Mindful Gray Vs Agreeable Gray Vs Repose Gray

You could be planning to paint your living room, bedroom, office, or any other space color gray. With many shades of gray available, which one should you pick? We have narrowed our discussion to three types of gray; Mindful Gray, Agreeable Gray, and Repose Gray. To help you make a credible decision, we have researched on your behalf to bring you the information below. 

All three grays, Mindful, Agreeable, and Repose, are paint colors that can look great in most rooms in your home. They all have blue, green, and purple undertones. They appear different under varied lighting and have different LRVs.   

Keep reading as we discuss the differences between Mindful, Agreeable, and Repose Gray. We also discuss the colors you can match them with and the areas in your home to best paint these colors.  

A collaged photo of Mindful gray, Agreeable gray, and Repose Gray, Mindful Gray Vs Agreeable Gray Vs Repose Gray

Sherwin William’s Mindful, Agreeable, And Repose Gray

These three grays have blue, green, and purple undertones, with different LRVs. Let us look at what each paint has to offer:

Mindful Gray

Mindful Gray has a very slight purple undertone, and a wink of green. It has a Light Reflective Value (LRV) of 48. The LRV of a paint indicates the amount of light a painted surface reflects.

LRV is measured on a scale starting from 0 to 100%. The lowest at 0% is black, which absorbs all light, while the highest at 100% is pure white, which reflects all light.

It holds well in a bright room, but may look flat or dull in a dark room. Thus, good interior lighting may be necessary to bring this color to life. It may lose some of its warmth in a room that has north-facing light. A room in south-facing light, will still look gray but with some warmth in it.

Check out the video below that briefly discusses Mindful Gray paint:

Agreeable Gray

This is a mid-tone neutral warm gray with a green undertone that is barely there, with an LRV of 60. A room looks inviting with agreeable gray under a lot of natural lighting. Rooms with artificial lighting look more of greige, a mixture of gray and beige, making it warm, friendly, and inviting.

Repose Gray

This gray is a mixture of brown, gray, greige, and a hint of purple. A north-facing room brings out the coolness of this color well, whereby you will see a bluish undertone with a flash of purple undertone.

A south-facing room will look lighter with no visible undertones. It has an LRV of 58, a shade lighter than Agreeable Grand ray.

The Best Place To Paint Mindful, Agreeable, And Repose Gray

These grays are all popular that you can paint in the interior and exterior of your home. Below are areas in your home you can paint any of the grays:

Mindful Gray

Mindful Gray can look stunning in your kitchen, including mixing it with other colors. For example, you could paint the walls Mindful Gray, the countertops white, and the kitchen cabinets another type of gray like Snowbound. And, if the floors are dark hardwood, wouldn’t your kitchen be splendid?

You could also play around with the colors and paint the kitchen cabinets Mindful Gray. It will make your cabinets stand out without dominating the kitchen.

Mindful Gray on the exterior of your home would look great. You would have a stunningly beautiful home by painting some parts of your wall Mindful Gray and the trims white.

Mindful Gray is a color that you can paint any part of your home as long as you blend it well with the furniture, other matching colors, not forgetting to consider the lighting.

Agreeable Gray

This is a versatile color that you can use almost anywhere, including living room, bathroom, kitchen, basement, ceilings, trim, etc. 

Your bathroom would have a beautiful backdrop by painting the walls Agreeable Gray. Painting Agreeable Gray on your bathroom vanity can be an excellent idea as well because it will give the room a fresh and clean feel.

How about painting your kitchen walls Agreeable Gray? Being neutral, it will blend with other colors in the kitchen. It would also look great on your kitchen cabinets. Matching it with dark colors like black can give your kitchen an attractive bold contrast.

It can make our living room and bedroom look gorgeous, on condition that you pair it with matching colors.

Painting the exterior of your home this color is a good option, like in the photo above. However, due to the sunlight, it will look lighter outside than it does inside the house. If you prefer a light color but not white, go for this gray.

Repose Gray

This is another versatile gray that you can use in almost any room in your home. If you are not interested in a cool gray with blue undertones, Repose Gray is an excellent option.

It can look great in your kitchen, living room, bathroom, or bedroom. For example, you can paint the bedroom walls Repose Gray and the trim white.

How Your Grays Look In Different Lighting

Light is crucial in how your gray will appear. This is because it changes under different lighting. That is why it’s good to know what the room you will paint will look like in the light. Let us explore how Mindful, Agreeable, and Repose Gray holds under different lighting:

Mindful Gray 

The undertones in a Mindful Gray will appear differently under different lighting.

A north-facing room will appear subtle bluish because the blue undertones are much clearer in the light. You will be able to see the true neutral gray of this shade in a south-facing room.

Despite east-facing rooms having the brightest light in the morning with a yellow-orange tone, Mindful Gray still holds to its own. A west room that normally also has a yellow-orange tone, brings out the warm tones of the Mindful Gray color.

Agreeable Gray

This particular gray will appear muted in a north-facing room. On the other hand, the light will bring out the warmth in Agreeable Gray in a south-facing room. A west-facing room will bring out the warmth in this gray and will appear cooler in the morning of an east-facing room.

Repose Gray

It is a spectacle to see the subtle purple and blue undertones in the south and western-facing rooms. You will not see this in the north-facing rooms and to some extent, the east-facing rooms.

What Colors Go With Your Grays?

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Matching paint colors is important for bringing out that aesthetic appeal in your home. It can be confusing on which color to match with your gray, and that’s why we have briefly discussed it below:

Mindful Gray

As seen above, Mindful Gray is so versatile that you can match it with many shades. Since it’s a great color for interior walls, you can pair it with white trim. It works best with bright white like Sherwin Williams Alabaster and off-white shades such as Sherwin Williams Pearly White and Eider White.

Agreeable Gray

Agreeable Gray matches well with blue, white, cream, black, pink, and ivory. Other beautiful pairings include Sherwin Williams Pure White and Urbane Bronze. It can also go well with Web Gray and Iron Ore, both from Sherwin Williams.

Repose Gray

This gray coordinates very well with Snowbound, Copen Blue, Cadet, and Koral Kicks, all from Sherwin Williams.

In ClosingA collaged photo of Mindful gray, Agreeable gray, and Repose Gray


If you prefer neutral colors, then gray paints are a good option. We narrowed our research to three gray colors, Mindful Gray, Agreeable Gray, and Repose Gray. All these are attractive colors and can make your home look magnificent.

They can be used in almost any part of your home, though you have to consider the lighting coming into your home, including the artificial light. They also look great on the exterior of your home.

It’s important to know the coordinating colors of each gray to help bring out the aesthetic appeal of your home.

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