Can You Mix Wood And Glass Furniture?

You love wood furniture, and you love glass furniture, so is it possible to mix both wood and glass furniture in your interior decor? We've researched to find out how well these two styles can combine and if there are ways they work better together. Let's take a look at what we found.

It is totally possible to mix glass furniture pieces with wooden furniture pieces. It's not uncommon to see a glass table with a wooden base. Or a glass dining table with wooden storage furniture in the dining room. Remember to keep size, scale, and style compatible for the best visual effect.

We'll look at examples of rooms where this mixture has been done well. Also, we'll explore if all of your wood furniture has to match. We'll also see if certain woods go well together and if living room furniture all has to match. So please keep reading to see lovely examples of mixing wood and glass furniture.

Beautifully decorated dining table with glass vase and dry branches, Can You Mix Wood And Glass Furniture?

Great Wood And Glass Furniture Looks

We've found some great looks so you can see ways you might combine glass furniture and wood furniture in your own home. Each one of these designs is well thought out and blends the two materials beautifully.

Glass Dining Room Table With Wooden Chairs

Dining room glass table set

This light and airy dining room uses a simple glass table on a dark wooden base to keep the room from being too heavy. The arch of the chair back works well with the rooms, and the wooden trim is a nice complement to the wood of the table and chairs.

Glass Coffee Tables Look Great In Every Space

Luxurious and stylish home living room interior with high-quality furniture and props

This comfortable living room has a great eclectic style. The stand-out piece is the green sofa, but the accents are what we're focused on for this article. We love the simple round glass table with a light wood base for a coffee table. Even though the side buffets are more mahogany in tone, all of the pieces together create a cohesive, comfortable look.

This fun table would create a very similar look to the one in the photo above. Click here for this on Amazon.

A Glass Desk With Wooden Floating Shelves Makes A Chic Home Office Space

Blank white picture frames on brick wall in modern office with glassy table

Here's a really chic look for your home office. Pair a glass desktop with wooden trestle legs for a sleek, simple, and modern desk. Then find some floating shelves in the same tone of wood finish as the trestle to give a bit of storage. It's simple, elegant, and functional.

These acacia wood floating shelves come in a pair and are a handy size at seventeen inches long and just under seven inches deep. Click here for these on Amazon.

Choose Similarly Styled Pieces In Wood And Glass

Nordic style apartment dining room interior with large table and chairs, also used as at home office

Something to think about whenever you are pairing pieces is the size and style of the pieces. Though you can certainly try to make two wildly disparate pieces work, often, you'll fall flat. In this Scandinavian style dining room, a simple slab of glass serves as the dining table. Super modern chairs bring in color. And a large, streamlined light wood buffet fills the opposite wall. The combination features pieces of similar scale, and they are all fairly modern.

Glass Tables Work In Many Styles

Beautifully decorated dining table with glass vase and dry branches

Here's another lovely round glass table in an eat-in kitchen area. This table has a dark wooden base and solid wooden chairs to match. This more traditional table also works in a glass and wood combination.

This small glass-topped dining table would be lovely in an eat-in kitchen. It spans the design range from slightly contemporary to traditional with its dark wood base. Click here for this on Amazon.

Does All Your Wood Furniture Have To Match?

In design, scale and overall design compatibility mean so much more when combining than actual finish does. For this reason, your wood doesn't have to match. You probably don't want to mix a dark overwrought Victorian-era walnut piece with a light mid-century modern maple piece. 

In this gorgeous living room, the tones of the wood are all similar, but all the pieces do not match each other. The two occasional chairs are a set, and it appears that the coffee table and dining table are of similar style. In addition, there's a beautiful wooden bookcase against the dining room wall. And the room features wood trim. Notice that no one piece of furniture overwhelms the others.

Nice living room interior in a house with green backyard

What Woods Go Well Together?

Woods range in tone from a pale whitish-yellow of ash and white pine all the way up to the darkest ebony. So how do you pick woods that go well together? Like with so many other design ideas, think of pairing cooler tones with cooler tones and warmer tones with warmer tones. We've put together some examples for you to envision this.

Keep Things Natural

Scandinavian interior design living room with beige colored furniture and wooden elements

There are several wooden elements in this airy living room: the floor, the side tables, and the large hutch against the wall. The thing these pieces have working for them is that they are similar in tone and all finished in a natural finish. The hutch is slightly darker, but the varied colors in the wood grain reflect similar tones in the flooring and tables. It's a look with a lot of appeal.

Warm Reddish Tones Look Great Together

Black retro typewriter on a unique wooden desk, a mid-century modern chair and a renovated bookcase in a hipster home office interior

In this eclectic space, the woods tend more toward cherry or darker pine tones. The mid-century modern desk and chair have a similar stain color to the wall unit in a mid-red cherry tone.  The bookcase in the foreground stands in a middle color spot between the other two pieces and the yellower tone of the hardwood floor.

Cool Walnut Shades Look Great With Today's Greys And Whites

Modern living room interior with hardwood floors

This living room features the super popular neutral palette of grey and white. But they've brought in elegant wooden elements between the hardwood floor, the coffee table, and the TV console. All three wooden elements are various shades of cool grey-brown walnut tones and work incredibly well with this design.

Traditional Spaces Gravitate Toward Darker Woods

Beautiful library in a luxurious home office

There's something about the rich red of mahogany that screams elegance and tradition. Here a glamorous office makes full use of this beautiful wood. From the desk to the built-in bookshelves to the flooring, all of it is rich and red in tone. If you want a traditional look, this combination won't let you down.

Does All Living Room Furniture Have To Match?

Living room furniture can match, in fact, many homeowners will buy a set of furniture for ease, but living room furniture does not have to match. You can be as eclectic, fun, and funky as you want. We actually love shopping for pieces that will blend to create the perfect luck. It's a bit of a treasure hunt of style. Here are some examples of each way of designing your living room.

Matching Furniture

You can easily buy an entire set that includes a sofa, chair, loveseat or chaise lounge, and side tables all as one set. It's like a living room or family room in one fell swoop. Add lamps and a rug, and you're good to go.

Click here for this on Amazon.

Non-Matching Furniture

Choosing non-matching pieces doesn't mean all your pieces have to be different. You can still buy a sofa and loveseat that match but then pick out eclectic pieces to fill out space around the room. In this room, they've done exactly that. The look is beautiful, and the varied pieces add design interest.

Beautiful living room interior with hardwood floors and and view of kitchen in new luxury home

Mix Wood And Glass To Your Heart's Content

As you can see, the two can go together well. And the reality is, you won't ever be able to have all-glass furniture, so there will be other materials in the mix. Why not wood?

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