23 Gorgeous Modern Living Rooms With A Fireplace

There's nothing quite like a living room with a sleek, modern aesthetic. If you're looking to create a luxurious ambiance in your space, a contemporary look is certainly the way to go.

Most living rooms feature a fireplace, which means you'll have to incorporate it into your modern design scheme. You can think of the fireplace as a design opportunity; if utilized well, it can be a nice touch in your space. 

But you might be stumped on where to begin. After all, the fireplace is a prominent feature, so the right approach needs to be taken to successfully create a compelling modern living room aesthetic. 

To help you along, we created a list of 23 gorgeous modern living rooms that feature a fireplace. Let's get started, shall we?

Wood type interior in a luxurios living room, 23 Gorgeous Modern Living Rooms With A Fireplace

1. Far Wall Fireplace With Luxurious Brown Leather

In this living room, the fireplace is along the far wall, and the TV is mounted on the mantel right above it. The luxurious brown furniture coupled with the fireplace makes for a cozy ambiance. 

Fireplace and luxurious furniture in a chalet with snowy mountain

2. Decorative Accent Wall

A bright living room with a red accent wall

This living room features a gorgeous accent wall that frames the fireplace as the focal point of the space. The accent wall has recessed nooks that house all kinds of luxurious decor. And last but certainly not least, the large wall-mounted TV means this room is suitable for cozy entertainment. 

3. Slate-Gray Accent Wall With Cozy Couch

Linear fireplace that extends to the high ceiling

The sofa and fireplace are the prominent focal points of this modern space. The couch sits fairly close to the fireplace, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. And the slate-gray accent wall that frames the fireplace provides nice visual contrast with the lighter color scheme.

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4. White Spaces

Modern white interior design with fireplace

In a room that features white from floor to ceiling, this fireplace provides elements of warmth and contrast. The fireplace wall protrudes into the space slightly, making the fireplace closer to the main living area. This gives what would otherwise be a cold contemporary ambiance a sense of warmth.

5. Fireplace By TV In Accent Wall

Perfect beautiful interior living room with fireplace

The fireplace cannot go unnoticed in this design. It's a part of the accent wall that the TV shares. Given the proximity of the fireplace to the living area, the fireplace isn't geared toward providing warmth but simply adding visual warmth to the space. 

6. Fireplace Focal Point

Luxury Living Room Interior With Fireplace

A fireplace such as this one is sure to catch the attention of all who see it. In the midst of the room's lighter color scheme, the fireplace's obsidian color and central placement in the room make it stand out. Since the fireplace is so close to the sofa, it will certainly make for cozy movie nights. 

7. Creams And Oranges

Spacious Modern Living room

Cream and orange is probably the last thing to come to mind when you think of a modern aesthetic, but this living room shows how well this color scheme can support a contemporary look. What's more, a fireplace is a great way to continue this theme. 

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8. Traditional Yet Modern

Black and White living room

This living room features a traditional yet modern design by fusing a soft white color scheme with modern furniture.

What gives this room even more traditional flair is the fact that the fireplace goes all the way to the ground. Most modern living rooms feature a fireplace that sits somewhere in the wall off the ground. This design choice provides the perfect balance between traditional and modern aesthetics. 

9. Sleek Architecture And Warmth

Designer's house with entresol and spacious living room

With its sleek, angled architecture, there's no doubt that this living room has a modern vibe. The color pairing of choice here is white and warm tones. When there's a fire in the fireplace, the ambiance becomes even warmer.

10. Fireplace Focal Point

Beautiful Living Room and Fireplace in New Luxury Home

There's no doubt that the fireplace in this room is the focal point. The slate-colored floor-to-ceiling design stands out amidst the room full of white and other light-colored elements. 

11. Marble Luxury

Elegant and luxury interior open living room

It's no secret that marble looks luxurious. One way to elevate the luxurious look of marble even more is to use it all around your fireplace. The beautiful intricacies in the marble will dance in the light of the fire, enhancing its appeal even more. 

