13 Main Entrance Door Design Ideas

Your front door greets you and your guests before any other part of your home. Wanting this space to be warm and inviting is only natural. There are so many ways to achieve an appealing entrance, but so many options can lead to feeling overwhelmed.

Searching the internet for a bit of inspiration is a great way to find ideas you can replicate on your own entrance door. We invite you to take a look at the suggestions we've gathered for you. You are sure to find something you love! 

Large and open living room den sun room with windows on two sides and lots of natural light flowing in, 13 Main Entrance Door Design Ideas

Minimalist Designs 

You don't have to overhaul your whole front porch to make it inviting. Adding just one or two accent pieces is a low-effort but effective way to give your door an appealing look. 

1. Potted Plants 

Gray front door with small square decorative windows and tiled concrete wall with flower pots in fron of it

The owners of this home did not put a lot of effort into decorating their front door. But believe it or not, that's okay! Potted plants add a fresh and bright element to any space, and in this particular example, the deliberate choice was made to use brightly colored pots and flowers. Against the home's dark grey facade, the minimal decor packs a powerful punch, brightening up the whole space. 

2. Colorful Door

close up wooden door from a brick house.

Although painting the door is more permanent than just adding some plants, this idea can also be appealing to someone wanting a minimal design. Choose a bright color that complements but contrasts your home's color for a fun and inviting entrance. You might add other decor elements such as a doormat or potted plants but don't feel like you have to. The brightly colored door can stand alone as a visually appealing entrance. 

3. Create Some Contrast 

Front facade of urban american home

You can add an extra layer of contrast to your main entrance in two easy steps. First, choose a color for your door that stands out against the color of your home. Choose a bold, bright color or go several shades lighter or darker than your home color. Next, choose a door decoration that contrasts the color of the door. In this example, a bright orange wreath is chosen. It matches the blue door because orange is a complementary color of blue, but it still pops against the significantly darker blue door. 

4. Accent Door 

Modern entry accent door

You don't have to paint your whole door to give it a bit of color. Instead, you can use the door's natural design and accents to add color. For example, the bright blue center squares featured here stand out against the white door. You can take this idea a step further by painting your door one color and using a coordinating color to paint accents. The idea is minimal and unique, and it is a perfect choice for a modern style. 

Pretty As A Picture 

If you'd like to, you can enlist the space of your whole front porch or steps to help you create an entrance that guests can't wait to pass through. Seating, outdoor wall decor, mats, and lighting can all be used to create a picture-perfect entrance. 

5. Bright And Floral 

Bright and floral Entrance of a house

This house doesn't cut any corners when it comes to bright and bold colors. From the home's eye-popping teal blue to the coordinating berry pink flowers, you can be sure that this home stands out on its block. If you enjoy bright colors, you can create a similar look by adorning your entrance with flowers. If you aren't sure about painting your entire home in a bright hue, enlist the help of brightly colored benches, mats, and flowerpots to create a bold and colorful look. 

6. Warm Tones

Pretty column porch with wooden ceiling in warm tones

Bright colors aren't the only way to create an inviting entrance. This image utilizes warm colors and wood tones to create a look that is reminiscent of fall. 

7. Holiday Decor 

christmas door, door with holiday decor

This warm, inviting door already beautifully contrasts the house and trim colors. Of course, the holidays offer great opportunities for dressing up for your door even more. Create a minimal design such as this one with festive greenery or go all out with lights, wall and door decorations, and character decor. 

8. Spring Fever 

Spring decorated porch with a lot of flowers

Decked out in bright spring flowers and pastel planters, this entrance is a warm welcome to spring. However, the robin's egg blue shade that has been chosen for the door is a good choice for all seasons. It provides a bright contrast to the white home and can coordinate with any season's decor. 

Comfy Outdoor Spaces 

Your entrance is supposed to welcome people into your home, not keep them outside. However, a comfortable seating area on your front porch gives guests a glimpse of what to expect indoors. And if the weather is nice enough to entertain outside, you already have a welcoming area to host guests.

9. Coordinating Furniture 

Porch in mediterranean style with front door, ,vintage sofa and old walls, front door design with coordinating furniture

In this image, a barn-style door is used, and it is painted to match the color of the home. By itself, the door is enough to be interesting and inviting. However, the homeowners went a step further by framing the door with furniture and accents of matching colors. The result is an appealing front door area that is comfortable enough for spending time outdoors. 

10. Bringing The Indoors Out 

Entrance to Luxury Home that brings the indoor elements out

While the door in this image is carved with intricate details, the real star of this entrance is the outdoor living room space that has been created on either side of the door. This design uses symmetry, accent pieces, furniture, and fresh foliage to frame the door with comfort and warmth. The light coming from inside the windows and the fixtures framing the door make the space brighter and put the door on display. 

Doors With Features 

As all of the prior suggestions have illustrated, adding elements to your door is a great way to dress it up and give it a personality. This is a great strategy for an already existing door that you do not want to replace. If you are in the market for a new door, choosing doors with interesting features is another strategy for creating a unique and appealing entrance. 

11. Arched Door 

Luxury house exterior. Arched Front door

Have you ever seen an entrance door with a rounded top? A uniquely shaped door requires some planning, so it might only be considered if you are building a house or adding an addition. If you can incorporate a rounded door into your building plan, you can be sure that it will always be the star of your entrance no matter how you choose to decorate it. Check out our article "Arched Front Door Ideas [Inc. 23 Pictures]" to see some more examples of this unique door style. 

12. Double Doors 

Front door entry to house: Modern, luxurious skylight home by ocean in northern California

Nothing says luxury and elegance quite like a double entrance door. This almost fully glass door complements the skylights toward the home's top, while the wooden trim coordinates well with the home's color. Plants have been placed on either side of the door for added decor; this is an example of a door that exudes so much style and personality on its own.  Check out our article "37 Double Front Door Ideas [Photo Inspiration]" for double door inspiration. 

13. Stained Glass 

Front door with stained glass

There are so many unique elements to this door, from the wood and metal accents to the uniquely placed door handles. However, the stained glass in this door really pulls it all together. A door such as this is a perfect complement to a vintage, old-fashioned design scheme. In this image, no other decor pieces were added to the entrance. This is a smart decision because other pieces might distract from all of the visual elements this door has to offer. 


It is easy to overlook your front door when you are designing the interior and exterior of your home. However, the door and the space around it are the first things your guests encounter when arriving at your home. Luckily, there are so many ways to design your door so that it stands out.

Something as simple as adding a piece of decor to your door can be just as inviting as designing your entire home around your door's unique design. However complex a project you are willing to take on, decorating your door is a great way to tie together your home's style and give a great first impression. 

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