Mice In Upstairs Apartments – How Do They Get There? [& How To Get Rid Of Them?]

You’re comfortable in your upstairs apartment, but you hear the sounds of squeaking mice nearby. Now, you’re wondering how these pests got into your apartment. Also, what can you do to get rid of the mice? We looked into this concern to give you the following answer.

Mice often don’t find it challenging to climb tall places. These pests can enter your upstairs apartment by crawling through plumbing lines or the gaps in poorly sealed doors and windows. Get rid of mice from your apartment by using these techniques:

  1. Adopt a cat
  2. Seal door and window gaps
  3. Place mouse traps
  4. Clean your apartment

You should continue reading as we talk about these solutions to eliminate mice from your upstairs apartment in greater detail. We’ll also tackle some means to help prevent these pests from entering your living space.

Apartment upper floor bedroom, Mice In Upstairs Apartments - How Do They Get There? [& How To Get Rid Of Them?]

What Attracts Mice To My Apartment?

First, it’s important to understand what made the mice find your apartment interesting for it to become their new nesting spot. Some of the elements that may attract these small animals are:

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Black pet rat in the floor eating cheese


Mice typically find cluttered areas to be places of comfort. Junk littered in and around your upstairs apartment may appeal to these pests. Storage spaces, such as empty boxes, can also become a new home for mice.


Like humans, mice may look for places with comfortable temperatures, particularly in the cold season. Your apartment might become these animals’ next nesting spot if you have heating that keeps the interior temperature around 68 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit.


The allure of food, regardless of its state, is often an attractive treat for mice and other pests. Take note that the foodstuffs can range from a freshly cooked meal to an old biscuit lying on the ground. However, some foods can charm mice more than others. Some examples include:

  • Berries
  • Fruits
  • Meat
  • Nuts
  • Pet food

How To Get Rid Of Mice In An Apartment Fast?

You can eliminate mice lounging around in your upstairs apartment by using different DIY solutions. Bear in mind that some of these techniques are more expensive than others. That means that you may need to spend extra money to help increase the likelihood of your mouse problem disappearing.

Adopt A Cat

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Gray Scottish Fold cat playing with toy mouse

First, tell your landlord about your mice problem. Then, ask the property owner if it’s okay for you to adopt a cat.

Remember, cats often find mice as easy prey. Also, certain cat breeds have stronger hunting instincts than others. Taking advantage of these breeds may help eliminate mice from your apartment sooner than later.

Some of the cat breeds that may help you in catching and getting rid of mice and other pests in your living space are:


Siamese cats generally have a curious temperament, making them excellent hunters. Training your pet Siamese cat could enhance the feline’s skills in hunting mice. Some excellent training exercises are playing fetch, running through an obstacle course, and walking around the neighborhood while leashed.

Maine Coon

Another ideal cat breed choice to hunt and keep mice away from your apartment is the Maine Coon. Many cat owners find this breed to be a natural-born hunter. A Maine Coon is also likely to stay most of the time indoors, making this feline to be a great guard cat for your upstairs home.


Siberian cats typically have an outstanding hunting drive, thanks in part to their long history of pest control. Despite their relatively high hunting drive, Siberian cats often have a lovable personality, particularly when they’re close to their human parents.

Honorable Mentions

Aside from the cat breeds already mentioned, other felines that may help you in eliminating your mice problem in your upstairs apartment are:

  • American Shorthair
  • Japanese Bobtail
  • Persian cat
  • Bengal cat
  • American Curl

Seal Door And Window Gaps

Technician man hand using glue gun with silicone adhesive or manual caulking gun with polyurethane for applying silicone sealant to seal

Generally, mice have collapsible rib cages, allowing them to squeeze through tight spaces. This ability makes the pest have a fairly flat structure to enter narrow cracks and gaps temporarily. One way to stop mice from going in and out of your apartment is to seal those spaces, especially those located in your doors and windows.

