11 Brilliant Ideas for a London-Themed Bedroom

Millions of tourists flock to London every year, but have you ever considered bringing a bit Great Britain into your home? With so many wall stickers, bedding designs, and accessories available online, it’s never been easier to customize your home décor with oh-so-British pomp & circumstance. Sure, we can’t all live in the UK’s capital, but we can celebrate its centuries-old culture with a few delightful décor choices.

11 Brilliant Ideas For A London Themed Bedroom

Any anglophiles in our audience will definitely want to check out this list of the top 11 London bedroom décor ideas. Below, we’ll show you just how simple it is to bring Old Blighty into your bedroom. Whether you’ve visited London before or you simply adore British culture, you’re sure to find something brilliant on our list.

11 Brilliant London Bedroom Décor Ideas

1. Use Wall Murals To Spotlight The Sites

Almost everyone who has a London design in their homes focuses on Big Ben. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with Westminster, but consider pasting a variety of London’s sites on your walls to add some uniqueness to your room. For instance, take a look at the animated sites that have been tastefully displayed in the above post.


Also, take note of the heavy use of whites and reds in this workstation design. As you’ll notice throughout this article, a standard way people evoke the feel of London is to intersperse bright reds with grey or white backgrounds. Not only does red add a bit of energy to your design, but it also reminds viewers of those iconic London telephone booths, soldiers, and double-decker buses.

You can find one highly acclaimed London wall art decal on this Amazon link. In addition to major draws like Big Ben and the Tower Bridge, you’ll also see more modern symbols of London such as the London Eye and the Gherkin.

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Another home décor item that nicely combines all of London’s attractions is this retro wooden sign on Amazon. Even if you don't intend to make your entire bedroom London themed, you could easily hang this sign as a memento of your trip.

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2. Don’t Fear Greys, Blues, and Blacks

London is one of the few cities that looks even more romantic when it rains. To evoke this “glorious gloom,” don’t hesitate using darker tones like greys, blues, and blacks in your home décor. In fact, adding black elements helps suggest another one of London’s great symbols: the black taxicabs.

In the above picture, take note of how the designer contrasts white and red to great effect. The reds here aren’t all that overpowering, but they definitely make an unmistakably British impression.

If you’d like a Union Jack pillow like the one pictured above, check out this link to Amazon.com. For a Big Ben-themed bedding similar to the one in this Pinterest post, consider the one found on this Amazon webpage.

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3. Add A Sea-Faring Touch

As an island nation, maritime exploration has always played a crucial role in British history and identity. If you want to celebrate that “Rule Britannia” sea-faring spirit, consider using blues on your bed design like in the picture above.

If you’ve got young buccaneers at home, why not fashion their bedroom like a great English vessel? You could even add sneakily educational references to captains like James Cook, Francis Drake, and, of course, Blackbeard into your room design.

For a fabulous Parliament wall mural similar to the one pictured above, Click on this link to Amazon.

For those interested in the Union Jack rug used above, check out this Amazon webpage.

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4. Who Could Ignore Big Ben?

When most people think of London, the image of Westminster’s Elizabeth Clock Tower (aka Big Ben) springs to mind. So, it’s safe to say that clocks are an iconic symbol of this capital city. Heck, now that London is a global center of finance, clocks are an indispensable part of modern life. Check out how the room above gives off this "center of the world" business feel.

But it doesn’t have to be all business in your London bedroom. Indeed, there are plenty of colorful London-themed clocks now available online. For instance, check out this Amazon link to a wooden wall clock with Big Ben in the background.

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To evoke London’s industrial past, you might also want to consider this elegant clock on Amazon that was modeled on one in Victoria Station.

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5. Highlight Union Jack Colors

Hey, why should NYC get all the love? And, while we’re at it, who said red, white, and blue are only for the Yankee Doodle Dandies?

As you could see above, you could easily make an eye-catching décor with bright whites, blues, and reds without viewers mistaking your love of England for a super-sized American obsession. You could also add a bit of regal flair with allusions to the British monarchy on your pillows.

For those interested in a pillow featuring both the Union Jack and the Imperial State Crown, definitely check out this link to Amazon.

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There are also many retro “I Love London” metal signs also worth checking out on this Amazon webpage.

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6. Welcome A Few Double-Decker Tours

If you were ever a tourist in London, then chances are you took a ride atop one of the city’s double-decker buses. To commemorate your London sightseeing journey, consider adding those bold red buses over grey cityscape murals and bedding.

You could even make a fun project of adding these bus accents to your bedroom by putting together a LEGO London Bus Kit, now available on this Amazon link.

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Amazon also has plenty of pillows with red double-deckers on them like this one.

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By the way, if you took the Underground around London, there are plenty of ways to add Metro décor to your bedroom. For instance, check out this Amazon page’s full-sized poster of the London Underground’s map.

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7. Accentuate Brick Designs

Bricks are an extremely common element in British design, especially in big cities like London. Heck, these bricks were so commonly used in the UK capital that they’re officially named “London stock bricks” in the building business.

If you have any bricks in your home’s design, consider accentuating them to give it that real London feeling. Alternatively, you could opt for textured brick wallpaper like the one on this Amazon link.

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For those interested in the white brick design pictured above, consider investing in the wallpaper on this Amazon webpage.

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8. Get Playful With Red Phone Booths

Looking for a quirky pop of London scenery? Easy: paste a red telephone booth decal on one of your doors! As you could see in the shot above, you don’t need to have an entire room dedicated to London to make this fun design work.

Here’s an Amazon link to a London Phone Booth Door Poster just like the one in the post above.

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If you like to read before bed, then you might also want to look at this Amazon link to an LED night lamp in the shape of a red telephone booth.

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9. Research Cartoon Outlines Of The London Skyline

You don’t always have to include foggy grey to evoke the feel of London. For instance, take a look at how effective a cartoon outline of London is in this bedding design. The white background on the bed, bricks, and furniture really helps add brightness to the overall design.

For as similar cartoony-feel, consider this London bedding set on Amazon complete with double-decker buses, telephone booths, and taxis.

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If this bedding doesn’t suit your style, then give this second bedding option on Amazon a try.

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10. Enlist A Few Royal Guards

We’ve already mentioned the phone booths and double-decker buses, but who could forget the members of the Queen’s Guard. With their distinctive red coats and bearskin hats, these soldiers are easily the most recognizable on earth and a major symbol of British culture. Consider enlisting a few of these guards to protect your children from any spooky monsters that might be hiding under the bed!

There are plenty of ways to add these super-stern soldiers to your London bedroom. You might want to consider this regal doormat available on Amazon.

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If these don’t catch your eye, then check out this Amazon webpage featuring a vintage airline travel poster with a British soldier.

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11. Don’t Forget About The Pram!

Here’s an example of how to effectively use whites, blues, and reds to accentuate a nursery. You could also see how well wooden floor designs work with the Union Jack colors to give your home a colonial feel. And, of course, what would a London décor guide be without showing off the “Keep Calm & Carry On Sign” at least once!

There are countless spoofs on the famed WWII motivational sign, but here’s one “Keep Calm” poster on Amazon that closely resembles the one above.

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If you want your nursery to have even more London flair than the one above, then take a peek at this Amazon-listed London-themed throw blanket.

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