How Can I Make My Porch Look Nice? [12 Actionable Tips]

In many ways, the front porch is the highlight of a home. The porch is the first thing people see when walking or driving past your home, and it's the entrance through which guests enter your home. As such, it's important to keep the porch looking nice. But what are some practical ways to make this space nicer?

  1. Have comfortable outdoor seating options
  2. Hanging and potted plants
  3. Outdoor rug or welcome mat
  4. Exterior lighting
  5. Decorate for the season
  6. Choose the right front door color and decor
  7. Maintain the surrounding landscaping
  8. Have a birdhouse or bird feeder
  9. Fly a flag
  10. Add Miscellaneous decor
  11. Keep it clean
  12. Spend time out on the porch

In this post, we'll discuss these simple ways to make your front porch look nice in more detail. Just keep reading!

Front porch with sofas and chairs with plants outdoor plants, How Can I Make My Porch Look Nice? [12 Actionable Tips]

1. Have Comfortable Outdoor Seating Options

One of the most timeless ways to make a front porch look nicer is with seating. Simply adding a set of classic rocking chairs or a hanging bench is a quick and easy way to make your porch look more homey and comfortable.

Outdoor seating options also convert your porch into a conversational space that everyone will enjoy. Thus, the seating should be just as comfortable as it is beautiful.

This pair of rocking chairs is the highlight of this porch. With chairs like these on the porch, who wouldn't want to sit, talk, and simply enjoy life?

2. Hanging And Potted Plants

Strategically placing a few hanging and potted plants is another quick and easy way to dress up a porch. Plants not only add some color to the space but they bring a sense of life and vibrance as well.

These potted plants are the focal point of this porch nook. They add some color and vibrance to the space.

Consider making the most of your porch's vertical space by adding some hanging plants as well.

3. Outdoor Rug Or Welcome Mat

An outdoor rug or welcome mat is another simple way to add some character and visual appeal to a porch. Outdoor rugs can cover unsightly concrete while adding some texture and color to the space, and welcome mats let visitors know that they are welcome inside your home.

This outdoor rug visually complements the overall aesthetic, and it makes the space more comfortable.

What better way to make your porch look like a joyful space than with a unique welcome mat? Welcome mats often have cute greetings that visitors are sure to love.

4. Exterior Lighting

Adding exterior light fixtures is another excellent way to make a porch look nicer. Lights are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, and they are the hallmark of nice porches. And luckily, there are tons of porch lighting options, so you'll be able to find lighting that suits your home's aesthetic.

Hanging bulb lighting is the perfect porch lighting solution if you're going for a trendy, contemporary aesthetic.

If simple and classic describe your aesthetic, consider some simple wall-mounted porch lights.

5. Decorate For The Season

A great way to make your porch look nicer is to decorate it based on the season. This will ensure that your porch is visually in step with the current season. What's more, there will be no doubt that, as the homeowner, you take great pride in routinely altering your porch's aesthetic for maximum visual effect.

Colonial era house with hanging flag in the front porch

This front porch has been beautifully decorated for fall. Pumpkins adorn the stairs, and gorgeous orange blooms have been placed at the base of the stairs. This setup leaves no doubt that the homeowner is meticulous about making the front porch look amazing.

6. Choose The Right Front Door Color And Decor

When it comes to making a porch look nice, the front door color is one of the most important elements to consider. Like we mentioned, the porch is the focal point of the home, and the front door is the focal point of the porch. As such, it's important to choose the right color for your particular home.

For an in-depth look at some color ideas, check out this post: 27 Front Door Color Ideas. Once you decide on a color, be sure to take a look at our guide that goes over some cool front door decor ideas.

7. Maintain The Surrounding Landscaping

The front porch isn't merely an isolated space, but rather an area that functions cohesively with the surrounding landscaping. The porch is the visual culmination of the landscaping, the focal point of the front of the home. As such, it's important to ensure that the landscaping around the porch is well-manicured.

Gorgeous front porch with black door

The visual impact of this front porch is accentuated by the well-kept surrounding landscaping.

8. Have A Birdhouse Or Bird Feeder

Another way to make a porch look more lively is to attract beautiful birds with a birdhouse or bird feeder. And when birds aren't around, the house or feeder will function as an aesthetic statement piece in itself.

Country Store Birdhouse

If your home has a country aesthetic, this birdhouse will make the perfect addition to the porch.

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Hanging Bird Feeder

Simply hang this elegant bird feeder near the front porch, fill it with birdseed, and wait!

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9. Fly A Flag

Flying a flag on the front porch can be a great way to make your porch look nicer. Front porch flags add character to the entire home, and when placed well, they serve as a unique visual accent.

Two-Position Bronze Cast Iron Flag Pole Bracket

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10. Add Miscellaneous Decor

Strive to fill the space of your porch with miscellaneous decor that supports the desired aesthetic. From wall decor to small accent tables, there are plenty of options to choose from. Don't hesitate to be bold in your decorative choices. Make the porch a cozy, livable space that suits your style.

Go all out when decorating your porch. Make it a space you want to spend time in. As long as your porch is a reflection of you and your style, there's no wrong way to decorate it.

11. Keep It Clean

This step is arguably the most important of them all because if you do everything else but fail to clean your porch regularly, it will all be for naught. Regardless of the decorative items you choose to adorn your porch with, the cute, warm aesthetic will be ruined if the cleanliness of the space is neglected.

Front Porch Broom

A broom like this one is great for sweeping the porch. And due to its classic design, it can also serve as a decorative accent on the porch.

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12. Spend Time Out On The Porch

And last but certainly not least, spend time out on the porch. The goal is to create a porch that's homey, comfortable, and livable. But it's not enough to make the porch merely appear livable—it should be utilized and lived in. The porch ought to be a space that entices you, your family, and guests to sit and chat for hours.

In Closing

The front porch is one of the most important parts of a home. If you incorporate the tips we discussed, your porch is sure to be the best one on the block.

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