24 Minimalist Floor Lamps You Should Check Out

24 Minimalist Floor Lamps You Should Check OutThere are plenty of good reasons to choose a minimalistic approach to the lighting in your home. You might want to let the décor surrounding your floor lamp speak for itself. You might simply prefer the sleek, modern look that minimalist decorations provide.

Ornate floor lamps aren’t for everybody, as they might stand out like a sore thumb if they don’t fit in seamlessly with the rest of your aesthetic choices. Whatever your reasons for choosing minimalist floor lamps, you can’t go wrong with this design choice.

The minimalist design style is all about clean, light, unobtrusive home decor. Choosing the right lighting source for each room is essential in maintaining the open and airy feeling you desire. The right lamp can truly define a space, while the wrong one can draw undesired attention. We have found eleven minimalist floor lamps that are all perfect choices for lighting without frills.

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Below are 24 floor lamps that will add that minimalist touch to any space of your home. And if you feel like you need to brush up on the principles of the style, make sure to read our Minimalist Home Decor Complete Guide too.

24 Floor Lamps That Show That “Minimalist” Doesn’t Have to Mean “Plain”

Many people mistakenly believe that to keep things minimalist means to elect for plain – or even boring – design choices. The 24 floor lamps below will show you, without a doubt, that this definitely isn’t the case.

1. Dimmable LED Floor Lamp

This minimalist lamp from PureOptics LED comes equipped with a head that swivels 360 degrees, so you can cast illumination wherever you need it. The sleek chrome design can easily fit into a room of any size or decorative theme. Even better, it’s dimmable! Perhaps the best thing about this lamp, though, is that it is also minimalist in terms of energy consumption, using only 3 watts to light up your bedroom, office, or anywhere else.

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2.  Adesso Metropolis Adjustable Height Floor Lamp

The white and brushed steel construction of this floor lamp will fit effortlessly into any space. For those of us who have gotten in on the smart home trend, this lamp is a great find because it is smart socket compatible! Better yet, it is also energy-efficient and comes with a double-socket construction! Despite the energy efficiency, you’ll get as much as three times the light from this lamp as you would from a more traditional floor lamp.

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3. Adesso Ellis Floor Lamp

Wooden grain and a textured white fabric covering make for a beautiful lighting solution that will illuminate and accentuate any area of your home. The 3-way rotary switch on the cord makes it easy to get the exact amount of lighting that you need. Additionally, the extra-long cord allows you to use this lamp wherever you need to, even if an outlet isn’t incredibly close by.

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4. O’Bright Industrial Floor Lamp

This lighting solution offers a surprisingly aesthetic approach to the “bare bulb” look. The light fixture works with many different bulbs, so you can even customize the style in this way. This floor lamp stands at 70 inches in height and harnesses a mere 120 volts, but do you want to know the best thing about it? Each purchase of this lamp comes with a comprehensive 1-year warranty!

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5.  Brightech LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

If modern and minimalist is your approach to decorating, you should definitely consider adding this floor lamp into your space. The long pole lamp features an adjustable disc-like surface that projects light through the use of an incredibly power-saving LED light source. The lamp produces zero heat and has a sturdily weighted base, so you can feel safe in knowing that your floor lamp was designed with safety in mind.

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6. Globe Electric Exposed Bulb Remington Floor Lamp

The black finish of the pole on this delightfully contemporary floor lamp is only one of its eye-catching features. You’ve also got a golden socket that showcases the exposed bulb – and as we all know, minimalist décor is all about the subtle details. Each lamp comes with a 5-foot long cord so that you can use it in any area of your home that needs some illumination. Requires a 60-watt bulb.

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7. Brightech Maxwell LED Floor Lamp with Shelving

Minimalist and modern décor requires a keen focus on the details. This lamp from Brightech offers you the opportunity to inject your own details and your own sense of style with ease, because you can store nearly anything – or nothing at all – on the highly aesthetic shelving solution built into the lamp’s sturdy construction. The design fits beautifully into a corner or as an alternative to an end table, but really you can place it anywhere.

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8. Brass Colored Industrial Floor Lamp

This unique lamp from Brightech is brass in color and offers a transparent shade for an otherwise exposed bulb, which is great if you want an industrial or slightly colorful touch somewhere within your modern/minimalistic aesthetic. The long pole construction may seem like it’s not the sturdiest lighting solution, but the weighted base takes care of that concern. And, as a bonus, a 20,000 hour LED light bulb is included in your purchase!

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9. Serenity LED Floor Lamp

Minimalistic approaches to design don’t have to be overly simple when it comes to your floor lamps. This floor lamp comes equipped with a beautiful covering in Havana brown, which adds warmth and depth to any space – including your ultra-modern bedroom or office. This lamp, which is powered by a long-lasting LED bulb, will look great in the corner or at the edge of your sofa, bed, or desk!

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10. Rivet Tripod Floor Lamp

The drum shade, dark finish, and tripod design invoke a classical design that’s been seamlessly infused with the modern aesthetic you want at home. While it looks splendid in the corner of a room, this lamp can make a statement from any position in a room! Because the drum shade is lightly textured and off-white, it diffuses light to provide a gentler and warmer ambiance in your room.

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11. Modern Pole Lamp with Drum Shade

This floor lamp is as beautiful and eye-catching as any minimalistic floor lamp can be. The dark finish of the pole will stand out beautifully against a brighter colored contrasting wall, while the hanging drum shade provides a sense of warmth that can’t be achieved with all-white or all-metal construction lamps. This lamp works with Amazon Alexa and Google features, allowing you to turn it on without using your hands and permitting you to dim the light as necessary.

