10 Gorgeous Mediterranean Style Bedding Sets

10 Gorgeous Mediterranean Style Bedding SetsAn easy way to freshen, change, or elevate your bedroom look is through the bedding. The way you style your bed can alter the whole mood of the room, depending on the color, the print, the pillow arrangement. If you think your bedroom might be in need of a renovation, try altering the bedding first. Sometimes a simple change can achieve incredible effects.

When it comes to bedding, there is an overwhelming amount of possibilities out there. From all the types--duvets and quilts to comforters and blankets--to all the patterns and prints, it's easy to get inundated with options. But don't worry--this post is here to make that choice easier.

To make your bedding work for your space, know what mood you are trying to set. If you are going for a minimalist, Scandinavian vibe, consider a plain white or monochromatic bedding. If you want your bed space to transform the room and transport the vibes--say to a luxurious and relaxing Mediterranean vacation--well, then pick bedding that makes a statement.

Here we have curated a list of 10 gorgeous Mediterranean style bedding sets. The list has all kinds of bedding--from quilts to comforters--in a variety of patterns and color schemes. Keep scrolling to find the bedding that fits your ideal room dreams!


Mediterranean Quilts

Quilts are a versatile style of bedding that can add a homey and quaint touch. They consist of two outer layers of fabric, and then a layer of insulating material inside. What kind of climate you live in and how hot or cold you want to be during the night will help determine what kind of quilt material is right for you. Microfiber or synthetic fillings will often be heavier and help keep you warm. On the other hand, quilts with wool, feathers, or down will be a little more breathable and light. For a really lightweight quilt, try cotton insulation.

1. Orange and Blue Medina Quilt

This orange and blue quilt carries Mediterranean vibes. The geometric patterns resemble geometric tiles found in Medina or Mediterranean towns. This quilt is also cotton, so it's the perfect lightweight spread. The set comes complete with two pillow covers and two decorative pillows, so you can elevate the room's cozy Mediterranean atmosphere.

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2. Geometric Tile

This quilt comes with an intricate orange and grey geometric design that definitely catches the eye. The fun and stylish patterns will help create a Mediterranean kind of style. This piece is also extremely versatile, as it's reversible. You can redo your bedroom on a whim by simply reversing the quilt!

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3. Green and Blue

This 100% cotton quilt is made with calming blue and green colors. The geometric patterns again recall a Mediterranean aesthetic, while the green and blue color scheme helps to create a serene, sea like vibe. Perfect for creating a chill and stylish bohemian bedroom.

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4. Scalloped Blue Quilt

This intricately designed quilt has calming blues. The scalloped pattern is reminiscent of marine life and will help give your room Mediterranean sea vibes. The light and dark blues also add a sense of calm and relaxation to your bedspread. This particular quilt comes with matching pillow shams that will help tie your whole room together.

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Mediterranean Inspired Duvets

Duvets are extremely versatile bedding. They are made from a cover and contain removable insulation. Perfect for climates that experience dramatic weather changes. Duvets can be cool and lightweight bedding in the summer or made warm by stuffing with an insulating layer in the winter.

5. Under the Sea

This duvet cover gives off definite Mediterranean sea, marine life vibes. The sea creatures are cute yet stylish and pop against the simple white background. This duvet cover also comes with matching pillow shams, so that you can streamline your Mediterranean sea style.

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6. Bright Blue and Yellow Tile

This striking blue and yellow duvet take on the stunning look of a unique Mediterranean tile. The eclectic, mix-match pattern adds some vibrancy and fun to your bedding. The simple color scheme of blue, yellow, and white keeps the wild pattern from overwhelming the eye.

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Mediterranean Coverlets and Comforters

If you know you don't want a quilt or duvet, try out a coverlet. A comforter will be made from a thicker material, making it the ideal bedding if you live in a cold climate and are looking to stay cozy and warm. On the other hand, you could try a coverlet. A coverlet is thinner than a comforter but thicker and a quilt. They do vary in weight but can make great stand-alone bedding.

7. Blue and White Quilted Coverlet

This blue and white quilted coverlet is a subtle yet stunning option. The coastal patterns will help to transport you somewhere serene, and the bright blues will bring you out to the sea. Blue and white are a classic Greek color scheme and will help give your room those relaxing Mediterranean seaside vibes.

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8. Boho Chic

This quilted coverlet gives off major bohemian vibes. The bright yellow pairs with blue and teal colors to give a unique boho-chic look; the floral patterns help to elevate the style. This piece is extremely versatile, as it's reversible. The alternative side is a single color, in case you get overwhelmed by the pattern or feel the need to change things up. It's also a lightweight, breathable bed covering, perfect for spring or summer weather. But layering is an easy way to amp up the bohemian vibes and keep yourself warm!

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9. Sea Scallops

This comforter has a calming effect, with its beautiful muted color scheme and elegant scalloped design. The soft greens and blues will definitely calm your mind, and the scalloped pattern will transport you to some relaxing Mediterranean town. The set comes complete with matching pillow shams and decorative pillows, making it easy for you to complete your Mediterranean look.

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10. Royal Blue

This royal blue comforter is a bold and beautiful choice. The deep color is reminiscent of the brilliant blue of the sea, and the simple yet elegant pattern definitely catches the eye. The pattern is styled after a Moroccan trellis, and will certainly transport you to a seaside vacation spot.

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