strong geometric architecture and a heavily squared look helps make this room look sleek without being overwhelming.

11. A Gold And Grey Duo

A luxury living room showing a huge couch and yellow accent wall

Do you love the look of black and yellow, but wish it was a little less jarring? You're not alone. This room features a similar contrast using a (much softer) dark charcoal gray to get a similar ambiance without it being so heavy-handed. Warm and cool colors really blend well together here.

12. Triple The Color

Living room with mixed colors and an accent wall with a yellow and light blue painting incorporated with a gray couch

Yellow walls are an amazing style statement on their own, but sometimes, they need to have more contrast. This interior designer featured a living room that features walls of three different paint schemes. The baby blue helps balance out the bold yellow, all while white helps keep the room looking open. 

13. Retro Monochrome

Mustard yellow painted wall with a brown couch and orange throw pillows

Did you know that yellow, orange, and brown created a color combination that was popular as heck in the 70s and 80s? It's true, and many of us tend to enjoy that same aesthetic. This living room uses rich dark cherry stained furniture, yellow walls, and a monochrome throw pillow ensemble to create that same retro vibe without the tackiness that we remember from back in the day.

14. Brushed On Walls

Patterned yellow mustard painted wall with a long sleeper couch with yellow throw pillows

This may be a little bit of a stretch, but the yellow in the wall pattern here is very clearly visible. Unlike other living rooms with yellow walls, this wall is bicolor: grey and yellow. This wall acts as a weathered, urban focal point. If you were nervous about having a wall that was fully yellow, this textured method is a good way to even things out.

15. Naturally Green

A yellow painted living room with a green couch and green throw pillows

If you love the look of a tropical paradise, then you should consider pairing your yellow living room wall with light green accessories. Here, we see a green sofa and a gorgeous little tropical plant in a straw basket. It's simple, clean, and subtle. And yet, it's so quick to invoke a little exotic charm. 

16. Mural It

Luxurious living room with a sectional brown sofa, a concrete brick wall on the background painted with a mustard yellow

If you are not used to having colorful walls, it can be somewhat intimidating to actually go out and paint an entire wall bright yellow. This interior designer decided to strike an even balance by making yellow the central color of his half-wall mural. When combined with the sleek modern furniture and exposed brick, it's a surprisingly sophisticated treat for your eyes.

17. Earning Your Stripes

Classic styled living room with mustard curtains, white windows, and a yellow couch on the center next to a round table

Most of us have a special place in our hearts for stripes and plaid. Here, a yellow wall gets matched with plaid curtains, a striped pair of seats, and a gorgeous table to create a slightly retro, slightly contemporary look. It's warm, it's sunny, and at the same time, it's just adorable in its own right.

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18. Quirky Cute Canary

Canary yellow is an incredible pick for homes in need of quirkiness. Its bold, bright hue makes it a great backdrop for exotic decor, brightly-colored pillows, and also just lifts up the energy of a room magnificently. If you want to go bold, giving canary walls accessories that match that level of gutsy (like a cow print rug) will help. 

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19. Living Smartly

This retail space was set up to look exactly like a living room, and they succeeded there! What really "sells" this space is the ample floor room, paired with dark, chocolatey woods, mint green as a contrast color, and home decor accessories reminiscent of Ivy League school halls. It looks elegant, traditional, and unapologetically smart.

20. Maximalist Beauty

Maximalism involves a ton of decor and a ton of style. It's important to make sure that your room doesn't look like a giant blob of a single color. Here, they used yellow and turquoise--a nearly contrasting color--to create a uniquely tropical yet Southwestern effect. It's chic, striking, but not jarring.

21. Pretty In Pink

An often-underrated color pairing worth a shot is pink and yellow. Here, we see pink in most of the room's furnishings, with yellow as a backdrop. In the foreground, we see a woven table made from wicker, adding a nicely natural touch that helps make everything cohesive. While it's pointedly feminine, it'd be remarkably hard for anyone to hate on this room. It's just that stylish. 

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