You can use weather-stripping tape for a non-destructive approach to sealing those gaps. Don't forget to consult with the property owner to know your sealing options. Asking your landlord might also allow you to make light renovations to your rented space.

Check out this weather strip foam tape on Amazon.

You can find additional door and window sealing techniques by watching the video below:

Read our post on how to seal a gap between the wall and the floor. Doing so might aid you in closing that unwanted space, preventing access to mice and other pests in your apartment.

Place Mouse Traps

Mouse traps with cheese on old wooden table

Mouse traps often have bait in them that lure mice for easy disposal. You can choose among different types of mouse traps like:

Electric Traps

Electric traps kill mice as soon as they enter the contraption. Electricity will run through the pests' bodies, constricting their muscles and slaying them quickly. These traps are also generally reusable but are often more expensive than other DIY mice-capturing solutions.

Check out this electric mouse trap on Amazon.

Snap Traps

These mouse traps have traditional yet reasonably effective designs, especially if placed in appropriate locations. Snap traps have sensitive spring-loaded mechanisms that ensnare mice as soon as they step on those tools. Plus, these options are quite inexpensive, making them ideal solutions if you’re following a strict budget.

Check out this set of snap mouse traps on Amazon.

Catch-And-Release Traps

Unlike other traps that kill mice, catch-and-release traps are humane pest control options for getting rid of these animals from your upstairs apartment. These tools are like containers for the mice. Once the small animals enter the traps, their entryways close to allow for convenient disposal.

Check out this catch-and-release mouse trap on Amazon.

Bear in mind that the proper placement of these traps is important. For instance, placing the contraptions near mice nesting areas may increase the chances of catching and/or killing these pests. Read our post on how to find a mouse nest for additional insights into this particular topic.

Clean Your Apartment

woman doing some general cleaning in her apartment

Ask yourself the following question: When was the last time I deep cleaned my apartment? If it has been several weeks or months since you cleaned your living space thoroughly, now is the time to do it.

Cleaning your apartment reduces the chances of mice finding suitable nesting grounds in the area. Take note that it’s not only about removing food from the floor. Other cleaning methods you should take advantage of are:

  • Wash the dishes. Also, don't leave used dining and kitchenware stacked in the sink.
  • Remove the trash. Avoid letting the garbage indoors overflow.
  • Tidy the place. Reduce the amount of clutter in your upstairs apartment to prevent mice from taking refuge in them.

What Will Keep Mice Away From My Apartment?

Aside from chasing after mice and trying to get rid of them, you can prevent them from entering your upstairs apartment. Some ways to stop these animals from gaining access to your living space are:

  • Always close the garbage can lids. Take note that the smell of trash can become alluring to mice and other pests.
  • Keep doors and windows closed in cold seasons. Keep in mind that mice might become desperate to find heat in the fall or winter seasons.
  • Maintain cleanliness in your apartment. Sweep or vacuum foodstuffs from the floor and dispose of unused containers; these could attract vermin.

How Much Is It For An Exterminator To Get Rid Of Mice?

Professional pest extermination services often charge around $450 to $600 to eliminate mice from your living space. But the final overhead may differ depending on certain factors like the size of your apartment and the elimination/extraction method to use.

Will Mice Come Near Me While I Sleep?

Grey rat near wooden wall on floor near the hole in the upper floor aparment

Generally, mice would want to avoid confrontations from beings larger than them, including humans. So the chances of these pests going near you while you’re sleeping in your apartment bed is relatively low. However, these small animals might still find you to be an interesting case if you’re not following proper hygiene.

Final Thoughts

Apartment upper floor bedroom

Remember, preventing mice from entering your upstairs apartment is often better than trying to get rid of them. So make sure that your living space is clean, and that it doesn’t have gaps and holes in windows, doors, and walls. Still, you can take advantage of professional pest extermination services if you're having trouble dealing with these pests.

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