How To Find The Model Number On An Electrolux Fridge

With Electrolux, you are buying a top-of-the-line brand. But, just like with any product that is in constant use, your fridge will need maintenance and repairs. Service contractors will need the model number to be able to know the cause of the problem. It also quickly facilitates finding the appropriate part for the Electrolux fridge. So how do you find the model number on an Electrolux fridge? We have researched where it is located in your fridge.

The model number of your Electrolux fridge can be found on the right-hand side of the inside of the fridge.  Knowing the model number will be helpful for the upkeep of your fridge and even get exclusive benefits. 

  • Having the model number will come in handy when your fridge needs repair. This will help in knowing how to fix model-specific problems.
  • Parts of the fridge are also specific to the model. You will need the model number when you need to purchase the correct parts for the fridge.
  • For appliance recall, the model number will identify if your fridge is included.  If part of the recall, it is best to have your fridge repaired or replaced for safety concerns.

The parts of the refrigerator may look the same. But they have many differences in shape and designs that only the model number can tell. Read on further to know why the model number is important with your fridge concerns. 

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Electrolux Refrigerators

Electrolux is considered the second-largest appliance maker in the world based on the number of units sold.  It makes various types of refrigerators, from integrated to free-standing fridge freezers. 

Each type of refrigerator will have a corresponding model number. This detail is found on the manufacturing plate together with the serial number inside your refrigerator

Why do we need to know the model number?

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Knowing the model number is important for various reasons.  Look for it on a metal or sticker label on the right-hand side of the fridge. Also, there is a word "model" beside the number and letters. This sticker label has a white background with a black print. 

For Repairs

When you contact an appliance repair center, the first thing that will be asked is the model number. Also, to respond to product inquiries, the model number will help in giving out the correct information.
The model number serves as a guide for the technicians to know the fridge model and be able to give you the best service. They will be able to easily pinpoint what are the possible causes of the problem.
Your Electrolux fridge has a limited warranty. The service contractor will ask for the model number to provide free repairs for the first year since the date of purchase.

Parts and Accessories

Manufacturers make variations of the same home appliance. The variations will have corresponding model numbers. Each variant will also have specific parts that will not fit with other models. There will be parts designed for a fridge model that may look the same but will not work properly with what you have.

Knowing the model number will help determine the compatibility of replacement parts. Many spare parts have subtle variations in design and shape; thus, not all may be suitable for your fridge. 
In addition, the model number will help guide the technician in finding the correct parts. It will also save you time and money as it lessens trips to the store for a replacement. 
However, some accessories will fit in any Electrolux fridge. For example, a replacement air filter will work with most of the models. An air filter works better than baking soda. It removes unpleasant odor from the fridge and keeps food and drinks staying fresh.
The recommendation is for the air filter to be changed every six months. But, before buying, double-check if the model number is compatible with the air filter. 
For an Electrolux fridge that has built-in water dispensers, a water purifier is needed. It reduces contaminants and provides safer drinking water. This fridge accessory is easy to install. Just like the air filter, please check compatibility with your model number before buying.


Some manufacturers do products when the safety of the appliance is the issue. They release all the models that are affected by the recall. Knowing the model number will help in checking if your fridge is part of the recall.

If you continue to use the appliance even after it has been recalled it poses danger to you and your home. It is best to repair or replace your fridge once a recall announcement is made.

Product registration

The model number will also give information on the exclusive benefits of your fridge. You may do this by inputting the model number upon product registration on the Electrolux website. 

Registering on the website will unlock benefits such as customized tips for your fridge model, get special offers and have access to Electrolux exclusive partners. Product registration will also help fridge concerns be addressed faster. In addition, you have access to the Platinum Star Limited Warranty for two years. 

Is the model number the same as the serial number?

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An appliance's model number and serial number are not the same. Each number has a different function, but both will help know specific information on the product. 

The model number represents the specific type of appliance made by a manufacturer. This will differentiate between appliance models in the same category.

For the Electrolux fridge, the different kinds of fridges it makes will have a specific model number. In addition, each model number contains a combination of letters and numbers to easily know the type of fridge.

Whereas, a serial number is specific to your unit only among the thousands manufactured. It will give information like when and where it was manufactured, color scheme, and what accessories are compatible. To identify it on the label, the word "serial" comes before the letter and number combinations.

The serial number for an Electrolux fridge follows the format of:

  • a manufacturing facility,
  • product identifier,
  • last digit of the year, week of the year,
  • and incremental unit number.

Also, a side-by-side fridge made by Electrolux may have new variations or additions from the original model. The serial number will help identify the different features of each type of fridge. 

Other Labels You May Find in Your Fridge

When locating the model number, you might notice that there are other sticker labels on your fridge. There can be labels to give you a guide on energy consumption and a warning while the fridge is in use. 

The energy guide label lets you know how much energy your fridge uses. This will not tell the model number of the product but the energy rating. Also, it will give you information on the cost of energy used compared to other models. 

Your fridge may also have a warning label. This is a way for the manufacturer to warn users of the risks associated with the appliance. This label may be located near the model number label.

The fridge's model number will not tell you how old the appliance is. It is in the serial number where you can find information on the manufacturing date. 

For an Electrolux fridge, the week and year it was manufactured are included in the serial number. From this date, you will know the age of the fridge you are buying or using. 

What can I do if I cannot find the model number?

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The sales receipt will have the model number. This is usually used as proof of purchase for warranty so the model number is indicated for easy reference.

Another option if you cannot find the model number on your fridge is to refer to the owners' manual.  There are instances that it may not be the complete model number as the manual covers different versions of the model. However, even a partial model number can still help in finding the correct part. You may contact the manufacturer to provide the complete model number.

In conclusion

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Whether you want to have a maintenance check-up or buy a part or accessory for your Electrolux fridge, the most important information you need is the model number. It can easily be located inside your fridge, no need for digging or moving it to see the back part. Keep a record of the model number so that next time you need it, you readily have it too.

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