Are Mesh Office Chairs Better? [Pros and Cons]

If you want maximum productivity, don’t just settle for any ergonomic office chair that comes your way. You have the option of purchasing either a leather chair or a mesh chair. But then, between the two popular office seats, which one’s better? In this post, we’ve done some extensive research on the latter to offer viable reasons as to why you should give them more priority over the former. 

Mesh chairs are generally better than leather chairs when it comes to boosting workplace productivity. Here’s why:

  • Sufficient ventilation offers plenty of comfort and relaxation.
  • Minimalistic construction and design help with easy maintenance.
  • Attractive pricing makes them perfect for startup businesses.

Like every other product on the planet, mesh office chairs also have their downsides. We’ll explore a couple of them along with other useful stuff like whether they’re good for gaming and how they compare to leather chairs. Keep reading to find out more. 

Modern office design with mesh office chairs, Are Mesh Office Chairs Better? [Pros and Cons]

What’s A Full-Mesh (Mesh Seat) Office Chair? 

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Home office with mesh office chair

Mesh seats are probably the most used types of office chairs in today’s workspaces. The backs of these types of seats are made with tightly woven fabric that makes the seat flexible and strong in every sense. The material is further held together by sturdy plastic frames that also increase their durability. 

One of the first full-mesh chairs that made its mark into the scene was the iconic Herman Miller Aeron task chair. Funny enough, Herman Miller, the creator of the chair, had the elderly in mind when coming up with the seat’s design. Later on, the comfort that this chair provided was adopted into the workspace for office workers.

Since then, chairs with mesh backing have become quite popular in the modern work setting. 

Mesh chairs like the Eurotech Apollo MT9400 is adequately designed to offer full lumbar support to the user. The back’s curvature, combined with the height adjustability provides maximum support when you need it. 

The Nightingale CXO goes the extra mile and provides gel cushion – which is fully adjustable – in addition to mechanical lumbar support. 

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A quality mesh chair should contour to your body and disperse your weight across the broader area. This should reduce the pressure on the spine, buttocks, and hips and provide a more comfortable sitting experience. An excellent example of a chair that offers this kind of comfort is the WorkPro(R) Quantum 9000 Series Ergonomic Mid-Back office chair.

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Mesh Vs. Leather Chair: Pros And Cons 

It’s essential to understand and consider both the positive and negative aspects of the type of office chair you want to buy. For that reason, we’ve put together this detailed list of mesh chairs and leather chairs. We hope this section gives you a clearer perspective of the type of office chair you need for your work needs.

Mesh Chairs - Pros

Breathability And Ventilation

Mesh chairs are fashioned with an open structure that facilitates open circulation between the back and the seat. This gives them a massive advantage over the leather and fabric chairs since there’s no discomfort that’s brought by heat accumulation. 

Easy To Maintain

If you’ve used a mesh chair before, then you understand just how easy they are to clean and maintain. They are designed with an extremely lightweight that makes them easy to move around. These types of chairs are ideal for settings where furniture is cleaned regularly.

Readily Available

You can readily find mesh chairs in any departmental store, office supplies, and furniture shop. The mesh seats have seats made of fabric, leather, or vinyl, and can be found in most stores or shops because they have a higher demand than leather seats. 


The affordability of these office chairs is honestly the icing on the cake. While leather chairs have that highly professional look, their colossal price tag makes them out of reach for most people. If you need an office chair at the best prices, look no further than a mesh chair.

Mesh Chairs - Cons

Limited Styling

You might find it very difficult to find a different alternative to the cliché colors and designs of most mesh chairs. This might be a major setback if you’re looking to try something out of the norm in your office setting. 


Leather chairs take the cake when it comes to long-lasting chairs. With time, the meshes might start to sag, and the chair may lose its comfortableness. Even if the mesh is firm, it may put a strain on your back the longer you use it.

Leather Chairs – Pros


If you spend a lot of time in your office, you need an office chair that will serve you for the longest time. Provided you take care of them, you won’t have to worry about wear and tear any time soon. Good quality leather seats tend to last exceptionally longer than the standard ones. 

Black leather office chair and table


Other desk chairs are great, but none can offer the kind of comfort that leather chairs provide. On cold days, you can rely on the leather to absorb your body heat and keep you warm as you work. 


