How to Make Carpet Soft Again [Softening Methods Beyond Just Cleaning]

Whether you have carpeted floors for insulation, noise reduction, or purely for aesthetic reasons, retaining the softness of a carpet after cleaning it poses quite the challenge. We're here to help! We researched how to make your carpet soft again after cleaning.

The carpet softening remedy is baking soda -a budget-friendly, non-toxic household compound. Liberally dust it on the carpet after removing loose debris. Work it beneath the surface by brushing into the fibers with a stiff brush or a carpet rake.

Let the baking soda sit. Then, after 12 hours, vacuum the carpet's surface thoroughly and mist it with a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and water. 

Knowing how to clean and care for your carpet properly will keep it looking great for its entire lifetime. Keep reading to learn more about carpet cleaning!

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Is it worth getting a carpet professionally cleaned?

Yes, getting your carpet professionally cleaned every once in a while is worth it. You don't necessarily have to break the bank for it. You only have to know the appropriate cleaning methods to suit the type of carpet that you have.

Remember that while your carpet might appear clean at first glance, it could still hide particles beneath its surface that only professional carpet cleaning methods can remove.

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Think of regular carpet cleaning as an investment to prolong the life and usage of your carpet. With the appropriate cleaning method, you will be able to retain its new look and feel and get your money's worth. You wouldn't need to change your flooring frequently with good carpet condition.

No offense to the do-it-yourselfers! Cleaning your carpet on your own does get the job done. But getting it cleaned professionally at least once a year ensures the removal of heavy dust or soil particles trapped inside its carpet backing and fibers and can help improve the indoor air quality. 

In fact, in a 2018 study published in the National Library of Medicine, carpets without proper professional cleaning increase indoor air pollutants and allergens risk. So, to ensure your household is cleaner and healthier, why not spend a little extra cleaning your carpet professionally?

With professional carpet cleaning, your carpet can be as good as new for longer, and you can maintain a healthier household environment.

Why does carpet get dirty faster after cleaning?

It is vital to be aware that a carpet is a fabric. Like any other fabric used in your home, you can't stop it from getting dirty. Your daily activities, especially if you have kids or family pets, carry oil residues from outside that dry on your carpet.  

Everything you, your kids, or your pets step onto gets tracked on your carpet. Airborne oils or particles can also land and get trapped inside the carpet backing and fibers.

The residues brought about by daily activities cause dirt to get locked into the carpet surface and eventually build up on its fibers. A seemingly, newly cleaned carpet can thus get dirty quickly due to regular use in a household.

How often should I get carpet cleaned?

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Always clean your carpet regularly. You should religiously follow the rule of thumb: vacuum your carpet at least once a week with a good quality vacuum. 

Pay more attention to spots where there is higher foot traffic. Dust or dirt particles can be more concentrated in those areas. Hence, you have to pay more attention there.

It would be best never to let stains or spills sit too long on the fabric. Spills from sugary or colorful beverages can leave discoloration on the material, which can be hard to remove over time.

Spot clean any stains immediately to avoid ruining your carpet.

It is also generally recommended by the Carpet and Rug Institute to professionally deep-clean your carpet once every 12 to 18 months to keep it in its best condition.

Of course, the frequency of deep cleaning may vary depending on the circumstances, such as the amount of foot traffic it gets and the dust or soil particles noticeable on the carpet's surface.

The more effort you exert to ensure your carpet is cleaned correctly and is well-kept, the longer you can keep it inside your home.

What carpet is easiest to clean?

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Carpets made of nylon materials are considered the easiest types of carpets to clean. Carpet fibers are either natural or synthetic materials.

Primarily, there are five types of carpet fibers:

  1. wool,
  2. nylon,
  3. polypropylene,
  4. polyester,
  5. and the relatively new triexta.

Among these types, the nylon carpet stands out due to its particular qualities. Nylon may cost less than wool, but it comes close to the former in terms of performance, look, and feel. 

Nylon fiber is a versatile and durable material that you can place anywhere. It is known to be strong, resilient, and withstand constant wear and tear. It can also maintain its original appearance after being cleaned.

Due to their relative strength and durability, nylon carpets can respond well to steam cleaning. The nylon fibers can return to their original shape after cleaning.

Although it is not as stain resistant as other types of carpets, nylon carpeting can last as long as fifteen years in a household. 

The Importance of Regular Carpet Cleaning

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Without the proper knowledge, your carpet can end in bad condition and even void the warranty. Hence, you must know the type of carpet you want in your home and how to maintain it properly.

To prolong the life and usage of your carpet, you also need to have enough knowledge about selecting appropriate cleaning methods and the right cleaning products to use for it.

Regular carpet cleaning is not as complicated as it seems. Really!

Always remember that the main objective of carpet cleaning is not just about preserving how it looks but also promoting and ensuring healthier indoor air quality and avoiding excessive air pollutants in your home.

In Closing

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Like all the other aspects of your household, carpets can last long through proper maintenance and care. Knowing remedies as simple as making it soft after cleaning can come a long way.

After all, it's not about how expensive it is. Your carpet's quality and life depend on how much care you put into it. For more great carpet maintenance tips, please check out our related posts: 

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