15 Fantastic Moroccan-Themed Room Decor Ideas

Morocco is an African country located in between North Africa and Europe that has a unique and diverse culture giving way to this distinct design style. Moroccan-themed decor mostly consists of exotic shapes, patterns, fabrics, and dramatic colors that make this luxurious and elegant style popular. Vibrant and distinguished, Moroccan-themed decor can add striking energy to any space in your home. This decor style is relatively easy to achieve, as it has an eclectic element to it. 

One possible disadvantage of Moroccan-themed decor is that it is trendy, so it may not be in style long term. A Moroccan-themed space is also not a decor style that everyone will love because it may seem busy or loud to some.

Finding the right Moroccan-themed decor for your space can be challenging but fun and rewarding. Flea markets and antique shops are great places to find Moroccan decor, but you may have to search and be creative. Shopping for the perfect colorful accent pieces to complete your Moroccan-themed look may be time-consuming, but it will be rewarding. Finding all of the detailed decorative pieces will make you proud when your project is complete.

Moroccan inspired modern bathroom wtih ogee patterns on the tiles and flooring

Giving your room a Moroccan-themed update may seem like an overwhelming task. To help you out, we brought you a selection of Moroccan-themed rooms to serve as inspiration for your room redesign project.

1. Eclectic Moroccan-themed living room

Traditional Moroccan living room or Riad consisting of an interior garden and ogee tile patterns on the wall

The intricately-detailed door frames in the example pictured above are easily the focal point of this Moroccan-themed living room. Ornate accent pieces paired with lively patterns make this room is a beautiful combination of bold and soft.

This room is given life and energy through the sporadic use of bright colors. Candle lanterns like the ones pictured below can help you achieve this look. 

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2. Jewel-toned Moroccan living room

Moroccan inspired bedroom with glowing vasess and ogee patterned tile flooring

Jewel tones are another popular color scheme when trying to achieve a Moroccan style in your space. The intense purple couch set against the deep teal color of the walls gives a moody ambiance to the living room pictured above. 

The stripes on the wall alongside the ornate arch design add a geometric element to this room. Decorative pillows, accent tables, and furniture details bring this Moroccan-style decor to life. 

3. Formal Moroccan living room

Sweet and smooth Moroccan inspired living room with furniture's stitched with a Moroccan pattern

While Moroccan style decor may seem like an overall more casual style, this isn't always the case. You can still achieve a formal-looking space using Moroccan-style decor.

The living room pictured in the example above is the ideal mix of formal living space and fun Moroccan furnishings. Funky prints, such as the pillow pictured below, pair with formal drapes and seating for a fun spin on a formal living room. 

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4. Formal Moroccan sitting room

A mixture of contemporary and Moroccan inspired living room with high ceiling and black sofas

Elegant patterns, shapes, and elaborate arches are the signature style of Moroccan rooms. This formal sitting room boasts high geometric laced arches that add a dramatic flair to the ambiance of this space.

The deep orange walls are the perfect backdrop for the ornate black arches. Deep grey-toned rugs, such as the rug pictured below, soften this rich color palette. 

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5. Tranquil Moroccan sitting room

Oriental inspired living room with golden planted chairs and rugs on the floor resembling a Moroccan inspired house

Moroccan-style decor doesn't always have to be harsh and loud. Lighter colors along with softer shapes and angles can create a warm inviting ambiance to your Moroccan-style room.

The sitting room pictured in the example above uses a combination of warm metallic gold, such as the accent pieces pictured below, along with pastel colors to create a Moroccan-themed space that is inviting and peaceful. Draped fabrics also add to the soft look of this room.

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6. Fiery orange Moroccan bathroom

Orange vanity area of a Moroccan hotel

Moroccan decor can add a vibrant edge to any room in your home including the bathroom. The fiery orange color used on the walls in the bathroom example pictured above is a bold warm hue that is often used with Moroccon decor.

Bold shapes and colors are added to this space using the mirror, tile, and sink. Brightly colored accent pieces add dimension to this space while also pulling the color scheme together. 