If you want a better look for your company, mesh chairs should be your last option. Leather seats are often associated with power, prestige, and elegance. It’s a worthy investment if you have the extra cash to spare.

Easy To Clean

Leather and mesh office chairs have this in common. In the case of leather seats, all you need is a simple mix of soapy water and a wet cotton cloth. Wipe the leather gently to get rid of any stains or dirt. However, this method might not work for an aniline-dyed leather office chair. 

Leather Chairs - Cons

  • Expensive: You’d expect this to be first on the list. Leather seats bring out a professional look, but you’ll have to pay significantly for it. It’s worth the cost if you can afford it, though.
  • Scratches: Leather seats last long, but that doesn’t make them resistant to destruction by sharp objects. Razors, knives, etc. can easily ruin the most beautiful quality leather.
  • Counterfeits: Genuine and fake leather are so alike that it’s almost impossible to tell them apart. Sometimes, the cheaper options are often the ones you should turn a blind to. 

If you’re unsure what to consider when picking an office chair, here’s What to Look for in an Office Chair [6 Things to Check Before You Buy]

What Colors Do Mesh Office Chairs Come In?

The best part about mesh chairs is their wide range of colors. Though most people reason that they only occur in black or grey shades alone, they probably haven’t scavenged online and retail stores hard enough. 

Popular colors that mesh chairs come in red, purple, black, yellow, blue, green, and orange. These subtle shades allow you to add a touch of style to your working space without going over the top. Just add a patterned or brightly colored office chair to tone down the serious atmosphere and add a splash of excitement. 

Most colored office chairs fit perfectly into any work station. If you’re into some excellent office décor, make it a point to get yourself a colored mesh chair that complements your office walls and overall setting!

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What Is The Best Mesh Office Chair?

As we were looking for a definitive answer to this frequently asked question, we stumbled upon a ton of pretty good mesh office chairs. Of course, we couldn’t limit our response to one chair. Therefore, we decided to list our top four picks and let you decide on your preferred choice. 

1. Herman Miller Aeron

The Aeron, as it’s commonly called, has a unique sleek design that oozes class and professionalism. The back and seat are porous to allow for constant air circulation. Judging from the Aeron’s incredible craftsmanship, we’re confident this chair will see you through the highs and lows of your project or professional startup.  

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2. Nightingale CXO Office Chair

The 6200D ergonomic office chair rarely gets the recognition it deserves. Among its plenty of exceptional highlights are the outstanding lumbar support features, huge weight capacity (up to 275lbs), and the resilient Enersorb memory foam. The chair also promotes a healthy posture through its “waterfall” edge design.

3. Humanscale Diffrient World

If simplicity is what you’re looking for in a mesh office chair, the Humanscale Diffrient World Chair is all you need. It features a self-adjusting recline mechanism (seat slide) that depends on the user’s body weight. Aside from that, it has an eye-catching design, airy, and quite light. 

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4. Raynor Ergohuman

This mesh office chair is a jack-of-all-trades kind of chair. It fits perfectly into whatever niche it finds itself in, from hardcore gaming to executive meetings. It’s defining factor is its headrest. Most mesh chairs have a headrest, so what makes this one so special? How affordable it is, that’s what. 

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The Raynor Ergohuman offers the highest form of ergonomic convenience on a steep budget.

Are Mesh Chairs Good For Gaming?

Gamers will appreciate the support and comfortability that mesh chairs provide. Since you’ll spend a good chunk of your time seated, you’ll need a steady level of air circulation on your back and your whole body as well. This, in part, is what makes them a considerable preference among the gaming community.

The RESPAWN-205 Gaming Chair is arguably the best mesh gaming chair in the market right now. While you play, you’ll enjoy maximum comfort from the half-cushion, half-mesh back. 

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The best part about this chair is it’s breathtaking angular aesthetic. Another great feature of this chair is just how easily adjustable it is. The back can either be locked in position or tilted at angles of between 90 to 130 degrees. The height of armrests and the seats are also adjustable.

Before, there were issues with the mesh; gamers complained of how weak it was and how it kept breaking. Luckily, the manufacturer rectified this problem, so you don’t need to worry about falling off the chair in the heat of the game!  

Final Thoughts

And there you go! Some of the best reasons to buy a mesh office chair all in one post. Even if you have your eyes fixed on a leather chair, we recommend that you look the other way and find out why the mesh types are so much better!

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