12. Rich Grays With Orange Embers

Chic living room filled with built-in cabinets flanking round mirror atop grey tile fireplace

Rich shades of gray can make a modern space exude luxury. And pair a rich gray color scheme with a few flowers and orange flames, and the result is spectacular. 

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13. Small Understated Fireplace

Interior of living room with a fireplace

This fireplace appears a bit understated in the overall layout of this modern living room. The TV is the clear focal point in this room, with the small fireplace being a subtle feature off to the side that still helps make the space look comfortable. 

14. Soft Off-White Aesthetic With Fireplace Focus

contemporary living room with open concept view through to dining room kitchen and a marble fireplace with gas fire

White and off-white shades are classic choices for a modern space. This living room features an assortment of off-white and light gray shades that are only broken by the warm orange flames in the fireplace. This anchors the fireplace as the focal point of the room.

15. Stonework Fireplace

Beautiful living room with hardwood floors and fireplace in new luxury home

Stone around a fireplace is a great way to make a fireplace stand out and provide a modern space with a unique visual twist. Aside from the floor and a few other small accents, this room largely features a light-colored aesthetic, including the stonework.

The fireplace, though small in size, is certainly noticeable due to the contrast with the surrounding stone.

16. Lots Of Neutral Grays With Small Fireplace

luxurious living room with fireplace, tv and two couches

Neutral gray is the color scheme of choice in this modern living room with the two far walls being white. The fireplace is situated on one of these walls, and the TV is placed along the other. This design choice makes the room balanced.

17. Modern Warmth

Beautiful living room with expensive hardwood floors, ceiling, and fireplace

Who says a modern living room has to look cold? This space shows that warm tones can create a contemporary space anyone would love to spend time in. The abundance of warm tones is broken slightly by the dark stone wall that frames the fireplace perfectly.

This space is well balanced, and the fireplace does a lot to support this design scheme.

18. Flush With The Wall

Beautiful living room in new contemporary style luxury home

This unique fireplace is flush with the wall, making it appear as if it is part of the wall itself. This flush design choice supports this room's minimalist approach. However, it still stands out against the white walls and offers a cozy ambiance to the room.

19. Small Fireplace In Stone Accent Wall

Modern great room features a floor to ceiling stone fireplace

A great way to incorporate a fireplace into a modern living room is with the use of surrounding texture. This stone accent wall frames the fireplace nicely, and it provides the perfect amount of texture. And though the fireplace is small, its contrast with the stone wall is certainly noticeable. 

20. Shades Of Gray

Luxurious and elegant living room with slate and dark yellow tones

The fireplace in this room works well with the gray color palette. In fact, the fireplace features one of the darker shades of gray in the room, which subtly makes it the focal point. 

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21. Panoramic Views With Small Round Fireplace

loft apartment with living room and kitchen

In order to not disrupt the panoramic views out of these sprawling windows, the homeowner has opted to install a small, standalone fireplace near the windows. The fireplace blends in perfectly with the dark window frames that run the length of the far wall. 

22. Standalone Round Fireplace

Apartment type with beautiful type of fireplace

We've seen plenty of examples of modern living rooms featuring a fireplace that stands out. This living room is no exception. This fireplace setup, though sizeable, certainly isn't an eyesore.

The dark metal contrasts the surrounding decor nicely, and the sleek geometry of the fireplace and chimney support this living room's modern aesthetic.

23. Rustic Modern

Living Room Interior with Fireplace and Hardwood Floors

This rustic modern living room is quite simple, with the fireplace and TV sharing a wall across from the sofa. Though it's simple, this design choice certainly isn't boring. The dark color of the fireplace coordinates well with the TV, standing in stark contrast to the surrounding white. 

Throw in a couple of gold and wood-toned accent pieces, and this space embodies visual harmony.

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In Closing

Wood type interior in a luxurious living room

We hope this guide has helped inspire you to make the most of your modern living room. Choose from one of these design choices (or use some elements from each!) to create a modern space that doesn't lack in warm vibes. Good luck!

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