7. Geometric Moroccan bathroom

Arabic tile patterns on the walls of a Moroccan hotel bathroom with a huge white bathtub

Although vibrant colors are popular with Moroccon design, they aren't always necessary. Geometric shapes can add vitality to a space without the overuse of color.

The example above illustrates this concept. The geometric wallpaper, vanity, and flooring give this bathroom an exotic feel with the use of only a few basic colors. 

8. Moroccan style staircase

A stairway containing lots of Arabic patterned tiles and arched entryway

If you enjoy the Moroccan look but don't want to commit to an entire room, consider using this style in a smaller space, such as the staircase pictured in the example above. You can spruce up any small space with the use of colorful tiles.

The signature elaborately-decorated archway adorns the door to enter the staircase. Geometric decorated tile, similar to the product pictured below, covers the stairs in addition to the lower portion of the wall for a dramatic effect. 

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9. Simple Moroccan style bedroom

Narrow and cozy Moroccan bedroom with blue painted walls

Many examples of Moroccan-style decor are elaborate and detailed, but this doesn't always have to be the case. The simple Moroccan design pictured above is a great example of this.

The arches on the wall above the bed are the same color as the walls, making the arches less flashy. The signature geometric design is noticeable without being overwhelming. 

10. Moroccan-style bedroom

Elegant and cozy inspired Orient bedroom with ping lights and gorgeous emerald backsplash

This bedroom boasts a dramatic arched headboard for a look that can be replicated using the product pictured below. The ceilings also contain the signature geometric design that draws the eye upward.

These seemingly small details make the room seem taller. The rugs pull all of the colors together and warm the space. 

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11. Moroccan style bed

A bedroom in Marrakech with bright colored pillows and gorgeous curtain along with home plants

For smaller rooms, consider using Moroccan style to decorate one specific piece in the room such as a bed, couch, or table. This will add the desired effect without a long-term commitment. 

Bold dramatic color pairings can be added to printed bedspreads such as that shown in the example above. Accent pieces such as pillows can add more geometric accents to the space. 

12. Modest Moroccan bedroom

Moroccan home painted and inspired with a violet color

Some find the Moroccan design style too busy for their tastes. Minimalism has recently become widely popular in home design. 

Large blocks of vibrant colors create a Moroccan vibe that sets this room apart from others. These color blocks combined with the large arch above the bed give this modest space a Moroccan signature style. 

13. Moroccan bedroom

Authentic Moroccan inspired bedroom consisting of Arabic rugs and Moroccan poufs

This gorgeous bedroom is covered in Moroccan design from top to bottom. A luxurious ceiling is surrounded by a unique Moroccan trim that pairs beautifully with the Moroccan tile floors.

A room divider using Moroccan style arched design separates this expansive space into different sections. Intricately-adorned furniture is used to create a sitting space separate from the sleeping space. 

14. Moroccan dining room

Moroccan restaurant dining area consisting of curtains and a dangling lamp

Vibrantly colored drapes are hung across the wall and entrance to this elevated dining space. The color of the natural brick is enhanced by using deep and vibrant reds. 

A vivid blue geometric-detailed table cloth drapes the table and closely coordinates with the pillows on the back of the bench seating. Accent cushions scattered randomly along the bench create a cohesive look within this intimate space.

15. Arched Moroccan dining room

Moroccan inspired dining area of a gorgeous traditional Moroccan home

In the dining room pictured above, existing architecture is accentuated using Moroccan-style decor. All of the built-in arches with tile inserts only add to the Moroccan ambiance for a beautiful dining experience. 

Warm shades of oranges and yellows on the walls and flooring give this space an energetic feel without being overwhelming. Small amounts of color are splashed into this pallette on the tiles, accent cushions, and table decor. 

Final thoughts

Moroccan-themed rooms are fun and energetic but can also be luxurious and elegant. Moroccan decor may not be for everyone, but there are several ways to incorporate Moroccan design into your space such as the examples that we have shown.

Many rooms in your home can be updated with Moroccan-themed decor for an awe-inspiring look. We hope that the above selection of Moroccan-themed rooms has helped inspire your room decor project. 

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