Lost Remote For LED Lights! How To Turn On/Off Or Change Colors Without It?

Having the perfect amount of ambient lighting in a home can sometimes come with setbacks. For example, do you have LED lights around your space but can’t find the remote to turn them on/off? How will you be able to use your lights now that the remote is gone?

We’ve done extensive research into this question and have the answer below!

It isn’t the end of the world for those who can’t find the remote to their LED lights. Luckily, there are several ways to solve this problem without needing to replace your lights altogether. Let’s cover our top two suggestions:

  1. Plug your LED light into one of your wall outlets (for this, you need to get a 12V DC 2A wall power supply adapter and connect the “receiver” of your LEDs to it).
  2. Purchase a replacement LED remote, which will usually work for strip lights and LED-powered gadgets.

As we begin this article, we will cover all things LED lighting and discuss how to turn on and off your lights without a remote and change the color. Whether this is your first time without a remote or always forgetting where your remote is, we’re here to help. With that said, let’s dive right in!

What Happens If I Lost The Remote To My LED Lights?

Suppose you lose the remote that powers your LED lights. Although this may seem minor, most LED strip lights and color-changing gadgets require a remote to operate.

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Therefore, you need to either locate the original remote as soon as possible or look into alternative options. As we said, there are ways to do this, so don’t start panicking quite yet.

Generally, you’ll be able to find a similar or even the same remote your LED lights came with online. Furthermore, many sellers have bundles of these remotes, so you always have a backup in case you misplace yours.

On the other hand, if you can’t find a replacement remote, that’s when you’ll want to try the adapter method. Let’s discuss that further below:

Using An Adapter And Plugging Your LEDs Into The Wall

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LED strip in purple colors and a control panel for switching colors

For anyone who can’t find a replacement remote online, you’ll need to buy a 12V DC 2A wall power supply adapter (or something similar).

Next, you need to disconnect the ending or receiver of your LED light strip and connect that to your supply adapter. You can now plug that adapter and respective LED cable into a wall outlet.

Doing this will allow your lights to turn on, although it won’t help to change the color. Since most people purchase LED lights because they change colors, this can become an issue.

So, in this case, we recommend contacting whoever makes your lights and asking for a replacement remote. If that can’t happen, you might need to replace your LEDs altogether.

Arrozon LED Lights Remote Control Replacement

This LED light remote replacement includes a controller/connector, works with 5050,3528,2835 RGB LED strip lights, features 44 control keys, and can control two separate strips simultaneously.

View this replacement on Amazon here.

How Do You Adjust LED Lights Without A Remote?

A hand holding a LED strip remote control, Lost Remote For LED Lights! How To Turn On/Off Or Change Colors Without It?

If you don’t have a remote, you’ll need to adjust your LED lights by manipulating their power source. That means you must either follow our adapter idea or figure out a way to hook them up to your electricity (a light switch).

According to Smart Home Owl, there are ways, however, to try and get around a remote control:

  • Plug the LED directly into an outlet
  • Install a manual controller for your lights
  • Use your smartphone or tablet
  • Use your PC or Mac
  • Use Alexa or a Google Assistant device

So you can see that there are various ways to do this, although they don’t always work for everyone. For example, if you want to use your phone, tablet, or computer to turn on your LEDs, they need to be connected.

Not all LED lights offer that innovative feature, so if that’s your situation, you’ll need to try an alternative suggestion. Furthermore, your lights may turn on with the help of an external source, but that doesn’t always help with the colors.

If you don’t have a mobile app, you can use for your lights, changing their color can be virtually impossible without using a remote controller.

Again, you can typically find a replacement compatible with your lighting, so that is an easy first thing to try.

Can You Control LED Lights With Your Phone?

Woman controlling smart lighting at home, she is setting light color using her smartphone

Yes! In most cases, your LED lights should have a compatible app you can use to turn them on and change their color. As we said, you will need to check your product’s instructions to see if a mobile app is listed, but this can’t hurt to try.

