15 Masculine Curtain Ideas For That Perfect Man Cave

Whether it's in your basement or in another spot around the home, designing that special "guys-only" area is a fun challenge to take on! One of the first things to consider would be the curtains. Consider this: the drapes are basically a large canvass on which you can deliver a great design message.

When choosing the curtains for a man cave, you clearly want to look for solid, masculine designs. While it's easy to find lists dedicated to the opposite, finding "masculine curtains" can be more of a challenge. Don't worry though - we're here to help you out!

15 Masculine Curtain Ideas for That Perfect Man Cave

In today's post, we've collected over a dozen masculine curtain ideas and arranged them by colors, patterns and themes. Take a look at some of these awesome finds.

Manly Colors and Patterns

If you're looking for some manlier colors and patterns to put in your man cave, then look no further! Down below are five cool curtains that'll be sure to spruce up your cave and give it a masculine feel.

1. Deconovo Blackout Curtains

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The Deconovo blackout curtains are soft and silky curtains that are made out of 100% polyester, and they come in a range of colors. The curtains are thermally insulated, preventing heat from escaping the room and blocking sunlight from entering the room.

They are machine washable, and they include one panel of curtains that is 80" x 84". The color pictured above would go great with a darker color scheme; possible a black or grey couch, white or grey walls, and a glass table with black legs.

You can find these Deconovo curtains here on Amazon.

2. HowPlumb Rustic Cabin Curtains

This HowPlumb curtain includes two panels, and it's 40" x 84" per panel. The curtains feature a rustic cabin themed design with wildlife and evergreen print, and they come in shades of brown, green, and tan!

The curtains are made from a soft brushed microfiber polyester, with a white fabric lining, and the panels add privacy with the solid weave. These curtains would look fantastic with a cabin themed man cave - deer antler decorations on the walls, a wooden brown table, some wooden stools for your friends, and a plaid patterned couch to settle back on.

You can find these cabin themed curtains here on Amazon.

3. NICETOWN Window Curtains

The NICETOWN window curtains are 42" x 84", and they come in several different colors, such as red and varying shades of blue. We included them in this list of "man cave curtains" because the shades are dark and manly.

These drapes come with one panel of curtains per package, and their rods are easy to install. The curtains also act as blackout curtains, blocking out 85%-99% of light and protecting the inside of your home from harmful UV rays. NICETOWN curtains are made to last, and they are machine washable and iron-able. These curtains are simple, and can go with any themed man cave.

You can find these curtains here.

4. Mossy Oak Curtains

The Mossy Oak curtains measure 40" x 63", and they are made up of 75% polyester and 25% cotton. The package contains two panels that are machine washable and dryable - but only on tumble dry low.

The curtains have a camouflage pattern, and they are easy to care for! The pattern would fit right in with a hunting themed room; if you have any animal heads hanging on your walls, then these curtains are for you!

You can hunt them down hereon Amazon!

5. Army Camouflage Curtains

These Army Camouflage curtains come with two panels of curtain, each panel measuring 40" x 84". The curtains are made up of 100% soft microfiber, and they are machine washable and dryer safe - machine wash on cold, and tumble dry low.

The Army camouflage curtains would work well with a camouflage0-themed room; you could add a camouflage patterned rug, as well as a couch or some chairs with the same pattern. Military and hunting themed accessories would work well with this design as well. These curtains are sure to blend right in to your man cave.

You can buy these curtains by clicking here!

Sports and Drinks

If you like sports and drinks, then one of the curtains below might be the one for you! These next four curtains are sure to inspire sports lovers and beer lovers alike!

1. Rusty Sign Curtains

Decorate your man cave with these curtains advertising beers! These curtains are 52" x 63", and they come with two panels. These curtains are soft and durable, are thermal insulated, and act as blackout curtains, keeping your cave cool and dark.

If you've spilled some beer on your curtain, don't fret! They're also machine washable, easy to care for, and sturdy enough to last you a few years. You can pair this curtain pattern with a bar themed room; you can add in a small bar to store your drinks, some bar stools, and a few beer pictures, possibly of your favorite brands, to hang on your wall.

You can find these curtains with this cool rusty beer sign pattern here.

2. Football Curtains

Are you ready for some football?! These curtains with the heroic player standing in fog pattern are satin, and measure 84" x 54" with two panels. These curtains are machine washable on cold and delicate, and are hang dry only! If you're a football fan, this curtain style would go perfectly with a football-themed man cave! Hang up some posters of your favorite NFL players, throw on your favorite jersey, and tune in to the game. These are the perfect curtains to have to get pumped for game day.

