15 Beautiful Mid-Century Modern Living Room Ideas

Mid-century modern is a furniture style that emerged after World War II around 1950 until the mid-1960s. The style is known for its minimalistic furniture pieces which was quite a change from previous styles that were more ornate.

The style of mid-century modern was characterized by pieces with organic and geometric lines manufactured in a variety of materials. Even though the pieces lacked ornateness, the use of bold colors was popular, and it was not uncommon to see furniture pieces in blue, green, and orange. Plants and flowers were often seen in mid-century living rooms as well. 

The popularity of mid-century modern flourished in society because of the need for furnishings that were functional. The clean lines of the pieces made them attractive to consumers who were now moving to the suburbs and furnishing their homes with pieces that were useful rather than merely decorative. 

These days, mid-century modern is again very popular. The modern look in homes has made a comeback, and decorators are choosing simpler furnishings with sleeker lines. 

If you would like to incorporate a mid-century modern look into your decor, we have made it easy for you to do. Below we have put together a list of 15 fabulous mid-century modern living rooms to help you get started. Keep reading for some exciting room ideas!

A mid century modern contemporary style living room, 15 Beautiful Mid-Century Modern Living Room Ideas

1. Contemporary Colors

Bold colors were a feature of mid-century modern decor, and the room in this photo shows a simple yellow couch and green chairs. The coffee table is made of wood and in an original, modern style. The large potted plant and throw that matches the chairs complete the modern look.

Interior design of modern apartment

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2. Formal Feel

Mid-century modern house living room interior

Even though mid-century modern included furniture that was simple and functional, it could still feel formal. The room in this photo is attractive with its green chairs and blue sofa.

The wood on the wall and the floor bring everything back to an atmosphere of the 1950s, while the glass and wood tables provide even more of a retro vibe.

3. Bold And Bright 

Mid-century modern chair with a blanket and a large sofa with colorful cushions in a spacious living room inter

In mid-century modern decor, the use of bold colors was very popular. In the photo, the deep colors pair well with the minimal style of the furnishings and the wooden legs on both the couch and chair.

The bright throw pillows are a colorful touch that brightens the room considerably, and the plants add a little character and charm.

4. Dreaming In Yellow

Modern mid century room interior with yellow sofa

This room features a curved sofa in a bold shade of yellow. The ottoman and other simple pieces bring the 1950s back to life. The hardwood floor contains yellow undertones and perfectly complements the color of the sofa and ottoman. The white walls achieve an open and airy brightness in the room.

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5. Airy And Alluring

Colourful pillow on white sofa in modern and eclectic style living room

This photo features attractive mid-century furnishings in white. The simple-looking pieces are adorned with colorful pillows, and the flowers are a lovely touch that is reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s decorating style. This bit of color adds a touch of drama to the room and prevents everything from looking a little too bright.

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6. Charming Curves

Living room in soft blue with a pink sofa

Although mid-century modern furnishings often have straight lines, it was not unusual to see curved couches in homes in the 1950s. This light pink couch is elegance personified,  and the ceramic end table, hanging lamp, and heavy drapes all work together to enhance the atmosphere of sophistication.

7. Gorgeous Gray

Large mid century style living room in a modern home with gray couch

This living room is almost the epitome of what one expects with mid-century modern decor. The sleek gray couches look sharp, and the brightly colored rug is a retro dream come true.

The yellow throw pillow coordinates well with the yellow tones in the rug, while the gold and black end table is the perfect accessory to achieve 1950s legitimacy.

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8. Vibrant Blue

Modern mid century and vintage interior of living room

Mid-century modern is known for its toned-down style, and the furnishings in this photo feature simple lines.

The wooden cabinet is functional and austerely attractive, while the chair and vase feature a bold blue color that excites the room. The white walls and light-colored flooring come together for a vibe that is a charming throwback.

9. Velvet Dream

Chic mid-century modern luxury aesthetics living room with gray velvet couch and blue rug

Velvet is a fabric that was often used as an upholstery choice in mid-century modern design. This luxurious sofa in a rich shade of gray pairs well with the deep blue rug.

The gold legs on the sofa and the chair also coordinate with the gold table and modern lamp. The look is completed with an attractive floor plant in a gold vase.

10. Sleek And Colorful 

Mid century Modern furniture

The furniture in this photo is oozing with mid-century charm. The bright blue sofa with its angular lines is the epitome of 1950s and 1960s decor, while the geometrically shaped coffee table adds even more contemporary style. The throw pillows are bursting with retro color for a look that's chic and brash.

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11. Traditional Glamour

Mid century modern contemporary style living room with a vaulted pine ceiling

Mid-century modern is a functional style, but that doesn't mean it can't be glamorous. This room pairs up neutral-colored couches with a colorful rug and adds accents with tones of gold. The result is aesthetically pleasing and balanced throughout.

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12.  Smartly Spacious

Large luxury interior home with gray midcentury loveseat

Lighter colors can really make a room look larger, and in this photo, the light tones of the furnishings really open the space up.

The geometric coffee table and shelves are classic mid-century modern and the light gray sofa is a prime example of the retro style. Beguiling accents and plants adorn the room and provide an even more idyllic atmosphere.

13. Dramatic Purple

Modern mid Century interior of living room with armchairs and wood TV cabinet

The living room in this photo is teeming with drama and character because of the impressive dark shade of the back wall.

The white flooring is a striking contrast to the wall, and the light purple armchair and light wood cabinet perfectly enhance each other. The gold and white retro accents further accentuate the mid-century ambiance in the space.

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14. Daringly Different

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Experimenting with bold colors is a feature of mid-century modern design, and the room in this photo expertly combines a vibrant blue sofa with a deep yellow ottoman. The curved furniture pieces are perfectly paired, and the colorful throw pillows create a lovely harmony in this very dynamic space.

15. Simple And Chic

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Sometimes less is more, and this minimally decorated living room proves that this is true. A simple yellow couch is paired with fun throw pillows and a dark blue rug. The art on the wall adds an extra splash of pizazz. Although the look is simple, the room has a lot of personality. 

Get In The Modern Mood

If you love the look of a mid-century modern living room, the time is now to recreate the 1950s in your home. Many furniture designers have incorporated the time period into their lines, so there is no shortage of appropriate pieces to get the look you desire. If the nostalgic retro look is what you want, you are sure to find everything you need and more, as the possibilities are endless!

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