How To Make Kitchen Chairs Into Bar Stools

Recycling household items and finding new purposes for them is a great way to be environmentally conscious. One smart way to recycle household items is to turn kitchen chairs into bar stools. If you are wondering how to begin the process, we have researched the steps and found some answers!

Here is a simple guide on turning kitchen chairs into bar stools:

  1. Remove the back of the chairs.
  2. Fill the holes in the seats with wood putty.
  3. Attach a bar stool base with the chair seat.
  4. Paint the stool or cover it if you wish.

While it may seem simple, there are additional considerations to make. You need to ensure it goes well with the decor of your home. Additionally, there might be some creativity you might want to express when making your bar stools! To find out more, keep reading ahead.

A stunning custom kitchen with island and bar stools, How To Make Kitchen Chairs Into Bar Stools

From Kitchen Chair Into Bar Stool 

Remove the Back of the Chairs

The first step is to remove the back of the chair. Pull off the backs, or if they are hard to pull off, saw them off. Polish down the sawed parts to remove any rough edges.

Fill the Holes in the Seats with Wood Putty

If there are holes in the seat of your stools, fill them up with wood putty and allow it time to dry. Then, sand it until it is smooth.

Attach A Bar Stool Base with the Chair Seat

First, find an inexpensive bar stool online, a flea market, or a yard sale. This bar stool should coordinate with your chair. Use those bar stool bases and attach them to the chair seat by drilling and screwing them together.

Paint the Stool or Cover the Seat If You Wish

Wooden legs and brown leather stools sitting against an island in the kitchen

Paint your stools your desired color according to the theme that you’re going to place them in. Remember to prime the stool first if necessary. Here’s a list of items that you will need:

  • Dining room chairs
  • Saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint
  • Wood putty
  • Measuring tape
  • Carpenters pencil

You will probably need most, if not all, of the following supplies depending on your design. Remember to paint in a well-ventilated area!

How Do You Make A Bar Stool Chair?

Close up of wooden bar stools in an outdoor cafe

Are you wondering how to DIY a bar stool from a chair? If you wish to have a higher back on a stool, it is very easy to DIY a chair seat on a bar stool base. This tutorial will take you through a step-by-step process of transforming an old chair into a brand-new bar stool. 

Making the Bar Stool Chair

The first thing you need to do is find an old bar stool and detach the base from the seating. Keep the base aside while you look for a top that will be able to fit the base. This top must have the identical screw specifications as the bar stool base.

Find the Chair

You can visit a thrift store that sells chairs, or you can use an old chair that you have in your home for this project. Remove the base from the seating of the chair and start working on the seat. If you wish, you can tuft the back of the chair by attaching one-inch foam to it. This step will add a touch of glamour to your DIY bar stool chair.

Add the Backing

Make holes where the points will be. More specifically, mark where you’re going to staple down the foam and add buttons to the back. Use a spray adhesive on the foam and attaching batting to it. Get a fabric that matches the theme where you’re going to place your bar stool chairs. Locate the points where you will insert the buttons and use a heavy-duty staple gun to nail down the foam at these points.

Staple the sides and trim

Next, fold and staple down the sides of the fabric on the seat. You can use trim to cover up the sides and the top of the seat. You can attach these trims using tack nails or a glue gun.

To hide the staple pins, use buttons and cover them with the same fabric as the seat. Your DIY bar stool chair is now complete and ready to use! If you wish to use this method to create a bar stool chair, remember to always check the screw specifications for the bar stool base and the chair seat and make sure they match.

For visual guidance, here's a YouTube video to show how creative you can get with it:

How Do You Make Homemade Bar Stools?

Top view of drill tool and other equipment on wood table furniture

There are endless methods that you can use to create unique designs and styles of bar stools. These methods vary in their complexity based on what material you choose to use for your project. Ready-made bar stools are usually quite expensive with limited design options. Why not indulge in a fun DIY project and build bar stools from scratch?

You can choose to use ready-made furniture legs, sheets, and planks of different types of woods, PVC pipes, or any other material to create bar stools at home easily. Just make sure you make a note of the tools and equipment that you have in your home. This way, you won't embark on a project you don't have the instruments to accomplish.

Apart from using wood to create the base of the bar stools, metal pipes are a fun alternative. You can easily experiment with various fittings to mix and match and create different shapes and designs for the base of the bar stools. Many creators have unique ideas and styles that you may want to mimic! 

In addition, if you want a visual representation of how creative you can get with bar stools, here's a YouTube video:

Should Bar Stools Match Kitchen Table Chairs?

Newly updated contemporary open concept kitchen with new stainless steel appliances and granite counter top

Exact matching isn’t the best tactic when choosing bar stools and dining chairs for your home. If you base your living area on an open concept, avoid using the same set of stools and dining chairs to create a more layered space. However, there are some design techniques that you should consider to make sure that everything flows and works together well.

Bar stools shouldn’t match dining chairs completely, but bar stools and kitchen table chairs may complement each other with their color, texture, or style. If you choose kitchen table chairs that compliment your bar stools, you will avoid looking like you bought the chairs on a whim.

The visual interest of any space is negatively affected when decorative elements match. There is much more visual interest in a room when the seating arrangements are different. The key to a pleasing aesthetic environment is contrast. If you want to find out if bar stools should match your dining chairs, check out our post here.

Finding Commonality

Mixing and matching the bar stools to the kitchen table chairs is pretty simple. What you have to do essentially is to find something similar between the two types of furniture. This similarity can either be their style, color, or even the material. Go ahead and experiment with whatever you visualize and throw together bar stools and chairs to see how well it works for you.

To add cohesion and unity to your kitchen and dining area, make sure that the bar stools and kitchen table chairs complement the overall decor.

Different Seating with Matching Shape and Texture

The room will look fuller if you place varying seating. You add an element of visual dimension when there is variety in furniture but within the same theme and scheme.

Finding the balance between mixing and matching is challenging than it sounds, but when you get it right, it's like magic! It works best when you mix some elements and match others. Here are a few of our favorite mix and match combinations:

Different design techniques bring about structure and solidity within the rooms. Try mixing the colors of the seating but match their shape and texture. You could match specific colors of the seating with different textures of materials for the bar stools and kitchen table chairs. Or you could also match the style but use different textures. With these techniques, your room will look beautifully layered and lively.

Adding Personality

Pick out non-matching bar stools and dining chairs and create an interesting-looking space. Add more personality to your home by experimenting with different types of furniture. The dining area and kitchen island or bar have two specific purposes. Their purpose is why both these spaces should have different themes and designs without blending the rooms.

Final Takeaway

What are your thoughts on mixing and matching kitchen table chairs and bar stools in open-concept spaces in a home? Just don’t be afraid to try something new! We hope you found the information above insightful.

Before you go, there is one aspect we didn't cover in-depth. Are you curious to find out how tall a bar stool should be? We have the answer! For more information, check out our post here. Until next time!

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