17 Vibrant Mexican-Style Throw Pillows

Looking to introduce vibrant colors into a room? There's no better way to do that than by using one of these gorgeous Mexican-style throw pillows.

Mexico has a varied cultural and aesthetic heritage, so there's a huge array of designs you can use while sticking to Mexico-themed throw pillows. We've selected 17 dazzling examples that show the diversity of design you can have while sticking to this theme.

17 Vibrant Mexican Style Throw Pillows That Will Make You Scream the Grito

If you love Mexico, we guarantee you're going to love these. The one thing they all have in common is that distinct Latin energy that's so wonderfully expressed by El Grito Mexicano, that fantastically vivacious cry of emotion.


(Not sure what a Grito is? Check out the video at the end of the post!)

1. Aqua Blue Tribal Pillows by MexFabricSupplies

Explore the creative style of the blue tribal cover pillow, a colorful design that will add a positive and bright aura you will love. This Mexican throw pillow offers a modern take on the traditional style, helping you create a unique space that will add lots of flair to your room. This throw pillow will work in your bedroom, living room, and dining room and anywhere where you want to throw in a shot of Mexican vibrant colors.

To make the design look even more authentic, the throw pillow cover is made using authentic Mexican fabric. The acrylic knit fabric is super soft to the skin and ultra comfortable.

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2. Serape Stripe Throw Pillow by Athena Bacon

Introduce the colorful and bold Mexican artwork into your interior with the Serape Stripe Throw pillow, it is a sophisticated mural that will create a traditional yet stylish feel to your room. If you want to introduce eclectic colors and add a fresh dynamic to your room, this is a perfect choice.

The best part is that it is fully customizable with prints appearing on both sides. An invisible zipper simplifies adding and removing inserts with ease.

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3. Mexican Serape Pillow Cover by MexFabricSupplies

Bring the creative style of the Mexican Serape Pillow cover, a colorful striped pattern that is made from authentic Mexican Serape fabric. And talk about vibrant color! There is a wide range of fun colors on display here including yellow, orange, white, teal, and grey.

The throw pillow cover is durable and will work well with any living room. Its versatility means that it will impress in most settings.

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4. Decorative Turquoise Throw Pillow by Starodet

Integrate the colorful and bold Mexican Najavo style into your interior with this decorative turquoise throw pillow. It features an elegant design that will create a traditional yet stylish feel to your space. If you want to introduce a fresh new dynamic to your room, this throw pillow will do just fine.

Both sides of the cover are printed for continuity. A hidden zipper at the back maximizes both functionality and aesthetics.

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Mexican Artists

5. Floral and Bird Throw Pillow by Muzeart

Open up your space to the natural beauty inspired by artist Frida Kahlo with a theme that heavily features a floral design. The green backdrop accentuates each color print by offering a strong contrast to the art design.

There are plenty of vivid colors that make for an eye-catching and stylish display that allows you to complement any combination of furniture. Frida Kahlo’s unique portraits make it possible to experiment with versatile textures to create a space that best expresses your personality.

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6. Set of 2 Decorative Throw Pillows by Mulzeart

Integrate the creative style that was kickstarted by the late artist Frida Kahlo. This colorful throw pillow adds a positive aura that will help set the right moods. The mural is an authentic traditional style that will help you create a unique space that you will be proud of. It works well in most settings, including the living room, dining room, and manages to make a sophisticated statement piece.

Both covers feature an invisible zipper that makes it easy to add and remove inserts without sticking out like a sore thumb.

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7. Embroidered Mexican Cover by WholesaleSarong

Add an artful flair to your home, this set of 10 throw pillows feature colorful and delicate embroidered fabrics that will look perfect in most rooms. The flawless artwork is inspired by vintage set pieces, each telling a unique story. Each throw pillow in this set measures 18 by 18, utilizing durable and lightweight fabric that is made with cotton linen cloth material.

Only the front side of the throw pillow is printed, so flipping the pillow over will help you add new dimensions to your spaces.

