25 Great Mailbox Ideas To Check Out

Mailboxes are considered a part of a home's curb appeal. Some people tend to care more about appearance and take great care and pride in their mailboxes. Others have a primary mailbox attached to their door or even across the street with the other mailboxes. Condos, apartment buildings, communities all have a basic mailbox system. Finally, some homes have a slit cut into the door for the mail to be dropped too.

Botton line, everyone has a mailbox. We've put together a great list of the best ones we could find. Check them out!

Two black colored mailboxes, 25 Great Mailbox Ideas To Check Out

Types of Mailboxes


This is the most common type of mailbox and what people think of when they hear the word "mailbox." These mailboxes are usually located at the end of a driveway so the mailman can drop them right without leaving his car. Usually, it is weatherproof with a door on the front. A flag makes it known that there is mail to be picked up. 

A disadvantage of having this type of mailbox is that you need to leave the house to get it. This poses a problem in bad weather. Also, after a snowstorm, the driveway needs to be clear for the mailman to get to the mailbox. It is also suitable for owners with dogs when the mailman goes to the door daily. It helps to decrease barking when a person comes to the door. 

Door Slots 

Door slots tend to be the most convenient for people. They don't need to leave their home to get their mail. They take up no space and are fortunate in busy cities to avoid the crowds on the street. However, these are ways for strangers to see into the home and not weatherproof for hot and cold temperatures. Outgoing mail also needs to hang in the door and may not be caught by the mailman.

Lobby Maintenance

This allows a central mail drop-off for the whole building. The positive to this is your mail gets put into a locked box and cannot be stolen. A disadvantage is you need to leave your apartment to get your mail. These mailboxes can be small, however, and may not hold a lot of mail. This mailbox needs to be checked frequently, and packages will have to be picked up elsewhere. 

25 Mailbox Ideas

1. Residential Mailbox in Brick 

A brick structured mailbox placed on the front lawn

Here is a primary residential example of a mailbox. The brick is an excellent addition to the mailbox. It also helps protect it from someone driving through it! There are also many ways to dazzle this up by adding a wreath for each season or holiday. Another positive is it is helpful to allow visitors to see where your driveway begins when pulling in. 

2. Pair of Mailboxes

A double mailbox with a small birdhouse type design

Some neighborhoods have mailboxes on one side of the street. This makes it easier and quicker for the mailman to access mailboxes in the area by doing two houses at once. These are shaped like little birdhouses, and the mail gets stored at the top. Hopefully, you are sharing mailboxes with a NICE neighbor.

3. Bee Box Mailbox

A bee designed mailbox

This mailbox is in Australia and shows a bee being used for the mail. This is a charming and different idea. Most people probably wouldn't know it was a mailbox! But it makes a statement. 

4. Letters to Santa Mailbox

We've all seen them during the holidays. Unique mailboxes for children to mail their wish lists from. This is super cute and would be perfect Christmas decor! Add to the magic of Santa. 

5. Potted Houseplants Mailbox

This mailbox is beautifully decorated with essential flowers and stone. Simple, easy to do, and makes a statement. You will need to keep up with the wedding here; the weeds can take over and ruin the flowers!

6. Package Mailbox

This one is not only beautiful but also convenient. There is no rushing home to meet the delivery man with this option, no way the dog can tear your packages to pieces. This excellent choice will give you peace of mind! It is a little large to take up more space than a conventional mailbox, but if you get lots of deliveries or are not home often, this is for you. 

7. Patriotic Mailbox 

Pay tribute to America with this beautiful mailbox that resembles the red flag. This is a simple, fundamental choice but makes a statement. 

8. Dog Mailbox 

How cute is this dog mailbox? Just adorable and the perfect addition to any yard or home. You will draw attention to your home with this mailbox. If you have a dog or not, this mailbox is special. The body can be used for the box and then designed uniquely for the animal of your choosing. You can make any animal you like! Dogs, cats, birds, fish. The opportunities are endless. 

9. Bear Statue Mailbox

For the bear lover, add a mailbox to your bear statue! The bear holds a newspaper perfectly in its paws and is detailed enough to reveal grizzly fur and giant paws. 

10. Snoopy Mailbox

For the Snoopy lovers out there, pay your tribute to Snoopy by having him welcome your guests as they pull into your driveway. This box is made of wood and metal, and the store offers 80 other versions! Snoopy is a classic from long ago and still is today. It is always appreciated. 

11. Address Mailbox 

This is an attractive option. Simple and elegant. It also makes your house easier to find. This can be personalized any way you would like and is a great DIY project! You can put this on any mailbox. 

12. Barn Mailbox 

This adorable mailbox is the perfect example of unique, rustic decor. This is made from wood and is the ideal addition to your yard or curb. 

13. Hanging Plant Mailbox

Something says beauty in the idea of this mailbox. A simple yet great decoration. This mailbox has a hook attached to hang any plant or other decor off of! Personalize your mailbox however you like!

14. Tropical Mailbox

Hand-painted, this mailbox will remind you of your favorite place every day. Bright and colorful, it definitely draws eyes, even on dreary days.

15. Starfish Mailbox 

Attention all beach lovers! This adorable mailbox is the perfect addition to any beach house. White with a beautiful starfish...what else says beach! Even add next to your pool! 

16. Dragonfly Vertical Mailbox

Dragonflies are everyone's favorite bug. They're like little ballerinas dancing in the garden. This mailbox is beautiful and shows the dragonfly beautifully. Also opens from the top instead of the usual horizontal. Dragonflies give off that magical, whimsical feel that can be shared with everyone who walks by. 

17. Vintage Mailbox

Add this beauty to the side of your home, and you're bound to get some attention. This is beautiful and very special. Not all mailboxes come like this!

18. Rustic Pine Mailbox

This incredible mailbox is made from rustic pine. Not everyone can say they have a mailbox made this way! 

19. Cabin Mailbox

This little brick house is the most adorable addition to your log cabin! Take the opportunity to have your mailbox match your home! 

20. Farm Gate Mailbox

It doesn't get more interesting than this! This is a beautiful and unique mailbox idea found in Australia. You don't see these everywhere!

21. Shark Mailbox

For those little shark lovers! Would you stick your hand in here to get your mail!? It is the perfect addition for any ocean lover. 

22. School Mailboxes 

These are adorable for a classroom with small children. It gives them the chance to have their own "mailbox." They put their papers/homework in the morning and take out returning paperwork on the way home. 

23. Spooky Mailbox

This mailbox certainly is attractive. Good addition for Halloween decor. Also suitable for all year round if your that kind of person. Some people love Halloween so much; they would love to see decorations year-round. 

24. Wine Barrell Mailbox

For the wine lovers! Now you can have your own barrel of wine in your yard! There is no questioning what you will offer in-home as a beverage when visitors arrive! It is the perfect mailbox if you own a vineyard. 

25. Piggy Mailbox

This little piggy dressed up for school is adorable. Think of the options for outfits with this one! Dress the pig for occasions, birthdays, weddings, graduations; you name it! It will be the talk of the neighborhood and keep people wondering what you will do next! 

E-mail And Closing

A final type of mail is e-mail. This is the most common form of mail today. It offers convenience and speed. More and more mail is being sent via e-mail these days, cutting down on physical mail. This is convenient because you have your information when you need and want it. Some people are old-fashioned. However, they like to have in-hand mail or paperwork. 

In the end, whichever mailbox you choose should represent your style. From the list provided, you can see there are certainly many options to choose from. Whether residential, animal, or vintage, you're sure to find a favorite to fit you!

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