13 Matching Wallpaper And Blinds Combos That Will Inspire You

Are you looking for a way to transform one or multiple rooms? One way to do that is through the installation of matching wallpaper and blinds. While the two don't have to be identical, it's essential that they work together to create balance and harmony.

Colors and patterns are incredibly important aspects of room design, so you want to ensure that they complement each other. Clashing room features are distracting, and nobody wants that. No matter what decorating style you have, there's a wallpaper and blinds combination that will work in your space. 

To help you out, we compiled a list of 13 matching wallpaper and blinds combinations to help inspire you. So, without further ado, let's get to it! 

Matching window blinds and wallpaper in a luxurious living room, 13 Matching Wallpaper And Blinds Combos That Will Inspire You

1. Groovy Garden Wallpaper And White Shades

White blinds have the ultimate versatile design. Because they're so easy to match, try out a fun, colorful wallpaper. 

Navy Groovy Garden Wallpaper

This peel-and-stick woodland wallpaper is vintage-inspired as seen by its whimsical patterns and colors. The roll of wallpaper measures 20.5 inches x 18 feet and covers approximately 20.75 square feet.

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Celestial Sheer Shades

Upgrade your windows with this cordless, sheer double-layer window shade. There are no cords, so it's easy to operate and keep tangle-free. Simply adjust the bottom rail to filter the light. 

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2. Wood Panel Wallpaper And Espresso Shades

Wood-paneled wallpaper is a fun way to add depth, dimension, and texture to the room. You can use real wood paneling or faux paneling. The weathered wood panels look great with the espresso-colored single cell window shades.

Reclaimed Weathered Redwood Wallpaper

Enjoy authentic weathered redwood with these peel-and-stick panels. Each real wood panel is 5 inches wide. One box comes with 40 square feet of panels.

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Espresso Cordless Single Cell Shades

Filter light with these cordless single cell shades. The espresso color of the shades is warm and inviting. For your convenience, these light filtering shades are available in all sorts of custom sizes. 

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3. Moire Dots Wallpaper And Red Striped Roman Shades

Pick out two patterns that go well together. The watercolor-styled dots of the wallpaper complement the red stripes of the Roman shades.

Coral Moire Dots Wallpaper

This coral moire dot peel-and-stick wallpaper can transform any space. It's self-adhesive and easily removable. One roll measures 20.5 inches x 16.5 feet, covering 28 square feet. 

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Red Striped Roman Shades

Add traditional elegance to the room with these blackout-lined, red-striped Roman shades. They're durably crafted from 70% cotton and 30% polyester.

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4. Tropical Green Wallpaper And White Wood Shades

Infuse a tropical vibe into the room with this wallpaper and blinds combo. The tropical green and white wallpaper match extraordinarily well with the white wooden shades. 

Tropical Jungle Green Wallpaper

Get transported to the tropics with this jungle green peel-and-stick wallpaper. It's repositionable, so a straight-lined is guaranteed during application. One roll measures 20.5 inches x 16.5 feet, covering 28 square feet.

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Interior Faux Wood Shades

No room is complete without blinds. Improve your window treatments with these interior faux wood shades. Choose from a handful of sizes. 

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5. Folk Tulip Wallpaper And Woven Wood Shades

The neutral colors of the folk tulip wallpaper match the natural fibers of the woven wood shades. While the two aren't a colorful combination, their patterns and textures blend well. 

Neutral Folk Tulip Wallpaper

This wallpaper is simple yet unique. This neutral folk tulip peel-and-stick wallpaper is just what you need for a refreshed look. One roll measures 20.5 inches x 18 feet. 

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Woven Wood Roman Shades

Woven wood has a gorgeous natural look and really helps a room feel organic. The materials are 100% natural and the sizes are very customizable. 

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6. White-Gray Brick Wallpaper And Damask Window Shade

White brick wallpaper adds a subtle industrial aesthetic to the room. It matches perfectly with a gray and white damask-patterned window shade.

White-Gray Brick Wallpaper

If you're not lucky enough to have a real brick accent wall, this white-gray brick self-adhesive wallpaper will do the trick. One roll measures 17.7 inches x 236.2 inches. 