First, do you have an iPhone or an Android? If you have an Android, you can try installing the ‘Dabble,’ which is generally successful for turning on and adjusting LED strip lighting.

For iPhone users, you want to try downloading the app ‘HappyLighting‘ or ‘Lotus Lantern‘ application and trying that to turn on and adjust your lighting.

Of course, you might not be successful with these, but if you have basic strip LED lights, these apps should do the trick! Sometimes, it’s as easy as installing this app and forgetting you ever had a remote.

As we said above, you can also try connecting your LED lights to Alexa or Google Home, so smart devices can come in handy in these situations.

Do LED Lights Come With A Remote?

Hand holding a LED strip remore control

Yes, most, if not all, LED lights will include some remote control. Whether you purchase a light-changing lamp or even an LED bulb, it typically comes with a controller.

On the other hand, it’s also possible for some LED products to include an app instead, which you can download to a phone, tablet, or computer.

For example, if you have LED light bulbs in your floor lamp or ceiling, it’s more common to see a mobile application rather than a small plastic remote.

Furthermore, if you have LED lighting attached to your electricity (a wall outlet or switch), you can usually control your lights directly.

There are even LED lights that plug into your TV, which turn on and change colors according to what’s currently being watched. Regardless, there will be one or more ways to control how your lights work.

TV LED Backlight Kit

This LED lighting kit works for TVs 40-60 inches, is USB powered, includes a remote controller, offers 16 unique colors, can dim, turn on and off with your TV, and comes in a few sizes.

Follow this link to view it on Amazon.

How Do LED Strip Lights Work?

Most LED strips are made to operate at 12V or 24V DC. As we said, these may plug into an adapter and then into your wall outlet or even connect via USB cable to your TV or other appliances.

LED strip lights are usually bendable, include an adhesive backing, and don’t overheat or require a difficult installation (hence why everyone has them).

In addition, you can find LED strip lights almost anywhere, and they aren’t expensive either.

Let’s discuss some specs of a typical LED strip below:

  • Consists of many individual LED emitters mounted on a narrow, flexible circuit board.
  • They operate on low-voltage DC power.
  • Come in various colors, sizes, and brightness options.
  • Ship in a long reel (typically 16 feet / 5 meters).
  • Can be cut to a specific length with scissors.

You also want to factor in the simplicity of an LED strip’s design. These are meant to work as backlighting or ambient light within your space, so they’re typically white.

Another interesting feature of LED strips is that they can go on rounded surfaces, and those you may not usually be able to add lighting to. This is perfect for creating light without a problematic or expensive installation.

Will LED Lights Overheat? Are They Safe?

In general, it’s not common for an LED light to become so hot it overheats. That’s because LED lights have a design that draws any excess heat away from the bulb.

According to LED Lighting Info, your LED strip lights will also dim if they start to get too warm rather than short-out or cause internal damage.

They also mention how LED lights are safe for prolonged periods, so you don’t usually need to worry about a fire breaking out or other heat-related damage.

However, your LED lights can become a fire hazard. The main concern would be something nearby catching fire if your LEDs sparked or blew a circuit, so again, they aren’t typically the start of an issue.

So we would agree that your LED lighting will be safe and a relatively nonexistent fire hazard.

How Long Do LED Lights Last?

Different current LEDs-technologies in one picture

Although every light will be slightly different, you can typically expect to see an LED light lasting between four and six years. Of course, this timeframe depends on how much you use your lights and whether their connection is stable and safe.

In addition, it’s more common to see LED strip lights last much shorter periods than actual light bulbs. Experts claim LED bulbs can last as much as 50,000 hours, which is incredible to imagine.

To Wrap Up

Whether you have LED strip lights or a bulb in your home, you can control them with a remote. Suppose your remote goes missing, and you’re left without any way to turn on/off your lights or change their color.

Luckily, you can usually find a replacement remote or purchase an additional adapter for your lighting. Furthermore, you can also try downloading an LED light app to your smartphone, which can be a lifesaver if/when you lose your remote.

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