11 Great Master Bathroom Cabinets Ideas

Your master bath is one of the most used rooms in your home. You may have considered updating or replacing your cabinetry. As one of the largest features in the room, an old, outdated, or just plain ugly vanity cabinet can really bring down the vibe. By freshening up the look of your cabinets, you will instantly boost the overall appearance of your entire bathroom.

Changing up your cabinets may also inspire you to make other changes to your bathroom, like applying a new coat of paint or decluttering and organizing. You will most likely have to remove everything from the cabinets during this process, so this is a great time to go through and get rid of any excess clutter.

When picking cabinets, keep the rest of your bathroom space in mind. For one, your shower or bath will be something that may not be replaced at the same time as your cabinets. If it has gold or silver trim pieces holding a shower door, you will want to be conscious of that when picking new cabinetry.

Furthermore, be aware of the space you have to work with. If you are repositioning cabinets in your bathroom, make sure to carefully measure and plan out the entire space. Some people choose to use a professional for this kind of work; however, swapping out a similar sized cabinet in the same space as your old one is a pretty straightforward DIY project. 

Rustic inspired bathroom with brown cabinetry, glass shower wall, and dangling chandelier, 11 Great Master Bathroom Cabinets Ideas

1. Chest of Drawers

An antique or distressed chest of drawers is a great way to add a unique feature to your bathroom. These look great in country and rustic homes, as well as some luxury homes. More ornate and nicely finished dressers make great vanities in homes looking to achieve some victorian charm.

These vanities can be found at estate sales and antique shops and need to be customized to suit their new purpose. Some manufacturers create vanities with this or a similar look if you are not wanting all the work of restoring and repurposing an old piece of furniture.

A rustic inspired bathroom cabinet with a marble countertop and two small rectangular mirrors

2. Separate Vanities

A long span interior of a modern bathroom with white cabinetry and an arched mirror on the bathtub

Two sets of cabinets work well in larger bathrooms. They are generally set directly across from one another in a galley-style design. Having two separate areas allows the homeowners each their own larger personal space to spread out while still getting ready for the day together.

Rustic inspired bathroom with brown cabinetry, glass shower wall, and dangling chandelier

This bathroom features a built-in vanity area. To really elevate this area to the next level, add a LED-lit wall-mounted beauty mirror. This creates a great little corner for doing hair and makeup, open underneath, allowing for the use of comfortable seating.

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3. White and Other Neutral Colors

Interior of a spacious white bathroom with tiled walls, white cabinetry, and two round golden framed mirrors

White cabinets look minimal yet elegant when paired with an all-white countertop and white or neutral wall colors. Deeper wall colors also look fantastic with white cabinetry and provide an interesting and bold contrast. Adding copper and gold hardware and surrounding accents to white cabinetry looks sophisticated yet inviting.

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Off white, beiges, and grays are other solid neutral color options to consider when looking for a bright and clean bathroom cabinetry look. If white is too bright for your liking, a light grey could be a great way to achieve a similar, yet toned-down look. Check out our post on "11 gorgeous grey bathroom cabinets" for further inspiration.

4. Open Shelves

Open shelving works great in larger master baths where you have the room to store necessities elsewhere. Keep as little as possible on the shelves and hide clutter in organizational totes if possible. Folded or rolled towels are not only functional but can look nice on open shelving bathroom cabinetry.

Interior of a rustic inspired great master bathroom with stone cladding on the wall and wooden rustic cabinets

Baskets and bins are a great way to organize your open shelving cabinetry. This person used varying sizes and woven styles giving a more eclectic look. Organizing your things into totes will look cleaner and organized while keeping with the decor.

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5. Floating Cabinets

Modern inspired bathroom with an awesome inspired cabinetry with two sinks on the countertop

Floating cabinets add a sleek, modern look to your bathroom. They are clean to the eye and can be arranged vertically as well as horizontally along the adjacent wall to create a fun and somewhat futuristic design.

