How Long And Wide Are Rug Runners?

When it comes to choosing accent pieces for your home, there are many different things to choose from. One of the most common and popular types of accent pieces is rug runners. Rug runners are great for style and function, but sometimes it can be hard to determine what size you need for the space you want to place it. We have looked into just how long and wide rug runners help you make a quick and easy decision!

Rug runners can come in many different sizes. On average, they are between 2 to 3 feet wide and can range from 6 to 14 feet long. You can easily find runners that fit within all parts of that range. There are situations and spaces where it can be better to use a small, medium, or large-sized rug runner. It’s also important to know how rug runners are measured to get the correct size. 

There are so many more places that rug runners can add something to than just stairs and hallways! It might be tempting to pick a rug runner that seems like it fits in the desired place, but more to know could help you. Keep reading below for an in-depth look at what different sizes of rug runners can bring to each space!

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Using Different Sizes Of Rug Runners

Rug runners have a huge variety of sizes available. Because of this, worrying about the size of the space you want to put one is more important than the measurements of the runner itself. You can find a size that works for each space fairly easily.

For a runner to be used to its fullest, it should take up most of the space, but not all of it. You want to ensure that the runner has 3 – 5 inches of space surrounding it so it doesn’t run into any walls.

That is mostly for style, but runners are very functional as well. The main function of runner rugs is to protect your floor in high-traffic areas. This is why they are so common on stairs and in hallways. Since these areas get walked on so regularly, the runner gives an added layer of protection. This way, your carpet or flooring won’t show signs of wear and tear in these areas faster than the other areas in your home!

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When To Use A Small Rug Runner

Small rug runners are perfect for different situations. The first may seem obvious, but they look great in smaller spaces. Many homes have smaller hallways, stairways, and entryways that they may think are not big enough for a runner. However, a simple 2 x 6 rug runner can add a lot to all of these spaces.

The second situation where smaller rug runners are perfect is when you want to accent part of a room. A great example of this is in a kitchen or bathroom. Runners are not going to fill these spaces, but they cover the more high traffic areas. Like in front of sinks and showers. Smaller runners are great here because they don’t take away from or fill these spaces. They do their job and accent them. 

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When To Use A Medium Rug Runner

Just like smaller runners, medium-sized ones are great for filling spaces that fit their size. Hallways, stairways, and entryways come in different sizes depending on the home, making sense that runners do too. 

Another place where these mediums sized rug runners shine is in rooms where you might not immediately consider using them. Living rooms, dining rooms, and even bedrooms can be added to with a runner. Since their shapes mimic that of the furniture and fit into skinnier areas, they are perfect!

Putting standard-sized runners next to your bed or behind your couch is a great use of those sometimes awkward and empty spaces. 

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When To Use Large Rug Runners

The most obvious time to use these large or oversized runners is when your space calls for it. If you’re going to put a runner in an area with the same long and skinny shape, you want it to fill all of it except for a few inches around.

This is especially true for stairways. They are often much longer than other areas of the home. These large runners are perfect for protecting those long stairways and not stopping short!

For a more extensive look at extra-long rug runners, check out this 10 Best Extra Long Runner Rugs For Long Hallways article!

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How Are Runner Rugs Measured?

Measuring a runner rug is pretty straightforward. First, to get the width, you will measure from side to side on the rug. To measure the length, you should measure from one end of it to the other. It’s always important to double-check the measurements on a runner before you purchase it to avoid any headaches later on!

How Do I Know What Size Runner Rug To Buy?

The size of the space is the main thing you should focus on when figuring out how big of a runner you’ll need. To determine exactly what size of runner you want, you should measure the area by its length and width. Then you should subtract both of those measurements by around 3 inches. That will give you the measurements for the perfect-sized runner to put there!

More Rug Runner Questions

To get the most out of your rug runner in every area of your home, it’s good to know as much about it as possible!

Do I Need A Runner In The Hallway? 

You don’t “need” a runner anywhere, but would you benefit from having one in your hallway? Absolutely! Runner rugs are perfect for hallways because they compliment their shape. This makes them very visually appealing in hallways. Not only do they add to the style of this space, but they help protect it too!

Hallways are very high-traffic areas, so your floor there takes more of a beating than other rooms. The added protection of a runner is a great way to slow down the wearing out of your hallway floors!

How Much Of A Hallway Should A Runner Cover?

Like with the other areas that are the same shape as the runner rug, you want it to cover most of the floor. For a more detailed guide on picking the perfect runner for your hallway, here is a great article! What Size Should A Runner Rug Be For A Hallway?

Should I Put A Runner Rug In The Kitchen?

You should consider adding a runner rug to your kitchen because it can really bring something extra to this space! Often in kitchens, there ends up being long and skinny sections of uncovered flooring. These are the perfect places for runners!

Some examples of where these spaces can happen are in front of the sink, between the counters and island, and next to a long table. No one space is better than the other; you could even put matching runners in all of these spots in your kitchen!

Runners don’t just compliment the shape of this space either; they can also help give you some extra safety in the kitchen. Kitchen floors are always non-carpeted and get wet easily, which makes them slippery. Putting a runner in these spots can help stop a serious fall from happening!

Can You Put A Runner In Front Of A Couch?

Putting a runner in front of your couch can be a great idea, depending on what that space looks like. Runners compliment the shape of couches, so they should look good in front of it. Just make sure that you don’t have any other furniture by the couch that might disrupt what the runner brings to the area. This can be a coffee table or another type of seating. You want the runner to add to this space, not hinder it! 

Wrapping It Up

Rug runners come in a wide range of sizes, so it’s important to focus on the space where you want to put one first. Once you know the measurements of where you want the rug runner to go, you can get one that is just a little smaller than the area. When you have the size you need figured out. You can focus on the possibly more complicated part, picking out a style!

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