You can find these football curtains here on Amazon!

3. Sports Curtains

If you're into soccer, baseball, football, basketball, or all four, then this set of curtains are perfect for you! The curtains come with two panels, and are machine washable on cold wash. The curtains measure 37" x 84", and are easy to hang! If your man cave is the gathering spot for all game days, then these curtains will be sure to catch the attention of your friends!

These cool curtains can be found here on Amazon!

4. Baseball Curtains

This vintage baseball patterned curtain comes in the width and length of your choice, and they come with two panels. The curtains are machine washable on the cold delicate cycle, and are hang dry only.

They are made from a high quality blend of materials, and are elegant and soft to the touch! If your man cave contains memorabilia of the greats of baseball, then this curtain style is for you! These baseball curtains are perfect for all baseball lovers, and can be found on Amazon here.

Click here to buy on Amazon. 

Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Calling all Fantasy and Sci-Fi lovers! Whether your poison be Game of Thrones or Star Trek, embrace your inner geek and check out these curtains below! They're sure to bring your man cave to the next level and impress your friends!

1. Fantasy Dragon Curtains

These fire-spewing curtains are sure to awe fantasy lovers! The curtains come in six different widths and lengths, and they consist of two panels. The Fantasy Dragon curtains are soft and made from high-quality polyester, and they help with blocking out sunlight. The curtains also aide with thermal insulation, noise reduction, energy-saving and privacy protection. Not only are these curtains extraordinary to look at, but they're durable and machine washable.

This curtain style would go great with fantasy posters of dragons and other mythical creatures, and they would help block out any sunlight as you're binge-watching Game of Thrones.

You can find them here on Amazon.

2. Fearless Knight Curtains

If you're more into a RPG style of curtains, then this is the curtain style for you! This set of two panels, complete with fire breathing dragon and brave knight, is enough to bring out the RPG in you!

The measurements of these curtains are 84" x 108" for both panels, and they are machine washable on cold and hang dry. They're made from a polyester blend, and are elegant and soft to the touch. If your man cave has tributes to GoT, Merlin, or Fire and Ice, this curtain style will fit right in!

You can find this dragon and brave knight here.

3. Spaceship Curtains

If Sci-Fi is more your forte, these spaceship curtains may be of interest to you. They come in four different sizes, and are made of a quirky pattern with pandas being beamed up into a spaceship. Made from 100% polyester, the curtains come with two panels and can act as blackout curtains.

They are machine washable on a cold delicate cycle, and are tumble dry low. This spaceship pattern can be paired with posters of your favorite Sci-Fi shows, and Amazon has some incredible Sci-Fi themed rugs that you can add to your man cave.

This bold curtain style can be found here.

Other Manly Prints

Maybe you're not into any of the above curtains; maybe you're just a simple man who likes to work with tools, or who likes motorcycles. Well, we have curtain styles for you too!

1. Tools in a Tool Shed Curtains

If you're a man who's just into tools, this is a great curtain style for you and your man cave! The curtains feature a variety of different tools, and they come in six different widths and lengths.

With two panels, this handyman's dream is made from a high-quality polyester blend, and is soft and silky to the touch! Not only that, but it's environmentally friendly, with no harmful dyes. You can move your tool boxes from the garage and into your man cave to go with these curtains, and you can add a tool rack to fit in with the theme.

You can find this piece of art here on Amazon.

2. Motorcycle Artwork Curtains

This manly curtain is for the motorcycle riders out there. This vintage motorcycle pattern comes with two panels, and it comes in six different sizes. The material is made from imported satin, soft and silky to the touch. It's machine washable on the cold delicate cycle and is hang dry only. Add in some posters of your favorite motorcycles, add some darker colored furniture, and your man cave is complete!

If you're interested in this masterpiece, it can be found here on Amazon.

3. USA Flag Curtains

This patriotic curtain is the embodiment of a manly American, and it's perfect for anyone! It comes in five different sizes, and has two panels that come with it. Made from a high-quality polyester blend, this flag curtain is machine washable on the cold delicate cycle, and is hang dry only. If it's almost Independence Day, or if you're just loving this American flag curtain.

You can find it here on Amazon!

So, what do you think?

If you're currently designing your perfect man cave, let us know what theme you're going for and which of these curtains captured your attention!

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