Elegant interior of a contemporary bathroom with plants on the countertop and dangling lamps

These types of cabinets are often done in laminate and wood. Plastics and metals are also commonly used. These cabinets have a modern and somewhat utilitarian look and feel to them, which works well in modern and homes with industrial interior design elements.

6. Mirrored or Glass Doors


Mirrored cabinet doors bring light into a bathroom space. These cabinets complement a large vanity mirror and give the overall illusion of more space. Of course, fingerprints and smudges may need frequent removal, and don't place them across from the commode. 

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If you like the glass look but don't want a reflection from your base cabinets, you can use glass-paneled doors to achieve a look similar to open shelving. With glass doors, some people choose to use chicken wire or other material to partially obscure the view into the cabinets and add further interest and depth to the cabinet doors.

7. Blackout

Contemporary interior of a great masters bathroom with black walls, glass shower wall, and a small plant on the side

Accenting with iron, glass, and slate works well with black bathroom cabinetry. A black accent wall behind your vanity creates depth but still allows for the lighter-colored surfaces and walls surrounding it to add some brightness to the space.

A wonderful placement of a vanity area with round mirrors, black cabinetry, and tulip plants on the countertop

Adding small, decorative touches to your black vanity can soften it up a bit. A white countertop also looks great with black cabinetry and makes for a great contrast. Slate-colored cabinets are a sort of off-black. A very dark grey bordering on black adds the same depth with a bit of warmth.

8. No Base Cabinets

A dual sink bathroom with small cabinet mirrors and a square service window

This look again works best in master baths where there are other storage options available. The complete lack of cabinetry keeps a clear floor space that appears bright, open, and clean. Smaller bathrooms can greatly benefit from the removal of large and bulky cabinetry.

A Victorian inspired bathroom with small elliptical mirrors and two sinks with a cabinet on the middle

If you choose this option, but require some additional storage space, you can use a small dresser or buffet cabinet to provide space while still keeping the floor space directly around and under your sinks open. This mobile storage solution can also be easily swapped out over the years to quickly and easily change up the entire look of the space.

9. Raw or Reclaimed Wood

Cabinetry constructed of raw or reclaimed wood gives bathrooms character and depth. This look works well in rustic and farmhouse homes. The wood should at least be treated with a water sealing treatment or wood wax to keep it safe from moisture, but some people choose to use a finish.

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Pair these cabinets with other natural-looking features, like glass, stone, and greenery. Sticking to natural elements for bathroom decor creates a great place to relax and rejuvenate. Add a luxurious bath for an in-home spa feel.

10. Table Top 

Elegant interior of a contemporary modern great masters bathroom with a huge round mirror

Great in minimalist homes, this type of cabinetry, or lack thereof, helps homeowners keep their bathroom space appear more clean and organized. With no drawers for holding clutter, the only space to hold items is the vanity countertop. Interior of an ultra contemporary bathroom with a huge ceramic bathtub

The wide-open space where the cupboards and drawers are would normally be can be used for storage space by adding wire racks or other shelving, baskets, and bins. This will look similar to the open shelving concept mentioned earlier on.

11. Bathroom Blues & Bright colors

Ultra modern contemporary bathroom with a glass shower wall, yellow accent wall on the toilet area, and round mirrors on the vanity

Yellows, blues, reds, and greens are all popularly used bright colors on bathroom cabinets. The cabinetry can be complemented by other brightly colored accents or can be painted to stand out all on its own. Pair bright colored cabinetry or vanities with black accents for a more bold and modern look.

Blue colored cabinetry, white bathroom countertop, and colored walls

Add bright colors throughout your bathroom decor to create a more cohesive look that is bright and cheerful. Using white to offset and help neutralize the vivid colors will add balance to the overall appearance of a brightly painted set of bathroom cabinets.

Update Cabinetry to Change the Entire Look of Your Master Bathroom

There is no better way to change the entire look of your master bath than to update or completely replace the cabinetry. Update paint, add decor, and/or replace damaged or outdated fixtures while changing out the cabinetry for a quick but dramatic master bath makeover. Once you've got your cabinets figured out, finish the space by deciding on a bathroom vanity backsplash

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