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Damask Window Shade

The damask pattern has stood the test of time. It's a gorgeous pattern that instantly enhances window shades. Choose from 8 window shade size options.

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7. Blue Grasscloth Wallpaper And Bamboo Shades

Let the textures of the wallpaper and blinds play off each other. Grasscloth and bamboo each have distinct textures that work well together.

Deep Blue Grasscloth Wallpaper

You get gorgeous texture and color with this deep blue grasscloth self-adhesive wallpaper. One roll measures 15.7 inches x 10 feet. 

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Cordless Bamboo Roman Shades

Live in a tropical-inspired home with these cordless bamboo Roman shades. Simply pull on the bottom rail to adjust its height. Pick from 11 sizes. 

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8. Peachy Keen Wallpaper And Yellow Shades

Dress up your walls with a sunny floral wallpaper and complement it with the color of the window shades. The yellow shades create cohesion in the room design. 

Peachy Keen Yellow Wallpaper

Florals can't be missed. This peel-and-stick wallpaper features a beautiful tangle of greenery and yellow blooms. One roll measures 20.5 inches x 18 feet.

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Artdix Yellow Roman Shades

What's more perfect than sunny yellow shades to filter the sun? These Roman shades instantly charm the room. They're crafted from durable polyester. 

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9. Seashell Wallpaper And Starfish Patterned Blinds

Maintain a beach theme throughout the room with the help of complementary wallpaper and blinds. The blue and gray seashell wallpaper provides the best background for the starfish patterned blinds.

Seashell Wallpaper

This self-adhesive wallpaper completes a coastal vibe. The seashell collection looks mesmerizing. One roll measures 24 inches x 108 inches. 

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Starfish Patterned Window Blinds

What better companion to seashell wallpaper than starfish-printed blinds? These 1-inch aluminum slat mini blinds can be custom sized. 

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10. Beadboard Wallpaper And Floral Print Blinds

Instantly elevate the aesthetic of any room with beadboard. You couldn't ask for a better companion for the beadboard than floral print blinds.

Beadboard Textured Wallpaper

Installing beadboard has never been easier. This pre-pasted wallpaper can transform the room in a breeze. You can even paint it if you wish. 

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Floral Print Window Blinds

Revampy your plain blinds with the likes of these Claude Monet floral print blinds. The 1-inch slat aluminum mini blinds can be easily adjusted with the tilt wand.

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11. Lotus Lake Wallpaper And Printed Bamboo Blinds

Go all out with an Oriental-themed room. The lotus lake wallpaper complements the bamboo window blinds with their pattern and texture.

Lotus Lake Wallpaper

Grace your walls with this elegant lotus lake wallpaper. The colors and patterns pop. The order comes with a double roll measuring 27 inches x 27 feet. 

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Bamboo Window Blind

While bamboo is gorgeous on its own, the floral print on the bottom elevates the aesthetic even more. Choose from a wide selection of blind sizes. 

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12. Herringbone Wallpaper And Monstera Leaf Blinds

Incorporate a mixture of patterns and colors into the design. The black and white herringbone wallpaper serves as a great backdrop for the monstera leaf-printed blinds.

Black And White Herringbone Wallpaper

The herringbone pattern is on-trend. The watercolor look of this peel-and-stick wallpaper instantly charms the room. One roll measures 1.48 feet x 9.8 feet.

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Monstera Leaf Patterned Window Blinds

Subtle yet eye-catching is the exact look of this monstera leaf-patterned window blind. The aluminum mini blind has an adjustable chain for light filtration.

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13. Tropical Wallpaper And Vinyl Black Blinds

The bright, tropical-themed wallpaper is the perfect complement for the bold, black vinyl blinds. The subtle black features in the wallpaper bounce off the black blinds.

Tropical Wallpaper


Escape to a tropical island in the comfort of your own home with the this wallpaper. Layered palm leaves create the classic tropical feel and the stylish designs give the walls a cheerful finish with bright colors. Double roll measures 27 inches x 26.9 feet. 

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Vinyl Black Blinds


These vinyl black blinds look stunning. They will make a stylish and functional addition to your home. Adjust the tilt wand for varied light filtration. They're available in a variety of sizes to fit your space as needed.

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