22 Rustic Log Cabin Wall Decor Ideas for a Homely Feel

Sprucing up your log cabin with unique rustic wall decor can instantly infuse warmth and character into your space.

This carefully selected list of 22 ideas is designed to transform your cabin into a cozy haven, featuring everything from vintage signs to natural elements that echo the serenity of the woods.

1. Vintage Ski and Outdoor Gear Display

Add a touch of alpine nostalgia with vintage ski-themed wall art featuring old skis mounted on your log cabin wall and outdoor gear display.

It's a perfect way to celebrate your love for winter sports while adding a rustic charm to your cabin.

Vintage ski and outdoor gear display against wooden log wall

2. Handwoven Tapestry

Bring a homely touch with a large, handwoven tapestry featuring earthy colors and geometric patterns.

This piece brings a soft, tactile element to your rustic decor, creating a focal point that invites relaxation and contemplation.

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Rustic log cabin wall decor. Handwoven tapestry with earthy colors

3. Faux Elk Skull and Antler Display

Add a rugged touch to your cabin with a faux elk skull and antler display, perfectly paired with black-and-white wildlife illustrations for a striking, outdoorsy vibe.

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Wall shelf with antlers and barn wood in log cabin interior

4. Wildlife Metal Art

Bring the majesty of the wilderness inside with a striking metal art piece featuring a majestic elk set against a serene forest backdrop.

This art serves as a bold focal point, enhancing the rustic ambiance of any cabin living space.

Wildlife metal art featuring an elk in a rustic cabin interior

5. Rustic Lantern Wall Sconces

Light up your evenings with rustic lantern wall sconces that provide a soft, ambient glow. These sconces are perfect for adding a touch of old-world charm and enhancing the cozy feel of your space.

Rustic lantern wall sconces in log cabin interior

6. Quilted Wall Hanging

Create a snug and inviting atmosphere with a quilted wall hanging featuring patterns that resonate with rustic life, like woodland creatures or traditional log cabin blocks.

It’s a wonderful way to add a personal and cozy touch to your decor.

Quilted wall hanging with woodland patterns in log cabin interior

7. Fishing Gear Display

Show off a collection of vintage fishing gear as wall decor for a personal and nostalgic touch.

Displaying rods, reels, and old lures can beautifully reflect your hobbies and add a unique personal element to the cabin’s atmosphere.

Vintage fishing gear display in log cabin interior

8. Framed Cabin Blueprint

Celebrate the craftsmanship of your cabin by displaying its framed blueprint. This decor idea offers an architectural glimpse into the structure's design and heritage, making it a great talking point for guests.

Framed cabin blueprint in log cabin interior

9. Canoe Paddle Wall Art

Repurpose old canoe paddles into eye-catching wall art by either painting or decorating them with rustic patterns to add a whimsical and adventurous feel to your cabin's interior.

Decorated canoe paddles in log cabin interior

10. Pressed Wildflowers in Antique Frames

Display pressed wildflowers in antique frames to introduce a delicate, botanical touch to your rustic cabin.

Pressed wildflowers in antique frames in log cabin interior

11. Vintage Maps

Decorate with vintage maps to reflect a spirit of adventure and exploration and serve as conversation starters about travels and tales.

Vintage maps and nautical decor in log cabin interior

12. Birch Tree Wall Art

Incorporate the serene beauty of birch trees into your cabin with wall art featuring these elegant trees.

Whether a detailed painting or a simple silhouette, birch tree art adds a touch of tranquility and nature to your decor.

Birch tree wall art in log cabin interior

13. Reclaimed Wood Bookshelves

Use reclaimed wood bookshelves to enhance your cabin's rustic appeal while providing practical storage space for your favorite reads.

This eco-friendly choice maintains the natural aesthetic and adds historical depth to your space.

Reclaimed wood bookshelves in log cabin interior

14. Rustic Wooden Clocks

Hang a rustic wooden clock to keep track of time in a stylish way. These clocks, often made from reclaimed wood and featuring quaint, hand-painted numbers, blend functionality with decorative charm.

Rustic wooden clocks in log cabin interior

15. Hanging Rope Shelves

Install simple hanging rope shelves using natural fiber ropes and reclaimed wood planks. This rustic DIY project offers a charming and practical display area for books or small planters.

Hanging rope shelves in log cabin interior

16. Vintage License Plate Wall Art

Arrange a collection of vintage license plates on a wall in a visually appealing pattern to add a touch of Americana and a colorful, nostalgic element to your cabin decor.

Vintage license plate wall art in log cabin interior

17. DIY Wood Slice Art

Create an artistic wall feature by arranging wood slices of different sizes and thicknesses onto a wall. Stain or paint them to make this natural art piece stand out.

DIY wood slice art in log cabin interior

18. Coffee Mug Wall Rack

Build a coffee mug wall rack using small hooks and a wooden plank. This serves as a functional display for your favorite mugs and adds a cozy, café-like feel to the kitchen area.

Coffee mug wall rack in log cabin interior

19. Handmade Dreamcatchers

Hang a series of handmade dreamcatchers in different sizes and styles. These not only serve as beautiful wall decorations but also bring a touch of Native American culture and artistry into your home.

Handmade dreamcatchers in log cabin interior

20. Jute Macramé Wall Hanging

Introduce a piece of jute macramé as a wall hanging. This craft brings texture and a touch of bohemian style to the rustic setting.

Jute macramé wall hanging in log cabin interior

21. Vintage Film Poster Collage

Create a collage of vintage film posters, ideally from classic outdoor or wilderness adventures. Frame them in simple wood frames for a cohesive and engaging display.

Vintage film poster collage in log cabin interior

22. Wall-Mounted Surfboard

Use a vintage or decorative surfboard as wall decor. Whether you’re a surfer or just appreciate the aesthetic, it adds a laid-back, beachy vibe to your decor.

Wall-mounted surfboard in log cabin interior

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