Can You Mix Wicker And Wood Furniture? [Here’s how to]

Furniture made from wicker or wood is natural, sustainable, and durable. You may be wondering if it's okay to pair wicker chairs with a wooden table or enjoy wicker furniture indoors with wooden accent pieces. We did some digging to see what interior decor rules had to say about mixing wood and wicker furniture together. 

Wicker and wood furniture work well together. Mixing the two materials makes for a great look. With the right combination, you can bring rustic charm, bohemian vibes, and more.  The possibilities are endless for decorating dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and other spaces with wood and wicker furniture.

If you still have more questions about mixing wicker and wood furniture, don't fret. In this post, we'll discuss how to combine the two materials in a beautiful way and how you can refresh their look. Just keep reading!

Living room interior with wicker and wooden furniture, Can You Mix Wicker And Wood Furniture? [Here's how to]

Wicker And Wood Furniture Combined

Wicker furniture has maintained its popularity around the world since its inception in ancient Egypt. Reed grasses were expertly woven together to create lightweight but sturdy chairs, tables, baskets, and other useful items. Usually, wicker furniture is created using plants like willow, rattan, reed, and bamboo. However, some modern wicker furniture may be made from synthetic materials. 

Wooden furniture is rich in texture, varies in color, and is more heavy-duty than wicker. There are many different types of wood to choose from, too. The versatility in wood variety allows you to customize your home to precisely fit your vision. Combining heavier wooden furniture pieces with lightweight wicker furniture pieces is truly eye-catching. 

Wicker furniture options are typically used as patio furniture, lounge chairs, bedroom seating, and eclectic tables and chairs for dining. Consider using wicker chairs in a dining room with a vintage or thrift wooden dining table for a cozy, cottage feel. Wicker furniture adds a welcome touch of softness and complements an informal gathering space.

Create a vibe of nostalgia in a living room using wicker accent chairs with throw pillows coupled with antique wooden side tables. 

Spruce up your space with classic or modern wooden bookcases, modern lamps, and chic wicker elements. Don't be afraid to experiment with mixing different colors of wicker furniture, too. A collection of colors is visually stimulating in any room.

When mixing different colors of wicker furniture, you can create a unified look with similarly colored throw pillows. Match the color of your area rug and wall treatment or use complementing accessories. If you like, you can even choose to change the stain or paint your wicker furniture a different color. The most important thing is to create visual movement and harmonious energy between your furniture pieces.

Can Wicker Furniture Be Used Indoors?

Wicker furniture is not only suitable for the outdoors or patios, but should also be used inside! You can make a living room feel even more relaxing with a tasteful wicker chair coupled with a throw blanket or plush pillow. You can add a touch of coastal charm with wicker ottomans or tables.

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Wicker furniture is desirable because it is lightweight and sturdy. Plus, wicker furniture is organic, natural, and comes in earthy tones that can be easily painted or stained. Choose wicker furniture for a touch of bohemian or rustic energy in an otherwise modern or classic living room, dining room, or nook.

Although wicker furniture is often thought of as outdoor-only furniture, these pieces should not be exposed to inclement weather. It's easy for the materials to absorb too much water. Lightweight, stackable chairs can be brought out for houseguests during a dinner party.

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Keep in mind that wicker and rattan have soft, natural energy that plays well with harder, structured architectural pieces.

Wicker is an excellent choice for furniture because it is timeless, chic, versatile, and works well in many spaces. Naturally, wicker, rattan, and bamboo give a room a softer touch, make a room feel more inviting, and create visual interest. Pair wooden furniture alongside wicker pieces and add floral touches, framed artwork, living plants, and mood lighting.

Is Rattan The Same As Wicker?

The word "wicker" actually describes the weaving technique of natural fibers like rattan, bamboo, or reed. Rattan is a specific type of plant that is frequently used to create durable, lightweight wicker furniture. Wicker furniture is typically created using natural plants like rattan or synthetic fibers.

Can You Change The Color Of Wicker Furniture? 

If you wish to change the look of your wicker furniture, you can either paint it or stain it. It simply depends on the look you wish to create.


Forget about picking up a brush to paint wicker furniture, as it is better to spray paint it. Using a brush will make it harder to achieve a uniform finish and can be time-consuming.

Before painting this type of furniture, you may want to give it a coat or two of primer to help better absorb the color. Remember to apply spray paint to your wicker furniture outdoors or in a ventilated space. Use water-based paint to extend the life of your wicker pieces or brighten up a thrift store find.

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Staining your wicker furniture is another way to give your chairs, tables, or ottomans a new life. Choose an oil-based wood stain to create the look you desire.

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Vacuum the furniture and wipe it down with mild soap and water to remove any debris. Lightly sand any rough areas and apply liquid sandpaper to help the stain penetrate the wicker. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and apply the stain with a brush working from the top down. When the furniture is fully coated with the stain, allow it to fully dry before applying a spray-on varnish or lacquer to seal your work.

Is It Better To Paint Or Stain Wicker Chairs?

Wicker chairs that are unfinished or in a neutral color are better spray painted for a quick job. If you don't mind devoting more time to customizing your wicker chairs, then you can choose to stain it instead.

Whether you choose to stain or paint your wicker chairs, make sure that it is clean and dry before making an application of any medium. Staining your furniture gives it a more classic, traditional look but painting or dying chairs allow for a wider range of color options.

In Closing

Wicker furniture does not have to solely exist outdoors or on patios. Bring your wicker furniture pieces indoor for a nice refresh. 

You can't go wrong by incorporating wicker and wood furniture into your home. The decor possibilities are endless with this versatile furniture, so choose some delightful wicker and wood pieces for your home.

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