14 Mercury Glass Bathroom Accessories You Should Check Out

14 Mercury Glass Bathroom Accessories You Should Check OutMercury glass, also known as silvered glass, finds it's origins in the mid-eighteen hundreds, and it's making a comeback!

Mercury glass products used to be made with actual mercury. They haven't contained mercury for quite some time now, so don't worry about there being a safety risk of them breaking! Instead, they are made using a silvering agent. Glass is blown doubled walled, and the inside walls are each coated with the silvering agent.

After that process is completed, the item in question is sealed, and you're left with a unique piece! Mercury glass, or silvered glass, along with stained glass windows, of course, is considered to be one of the first art forms that utilized glass ultimately for its intrinsically artistic capabilities, instead of sole usefulness.

Now the perfect combination of art and utility, it's clear to see why silvered glass, with the combination of shapes, colored glass, and uniqueness of each product, is making a comeback in the world of modern decor. Let's take a look into some examples of mercury glass items that you can use in your bathroom and give you a few ideas as to how you can incorporate it.

Mercury Glass Soap Dishes and Toothbrush Holders Sets

A classic addition to any bathroom, if you use an old fashioned bar of soap, you're going to want a soap dish. Why? For the same reason, you're going to want a toothbrush holder! Not only do they serve an excellent practical purpose, keeping soap and toothpaste residue off your counter, but adding them to your bathroom can help bring the aesthetic together. Let's go over some options!

1. Kassatex Vizcaya Rectangular Soap Dish

This rectangular soap holder is a perfect addition to any bathroom where you're decorating with a focus on angles and corners. The internal silvering will add the perfect bit of reflection, and it can help hide the inevitable hard water stains! A very low impact piece, you can use it to complement a large variety of decor styles.


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2. Kassatex Vizcaya Oval Soap Dish

If angles aren't your thing, soap dishes come in more circular shapes as well! These are perfect for softening up harsh corners or complimenting an aesthetic with a softer approach to your decor style. This soap dish comes with a ridged bottom on the interior to keep the bar of soap from resting directly on the bottom of a wet container and becoming soggy.

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3. nu steel Mercury Toothbrush Holder

Not only does this silvered glass toothbrush holder come with individual slots for several different toothbrushes, making it extra convenient, but it comes with additional curled, rounded designs on the sides, making it perfect for bathrooms with curves.

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4. Kassatex Vizcaya Mercury Tooth Brush Holder

When it comes to decor styles, you can essentially boil them down to two different aesthetics, circles, and squares. Many forms of decor have a focus on edges, while others have curves. This mercury glass toothbrush holder is perfect for any decor style with a focus on sharp edges and corners!

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Mercury Glass Bathroom Lights

Mercury Glass, or silvered glass bathroom lights,  make a gorgeous addition any just about any aesthetic or decor style.  With several different combinations of glass shapes and types of metal, there's sure to be an option that suits your fancy!

5. Varra Mercury Glass Bath Light

These classic bell-shaped lights will be a welcome addition to your bathroom. Mounted on the wall, with the light covers slightly dappled with the inclusion of the internal silvered glass, you're sure to have gorgeous lighting in your bathroom with this glass. You can mount them with the shades facing up or the shades facing down, so do whatever suits your fancy!

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6. Sea Gull Mercury Glass with Bronze Finish

This lighting option comes with a slimmer, more modern design. The bar and metal fixtures are bronze, where the other option we presented earlier is silver. This specific fixture can be installed in any direction, facing up or down, and would be an excellent addition to a bathroom with a darker color scheme.

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7. Casamotion Pendant Light

Not all lights have to come on a bar-like fixture g in your bathroom! With the increasing number of styles of decor come several different kinds of lights that can be placed in different areas. If you want to suspend your bathroom light from your ceiling, you can, and you can do it with style!

This silver fixture complements the silvered glass beautifully, and the simple design can be used with several different bathroom styles.

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8. Regina Andrew Ceiling Pendant

The heavily silvered sides of this particular, almost chandelier-like fixture will reflect the light inside quite well, looking beautiful inside the silvered glass. With dark metal fixings to contrast it, you're sure to get a look that appeals to you, and noticed by your guests.

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Mercury Glass Jars and Containers for the Bathroom

Everyone needs places to put random bathroom items, whether it be cotton balls, cotton swabs, makeup wipes, makeup, accessories, and other miscellaneous items that everyone ends up with. Still, there's not the right place for them. Well, with these mercury glass containers, you can make a place that suits your decor! Let's check out some ideas.

9. Stonebriar Antique Mercury Glass

This nifty little container would be perfect for cotton balls, cotton swabs, and other smaller things that would do well in a covered container. Hairbands, clips, or bobby, if it's a small item taking up space in a random drawer somewhere, there a chance it will be a perfect fit! Regardless of the article, this adorable container with a diamond pattern is sure to please its owner.

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10. nu steel Mercury Glass Bathroom Set

Sometimes an individual container or jar just doesn't cut it, and you need a set of boxes. Soap, lotion, tissues, hand soap dish, trash can, you name it, and you're probably going to need it! This set also comes with plenty of containers that can be used for a variety of purposes. Even better? They're dishwasher safe, so you're never going to have to worry about inconvenient cleaning!

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11. Decorative Mercury Glass

Each of these three containers comes with an adorable glass lid, and each of them is not only great for aesthetic purposes but is food safe as well, making them perfect for absolutely any item. Each container is made of beautifully blown glass, and are each a different shape, with unique lids as well. Whether you put them on your bathroom counter to display, or in a cabinet to organize, they'll do their job well!

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12. Ribbed Mercury Glass with Filigree Detail

This container is undoubtedly the most decorative option of the bunch. A beautifully silvered interior and intricate decoration on the lid and edges of the car, you're never going to be tired of just looking at this jar, much less using it! Whether in the bathroom or anywhere else in the house, you're going to love this cute little container.

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Mercury Glass Lotion Dispensers

Lotion, liquid soap, and all the other bathroom necessities could all be stored in more attractive containers that fir the aesthetic of your bathroom. You don't need to keep them in the often cheap plastic containers that can be detrimental to the theme of your decor. If you're trying to have a cohesive look that helps everything blend, try these dispensers!

13. Mercury Glass Dispenser with Matte Finish

This handy little dispenser can be used for a variety of things, like lotions, soap, shampoo, essential oils, and more! Instead of trying to decide which one to use it for, but one for each! A dispenser for soap and a dispenser for lotion? Why not? A matching set has only ever been a good idea!

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14. Kassatex Mercury Glass Lotion Dispenser

This cute, silver speckled mercury glass dispenser is everything you could want for your soap, shampoo, lotion, and more. Keep in mind, it is glass, which means it might not be a great idea to use it in the shower where it may fall and break, but as far as contents go, it's safe!

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