11 Motivational Wall Art Ideas For The Office

An undecorated office can be a sterile and rather bland place. You spend enough hours there every day. Inject a little personality and pizzaz into the room with wall art. The right art can send any message you want - whether it's to brighten the room, keep you focused, motivate you, or even just be a light-hearted joke. Plus, the decor is a useful way to let visitors and coworkers get to know you a little better and see what your own personal touch looks like.

Below, we've gathered a collection of motivational wall art. Each piece is specially picked for the office (nothing not suitable for work here). Some are highly motivational, some are designed to be uplifting, and some are even just for a fun office joke. No matter your taste and style, we're sure you can find something to fit your office.

A contemporary loft office interior with framed wall art, 11 Motivational Wall Art Ideas For The Office

1. Hard Work Beats Talent

Tim Notke, a high school coach, may have said it best. "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard." In an office environment, hard work is, of course, the order of the day. To illustrate this, this simple wall hanging embodies the philosophy of hard work being greater than talent.

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2. Believe In Yourself

At work, we often have to engage with a variety of people and personalities. As a result, some of us may be a bit timid in these social situations. For this reason, this piece may be just the pick-me-up you need on your wall. It reminds those of us who might be a bit unconfident or insecure to have faith. Sometimes we all need a reminder to believe in ourselves, cause deep down, you're stronger than you know.

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3. Get It Done

It goes without saying that efficiency is a valuable commodity in the office. Even so, we've all had that coworker who is more talk than action. If getting the job done is number one on your list, then this poster may be the perfect way to highlight that.

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4. Demotivational Poster

If you've ever seen How I Met Your Mother, the character Barney has an office that just might be your dream. Covering the walls are all the typical 80's style motivational posters. But when you look closer, you realize that each and everyone has a comedic punchline instead of the standard motivational saying. 

This has become referred to as a "demotivational" poster, as it is the opposite message of what you've come to expect. If an office of good humor and fun is what you're looking for, these posters will certainly give visitors a hint of your comedic personality.

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5. Ability, Motivation, Attitude

This one doesn't just have an uplifting quote. It's also colorful and eye-catching. If you need to jazz up your boring office walls, try this. At least you can add a panoramic view to break up the monotony.

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6. Don't Be The Quitter

For someone with high hopes and future ambitions, then this may be just the reminder you need to keep you on track. This simple saying can keep you focused on your long term goals. Also, it gently lets you know what the fate of the quitter is. Don't be the quitter.

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7. Success

The staircase to success has many steps. Some of those steps may feel a lot like rejection, failure, and other unpleasant scenarios. However, the only way to succeed is to keep at it. This image captures that spirit and reminds you to keep pushing onto the next step.

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8. Shock The Haters

Hopefully, many of us have lots of great supporters to encourage us in our future endeavors. However, some people may feel like they've been doubted every step of the way. If you're one of the latter, then this may be your message. If you're the only one who's ever believed in your ultimate success, then don't give up. Push ahead, and make it happen. 

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9. Uplifting Set

If you need to cover a lot of wall space, then you may be looking for a set like this. Each picture is inspiring and beautiful, a nice touch when you're stuck in the office. Furthermore, they all contain a different, inspiring message. For this reason, this set is a great way to soothe your spirits while working hard at the office.

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10. Roots of Success

This picture makes an evocative image and also provides mental food for thought. Other people's success is the visible result that we can see. However, underneath that success are the roots that make it possible. Success can only happen when the right groundwork is laid first - and this makes that a clear and symbolic visual.

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11. Execute, Failure, Sucess

These three pieces work as a team to remind the viewer that failure is still a part of success. No matter how hard you work, all that you can do is execute your plan. Even the best efforts do, unfortunately, sometimes lead to failure. This set will inspire you to push ahead - failure is a temporary and necessary part of the process. Without failure, the lessons needed for success can't be learned.

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How To Choose Art For Your Office

Contemporary loft office interior

Choosing the right art for your office will depend, largely, on the message you want to send. Consider who sees your office, such as clients or coworkers. This will influence how you choose to brand yourself and your message. If you're representing the company to clients, you'll want to send a professional tone that is in line with your company culture.

On the other hand, for coworkers, you'll still want to be professional and appropriate. But, you may be able to be more casual or personable.

You may want to pick a piece of art that works as an icebreaker or a talking point. If there's a story that goes with each piece, then the art can be a great way to open doors with customers. Like in any design, you'll also want to consider the colors and how they work with the rest of the decor. Pick pieces that complement the space - nothing too big or too small.

If there are other workers, you may want to ask for their input. A study by Exeter University showed that productivity increases when employees get to decorate their surroundings. People work best when they can pick items they enjoy and are comfortable in their workspace.

How To Hang Pictures On A Cubicle Wall

Elevated view of a busy open plan office

For small, light items like posters and papers, you can just use push pins to hang them up. Be sure to use pins on all the corners because the edges may curl if they aren't held down.

Heavier items, of course, won't stay up with a pin. In this case, consider a hook that goes over the top of the cubicle, like this one:

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Finally, these wire hooks that insert into the cubicle fabric are a popular way to hold lighter items up as well. 

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In Closing

Decorating your office can increase productivity, share your personal style, motivate you, and keep you focused. Of course, efficiency and focus are important at work. For this reason, picking wall art to inspire and communicate your personal brand and message is important. Be sure to consider the artwork first, both to what it communicates about you and also how it complements your decor. Art is ultimately subjective, so pick pieces that reflect your work ethic and decor. 

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