9 Gorgeous Mission Style Floor Lamps

If you're looking for clean lines and simple style in your floor lamp, then you might be looking for one in the Mission design style.

The style originated in America in the late 1800s and was first used in furniture built for churches in California. The word "mission" comes from a reference to the Spanish missions that were found throughout California in the late 19th century. However, the mission of style furniture isn't related to the Spanish missions in anything other than the name.

9 Gorgeous Mission Style Floor Lamps

Mission decor was part of the Arts and Crafts movement that swept America from 1880-1920. Hallmarks of that movement are identical to those in mission style design, including features like:

  • traditional craftsmanship
  • simple designs that highlight wood grain (in wooden pieces)
  • clean lines
  • flat panels

Mission floor lamps have a distinct style that you'll easily learn to recognize. They have a dark stand topped with a good-sized shade. That shade is often made out of Tiffany glass, which would have been popular at the end of the 1800s. Tiffany also features clean lines in its design, which fits with the mission style.

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Here are nine stunning mission style floor lamps that will become the focal point of any space.

Yellow Hexagon Tiffany Mission Lamp

The beautiful warm yellow and orange tones of this shade will provide a gorgeous glow to any room. The hexagon shape of the shade is a unique look, and the detail on the bottom of the shade plays off of the detail in the iron at the top of the lampstand. At 64" in height, it's tall enough to go over any chair or sitting area and provide a perfect amount of light to the person seated under it.

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Tiffany Two-Light Mission Lamp

The bursts of color in the glass will stand out against the warm brown tones. The pops of purple and green are illuminated by the two bulbs in the lamp. You can light one at a time or both simultaneously to achieve the precise amount of light you want. The bottom of the shade is square, and the clean lines featured on the shade are a good match to the mission design style.

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Capistrano Rustic Mission Lamp

This is the only lamp on our list that doesn't feature a Tiffany shade. Instead, it's a deep, brown-red shade made of mica, and it's reminiscent of the rich tones that are a hallmark of mission style decor. The lamp stands less than 60" tall, so it's one of the shortest on our list. Nevertheless, it will make a stunning addition to a home office that features lots of dark stained wood.

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Tiffany Torchiere Floor Lamp

Torchiere is a fancy word that means a floor lamp that gives off indirect uplight. This fits that bill and the inverted shade is a unique look. The blue and green tones in the stained glass go very well with the dark metal tone in the stand. The cool tones and unique pattern of the glass make this mission style floor lamp a real standout.

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Chloe Tiffany-Style Torch Floor Lamp

This Chloe floor lamp stands 70" tall, and the inverted shade at the top emits off a beautiful bright light. The shade is 14" across and the pieces of stained glass are smaller in size than you'll see in a lot of other lamps. That design element, combined with the dark color of both the stand the leading in the glass shade, gives this light an elegant look to complement your mission decor.

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Tiffany-Style Mission Floor Lamp

The warm yellow, orange, and brown tones, both in the shade and on the stand, are a precise match for the warm tones of mission decor. This floor lamp only stands 60" tall, so it's shorter than others on this list. However, that makes it just the right size to put next to a bench, as you see in the picture, for some extra ambient light to keep your room softly but beautifully lit.

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VINLUZ Tiffany-Style Floor Lamp

The triangles in this lamp's shade are a beautiful look and a really different design element for this lamp. Your attention goes right to them because of their unique colors and uncommon pattern. The lamp also features a bronze finish to the stand and a 70" height from the base to the top of the shade. The inverted shade gives a great uplit feel to the room, letting the warm tones spill over your mission furniture.

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Rose Stained Glass Mission Floor Lamp

The floral designs in the stained glass are stunning in this lamp, and their colors closely match the beauty of real roses. The soft green color at the top of the shade mimics the stems of the flowers but is lighter in color than the real thing to let some additional light filter through the top. With two bulbs, you again can control the amount of glow that the light gives off.

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Bieye Dragonfly Floor Lamp

We've saved the most unique of our mission floor lamps for last. This gorgeous lamp has a shade shaped like a dragonfly, complete with web-like wings, a red body, and yellow eyes. The colors found underneath the dragonfly are a mix of deep and cool, and both are very complementary to the dark hue of the stand. This piece will have guests to your home commenting on the lamp's beauty and distinctive look.

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Each and every one of these floor lamps would add a nice touch of mission decor to your home. The only question left for you is which one best fits your living space?


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