How To Make Use Of A Closet With A Sloped Ceiling

Sloped ceilings can add charm and decor to a home, but they do take up a lot of space. Depending on the room, space might not be a worry. But in a closet, a sloped ceiling can use up some much-needed room. It can be an organizational nightmare for some. It's important to use all the space efficiently. 

Making use of a closet with a sloped ceiling can be a challenge. We made a list of suggestions that may give you some ideas for your own closet! 

  1. Be creative with your hanging-rod placement
  2. Clear and purge 
  3. Use custom shelving 
  4. Stay clear of cabinet doors
  5. Include custom lighting 
  6. Hooks, racks, and accessories 
  7. Side hanging and vertical shelves
  8. Creating room under the slope
  9. Use the parts of your closet that are not readily-accessible 
  10. Don't forget the door

Take a further look at these ideas for a deeper discussion and some picture examples. There are also some helpful tips on installing rods and shelving. Keep reading!

House wardrobe room with small table and pouf among racks of clothes and shoes on floor. How To Make Use Of A Closet With A Sloped Ceiling

10 Ways To Make Your Sloped Ceilings Work For Your Closet

1. Be creative with your hanging-rod placement

Rod placement is critical when getting full use out of a closet with a sloped ceiling. If possible, slant a rod along with your ceiling and hang your clothes from it. Of course, you will need to hang higher clothing such as dresses, skirts, and pants higher and shirts and jackets lower as the rod slopes toward the floor. 

Another option is to hang multiple rods at different lengths. Hang some higher on the ceiling and some lower. Again, longer items need to hang on higher rods and lower on bottom rods. 

2. Clear and Purge

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Large walk in wardrobe cabinetry detail in new home. How To Make Use Of A Closet With A Sloped Ceiling

When re-organizing a closet, one of the most important parts is to clear the entire space and start from scratch. Also, since the sloped ceiling decreases the amount of space available to you, it's a good idea to get rid of all clothing that does not fit, or you don't wear anymore. 

3. Use custom shelving 

Custom shelving is another route to go if you are willing to be patient. Custom-made shelving can take time to make but is worth it because you get exactly what you are looking for with the assistance of an expert to help you design your dream closet. 

4. Stay clear of cabinet doors

Cabinet doors can take up a lot of room to open and close. Leaving everything open lets, you see everything in your closet and gives you more space. 

5. Include custom lighting 

Custom lighting is a great way to add a special finishing touch to a room. In the photo above, the lighting in the built-in creates a great glow and makes good use of the sloped ceiling space. 

And check out this link for more information on hanging a light fixture on a slanted ceiling.

6. Hooks, Racks, accessories

This interesting option leaves room for multiple possibilities. Yes, clothes can be hung here, but belts, scarves, and jewelry can also be organized. Keep options open! Rods are not the only option when it comes to organizing a closet. There are hooks, racks, and more.

Be sure to research to make the most out of your closet! For example, install rods behind the closet rod and make room for hats, coat ties, and other items. Plastic bins are great for storing things and can slide in the back of a slanted closet as well. 

7. Side-hanging and vertical shelving

Adding some vertical shelving above a hanging rod gives more room to build up. Pushing the shelving away from the wall will also provide more added space. 

8. Creating room under the slope

Adding an organization system under the slope is ideal for a kid's room. They can use it as a fort or store their toys. And they won't have difficulties reaching their things. 

If you're looking to ditch the bureau from holding your clothes, this article has some great ideas. 

9. Use the parts of your closet that are not readily-accessible 

There are going to be parts of your closet that are not accessible if needed quickly. These areas are best used for storing clothing that is out of season. Clear bins are excellent here because the items can be seen on the inside. 

10. Don't forget the door

The back of the door is a great place to hang a shoe rack to store all your shoes. A pocket shoe holder can hold more than just shoes. Socks and gloves are also great options for storage here. 

How do you organize a sloped closet?

Deciding how to organize a sloped closet begins with whose closet you will be organizing. For example, if it's a child's closet, you can probably store more inside since the clothing is smaller. But, a woman who is into fashion with high-designer clothing and tons of shoes will need more space to store her items.

How big of a closet are you working with? Before you begin, take a good look at the closet and envision how you would like it. 

Do your research ahead of time and make sure you have all the equipment necessary before you begin. Rods, hooks, and hangers are just the beginning. These days there are many options when it comes to closet organization. 

Where do you hang a closet rod in a sloped ceiling?

Closet rods can be hung in any closet, even ones with sloped ceilings. One technique would be to hang it right under the slope. This area is lower than the floor and would be an excellent place to hang shirts and jackets. You can also place your rods right on the slope; this gives you the advantage of hanging higher up on the wall.

How do you hang clothes on a sloped ceiling?

When hanging clothes on a sloped ceiling, it's essential to plan for enough room for your clothing to swing freely and for your longest garment to be able to touch the floor. There also needs to be room above the rod for the placement and removal of hangers. 

Using cleats is imperative for your rod to stay in place and not collapse. Clothing tends to be heavy, and the rod will need support, so it doesn't collapse. The type of brackets that you choose come in all colors and types to match your style. 

Once you have the brackets attached to the cleats, you are ready to place the rod in between the brackets and viola. It is not a complicated process; it takes time and patience for measurement and placement. You don't want your rod to be crooked. 

How do you attach a shelf to a slanted wall? 

This process is relatively close to hanging a closet rod. It's best to hang the shelves as far away from the wall as possible to increase usable space. Again, using a cleat, attaching the brackets for the shelf to sit on. Use a leveler to ensure it's straight. A slanted shelf will not be able to hold much, as things will fall off the shelves. 

In Closing

As you now know, there are quite a few ways to make your sloped ceilings work for you in your closet space. From basic to out-of-the-ordinary, there's something out there for you. 

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