15 Modern Flower Arrangement Ideas You Should See

Creating the perfect flower arrangement can be tricky without some inspiration. Are you going for a super modern look, or is something with a traditional theme more your speed? We are also quite curious about this topic and have done plenty of research to find you the best ideas. Let's dive right in.

When it comes to modern flower arrangements, there are so many great options. We recommend starting with a unique vase and moving up from there. Make sure to arrange your flowers in a way that each one can be seen and appreciated. Whether you are into bright colors or not, using a few types of flowers is an easy way to spice things up.

As we get this post started, we will be sharing our top 15 modern flower arrangements and even recommend some helpful products. Flowers have such a happy and nostalgic feeling, so it is important to express yourself through your arrangement. With that said, let's begin our list!

A gorgeous flower arrangement using gerbera daisy on a white background, 15 Modern Flower Arrangement Ideas You Should See


1. Tropical Elements

Gorgeous flower arrangement on a gray background

First up, we have a modern tropical arrangement that catches the eye. This flower arrangement incorporates shades of purple and yellow, which complement each other very nicely. We also love the textured white vase that adds just the right amount of neutral color to this arrangement.

2. Simple White Roses

Interior of a contemporary living room with a gorgeous Chrysanthemum flower arrangement on a glass vase

Next, we have a modern white rose arrangement that looks beautiful in this living room. White roses are an easy way to add some floral scent to your home without attracting too much attention. We especially like the tall glass vase holding the roses that gives the illusion they are floating.

CYS Excel Glass Cylinder Vase

Here is an 18-inch glass vase from CYS that will hold your flowers without stealing the show. This vase is a hand-blown cylinder shape and has a diameter of five inches.

Check out this hand-blown glass vase on Amazon.

3. Pastel Colored Vases

Beautiful pastel colored flowers perfectly arranged on a pastel background

Third, we have a simple pastel vase and flower arrangement idea that we are living for. Having some fun with your vase's color is an easy way to make your arrangement feel modern without having to do too much. We recommend mixing and matching colors when trying this idea out to achieve a similar look.

ART & ARTIFACT 3 Piece Small Decorative Glass Vase Set

Here is a three-piece decorative glass vase set from ART & ARTIFACT that will brighten up your arrangement. This set comes with a pink, blue, and green vase that each has a unique pattern.

See this colorful vase set on Amazon here.

4. Rounded Off Arrangement

A beautiful Hydrangea and rose bouquet on a glass square vase on a white background

Next up, we have a modern rounded flower arrangement that is perfectly understated. Choosing to go with a smaller round arrangement is great for an entryway or bathroom and adds just the right amount of color to a room. The contrast between the squared-off vase and the flowers is also a nice detail to note.

5. Rustic Meets Modern

A gorgeous flower arrangement using gerbera daisy on a white background

Fifth, we have a rustic take on a modern flower arrangement that turned out amazing. This arrangement feels very eclectic while also being modern enough not to feel outdated. The multi-colored Gerbera Daisies paired with the blue vase are a match made in heaven.

6. Soft Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom on a white vase inside a white living room

Another modern flower arrangement we love is this minimalist cherry blossom. We appreciate the less is more approach here and think that this would be great on a kitchen counter or dining table. The matte white vase is another nice touch that doesn't take our attention from the beautiful cherry blossoms.

WENSHUO Small Decorative White Vase

Here is a decorative white vase from WENSHUO that is perfect for a cherry blossom arrangement. This vase has a matte texture and is 4.17 inches tall and 2.25 inches wide.

View this matte white flower vase on Amazon here.

7. Ultra Modern Dandelions

Next, we have this stunning modern flower arrangement that is made with a mix of dandelions. This arrangement is a favorite on the list and feels perfect for spring or summer. The low-rise bowl almost blends into the arrangement and makes it feel like a piece of art.

8. DIY Recycled Arrangement

For anyone reading looking for an eco-friendly flower arrangement idea, here is a fun project. If you find yourself with a bit of plastic waste sitting around, why not transform it into a beautiful modern arrangement? This specific arrangement is mimicking a Baby Breath Gypsophila Flower and is paired with a simple matte vase.

9. Contrasting Colors

A Jerusalem artichoke flower placed on black vase inside a blue colored living room

Coming in ninth, we have a bright yellow arrangement inside a darker vase. This is a unique way to add some contrast to your space with a modern twist. We suggest going with a brighter flower and a darker vase or vice versa to achieve a similar look.

Gemseek Black Ceramic Flower Vase

Here we have a 7.8-inch black vase from Gemseek that is perfect for this type of arrangement. This modern black vase has a matte finish and is 3.5 inches in width.

See this matte black vase on Amazon here.

10. Multi-Tiered

Here is another modern arrangement we love that has a simple and classy look to it. The white and green theme keeps this flower arrangement feeling fresh and easy to decorate with.

11. Fully Submerged

Another modern flower arrangement idea that stands out is a fully submerged option like this. Having your flowers be completely underwater in a clear tube-shaped vase is a futuristic way to get all your guests talking and snapping photos. We especially like how this arrangement went with floating candles to give it an intimate feel.

Homemory Waterproof Flameless Floating Tealights

Here is a 24 pack of waterproof flameless candles from Homemory to add to your floating arrangement. These candles are waterproof, and feature flickering LED light technology.

Check out these LED waterproof candles on Amazon here.

12. Horizontal Tulips

Coming in at 12, we have this eye-catching tulip arrangement that feels like a work of art. We love how this floral design has a simple look to it while also feeling modern and refreshing.

13. Intricate Stem Weaving

Next up, we have a jaw-dropping, weaved modern arrangement that is gorgeous. This arrangement is perfect for an entryway or large dining room table and is genuinely one of a kind. The frosted glass vase gives us the illusion there are no stems inside the glass, which is a gravity-defying concept.

Zucker Glass Eiffel Tower Vase

Here we have a frosted glass Eiffel Tower vase from Zucker that will work well to hide any stems. This vase is 24-inches tall and comes in a few different finishes.

Follow this link to see this frosted glass vase on Amazon.

14. Hollow Contemporary Vase

Another modern flower arrangement idea we are obsessed with is this open vase concept. This understated yet straightforward centerpiece is perfect for a table or counter space needing some color.

15. Unconventional Props

Last but certainly not least, we have this quirky modern arrangement that is super fun. If you are looking to try something new, adding some extra fruits or props into your flower arrangement is a great way to get that accomplished. Who knew that lemons belonged in a flower arrangement?

The Wrap Up

Creating the perfect modern flower arrangement turned out to be much easier than we thought. No matter your taste or budget, there are plenty of ways to arrange your flowers to keep up with today's trends. From hollow vases to stemless flowers, the idea of a modern arrangement is anything you want it to be. We suggest finding a unique vase to complement your arrangement and even adding some props like floating candles. Regardless of your level of flower knowledge, your arrangement is going to be a showstopper.

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