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12. Globe Electric Satin Finish Floor Lamp

This gold-colored lamp, with its sturdy base and unique bulb covering, makes for a great addition in any minimalist or modern space without being so bold that it detracts from surrounding décor. The lamp stands at five feet in height and would look great anywhere, but especially in that corner that could use a bit more light. The lamp comes with a 5-foot long cord, so you can use it anywhere you want to without hassle!

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13. 3 Light Pole LED Floor Lamp

Want something unique that can fit into any interior design scheme? Then this could be the lamp for you! From Brightech comes this uniquely constructed lamp.  Take a look at the three rotating light fixtures. Each one rotates 360 degrees so that you can get the light you need, exactly where you need it. For something that catches the eye, lights up the room and complements the aesthetic of your space, look no further.

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14. Brightech Sky LED Torchiere

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This floor lamp perfectly embodies minimalism. Its design aims the light up at the ceiling to give a filtered and dispersed effect. This means the lighting will be soft, yet powerful and well distributed throughout the room. It is also a very simple design that is meant to blend in. The three brightness settings offer customizable lighting that looks natural throughout the day. The head is also able to be repositioned to a slant for extra emphasis on a particular area.

15. PureOptics LED Floor Lamp

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This is a great accent/reading lamp. Flicker-free LED bulbs reduce eye strain, so it is a perfect workspace light. It features a reflective chrome finish that goes with any color scheme. The LED’s are dimmable and mimic daylight, which is excellent for a minimalist space as it reflects the true colors in the room. Its size was designed to fit in small spaces, and the adjustable head allows for multi-directional lighting without the bulk.

16. Globe Electric Holden Floor Lamp

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Simple and contemporary, this Nordic style lamp is a statement piece for sure. Matte black, matte white, steel or gold finishes are available and compliment any decor. An exposed bulb creates visual interest and allows for plenty of light. When choosing a bulb for this lamp, keep in mind the design of your space and the level of brightness you want to achieve. Its cord reaches up to five feet, so it is able to be positioned far from an outlet.

17. Brightech Luna - Frosted Glass Globe

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Available in antique brass, bronze, or rose gold, this lamp is sure to delight the quirky minimalist. Its 65-inch height makes it one of the taller lamps in our selection. It is an eye-catching yet sleek design. The frosted glass bulb cover disperses light softly. This is a great choice for someone looking to use a colored bulb, as it will display the color brilliantly.

18. Brightech Helix LED Floor Lamp

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To describe this lamp in one word would be- stunning. The helix design and chrome finish reflect to provide 360 degrees of lighting. Three different light settings make this the perfect lamp for any type of room. This design maintains the minimalist approach to decorating while providing a one of a kind piece that stands out in the best way possible. This lamp can be placed near other modern art inspired design elements and blend in due to its statuesque appearance.

19. Brightech Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp

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This arched lamp was designed to accentuate a particular design element or space in a room. It can be used as a reading lamp for the perfect nook or illuminating a sofa or living area. It is bright enough to be a work lamp at its brightest and dim enough to be a bedside lamp at its darkest. The design is versatile, visually interesting and definitely unique.

20. Tranquility LED Floor Lamp

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If you are searching for a softer, more comfortable lamp to use in quiet spaces, this beautiful lantern style is a home run. Soft, warm light glows through the thin shade to provide just enough light while keeping the ambiance relaxed. There is no glare or stark light. It is the perfect floor lamp for a bedroom or den.

21. Sleek Reading Lamp

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Available in black or white with a beautiful wooden accent, this lamp is a more traditional silhouette. The natural wood provides an organic feel. The neck is adjustable, and the light is perfect for reading. Its design fits neatly into any space, making it the perfect all-around lamp to use in multiple different rooms.

22. Tall Pole Lamp with Hanging Drum Shade

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Another ‘paper lantern’ styled shade, this gorgeous piece comes in rose gold, nickel, black, and brass. The hanging design is great for reading or working areas. The shaded LED gives this lamp a cozy look and comfortable feel. Its shape makes it an excellent corner lamp, while its size provides enough light for a fairly large space.

23. JONATHAN Y Iris Integrated Floor Lamp

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Out of all the listings shown so far, this lamp is by far the most minimal and striking. An excellent option for a smaller space, this lamp takes almost no room at all. The LED lighting extends throughout the whole length of the lamp itself, so it is an ample light source as well as being compact. This lamp lends itself to being paired with other lighting fixtures in the same room without taking away from its design.

24. Modern Gooseneck Floor Lamp

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Lastly, we have a more classic style of work lamp. This brushed nickel gooseneck lamp is fully adjustable. Simple and on the smaller side, it will fit into any type of space. The directional light will provide plenty of light for working or reading at a desk or an armchair.

Going Minimalist Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Lighting is an essential part of a minimalist themed home. The clean lines and impressively austere design of the lamps displayed in this post can liven up any nook or corner of your minimalist abode.

As you can see from the 24 beautiful examples above, minimalist floor lamps don’t have to be a bore. You can see that there are many styles and finishes available, from interesting looking metal poles to unique shades that capture the eye and accent a room’s style. Many of these lamps will look great in nearly any aesthetic, but will especially shine in a space that’s been decorated with a modern or minimalist approach in mind.

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