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8. Vendor of Alcatraces by WhilesaleSarong

Diego’s image of a small child sprawled on a field, tying up a string of alcatraces to sell for a living has become a unique symbol that reminds us of our dark history. The stark vintage mural evokes the rural life of a bygone era, boasting sharp contrasts with a simple construction that gives power to the scene Diego wanted to create.

The picture has been shrunk down to size to fit on a small throw pillow (size 18 inches by 8 inches). The high quality of digital print ensures the color won’t fade with time.

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9. Set of 4 Cushion Covers by WholesaleSarong

This set of 4 throw pillows feature traditional Talavera colors which include shades of blue, green orange, white, and yellow set on a colorful layout. Talavera pottery traces an incredible history that has taken centuries to arrive at our doorsteps. The painstaking artwork was almost lost until it was revived in the 1980s by artisans. Its intricate handiwork wasn’t exactly easy for artists to recreate.

This set of 4 throw pillow covers should illustrate the complex artwork.

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10. Set of 4 Decorative Throw Pillows by Yangulu

Each throw pillow cover in this set of 4 utilizes vastly different landscapes. To ensure cohesiveness in the artwork, each throw pillow cover features cactuses. Cacti and other succulents are a dominant part of the Mexican landscape, which explains why they are such an integral component of the Mexican culture.

Each throw pillow measures as 18” by 18”, and comes with a hidden zipper that makes it easy to add and remove inserts.

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11. Mexican Tribal Art by Kutita

Bask in the beauty of Mexican tribal art that has a peaceful quality owing to vastly superior decorative artwork. Most of the traditional themes that once were an integral part of Mexican culture are rendered in great detail by the artist. From the grazing goats to the vast sun, from the lush greenery to the mountain ranges, the artwork is completed by a stunning eagle hunting a dazed snake.

This mural works well with minimalist spaces and soft colors as well.

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12. Mexican Decorative Throw Pillow by Ambesonne

One of the most important elements of this throw pillow is, of course, the pink color, with fleeting displays of music instruments and Charro hat towards the bottom. The muted pink hues will gracefully serve as a backdrop in most interiors. This decorative throw pillow is made with 100% spun polyester material that is both waterproof and durable.

Furthermore, the vivid colors are designed using the latest digital printing technology, ensuring it won’t fade away from your décors any time soon.

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13. Spring Pillows by Batmerry

Refresh your room with this extremely colorful and unique throw pillow. It features artwork that is heavily inspired by Mexican themes. The design is perfect for those looking for something unconventional to fit in their home. The pillowcases are practical too, made using a blend of cotton and polyester for extra durability.

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14. Brown Chihuahua Pattern by Decorlution

If you love dogs, especially Chihuahuas, you won’t go wrong with this throw pillow. It uses a cool and stylish design that introduces a modern twist on pet motifs. This Chihuahua themed throw pillow is a great way to personalize your space with a comforting touch. The fabric is made using breathable material that is durable and long lasting.

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15. Huichol Mexican Tribal Art by WholesaleSarong

Birds are majestic creatures and were revered in Mexican tribal culture. So if you want to spruce up your space with beautiful birds, then this set of 2 throw pillows is exactly what you’re looking for. The lustrous artwork makes these throw pillows as a likely gift to your friends and family.

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16. Hand Embroidered Throw Pillow Cover by Unique Mexican Design

The artwork is exclusively handmade, which explains the slightly higher price tag. The artisan manages to make this throw pillow cover both functional and aesthetic; it is made with 100 percent wool which is both durable and comfortable to the touch.

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17. Mexican Throw Pillow Cover by HFY2T

This product boasts a lot of features, boasting an artwork that will appeal to most foodies with images of traditional Mexican food, including corn and burritos. Both sides of the throw pillow are printed for consistency. Hidden zipper closure makes it possible to add and remove the pillow with ease. The fabric is fairly low-maintenance and can be machine washed. Make sure don’t use bleach.

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And before we leave, we promised you a video of El Grito Mexicano! If you have a pet, you may want to listen to this one on your headphones and not speakers -

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