How To Move Heavy Furniture On Carpet [8 Methods]

Have you ever tried to move a piece of furniture only to find small divots in your carpet afterward? Are you uncertain about the proper way to move heavy furniture on a carpet? If so, this post is for you. We've researched the best ways to do this, and here we will share them with you.

Here are some suggestions for moving heavy furniture across your carpet:

  • Disassemble the furniture
  • Use moving blankets or towels
  • Purchase furniture sliders or coasters
  • Rent a dolly
  • Use plywood boards
  • Lay down floor runners
  • Use carpet masking
  • Don't drag, lift instead

When moving heavy furniture, it's important to exercise caution to prevent injury and damage to your floors. Carpet damage can be costly, especially if the area of the damaged carpet is fairly big. That being stated, here are a few ways to prevent drag marks, divots, and carpet damage when moving heavy furniture in your home. Let's get into it!

Interior design of new luxury living room with carpet floor and sofa set, How To Move Heavy Furniture On Carpet [8 Methods]

How To Move Heavy Furniture On Carpet

Empty living room with couch and stacks of boxes during relocation

Here we will talk more about the different methods of moving heavy furniture on carpet. 

Disassemble The Furniture

Oftentimes, furniture can be assembled at home after purchase. The good thing about this is that it means that you can disassemble your furniture when it's time for you to move it. Instead of trying to move heavy pieces of furniture, you can save yourself the elbow grease of having to drag it all at once.

It will also save your floors from the potential damage of dragging extremely heavy furniture across them. If your furniture can be disassembled, grab a screwdriver and break it down as much as possible and then move it over the floors. This can also help you save space when placing the furniture into a moving truck.

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Use Moving Blankets Or Towels

If you have any extra blankets, moving blankets, or other thick fabrics in your home, use them to help you move heavy furniture across your carpet. You can also use heavy bath towels if you don't mind them getting a little dirty. Wrap the blankets or towels around your furniture to protect it from scratches and dings during the move. Your carpets and hardwood floors will also thank you for this.

If you live in a space that has tight corners or narrow walls, this can be one of the best ways to get your furniture safely out of the house without damaging the walls, which can affect your security deposit if you are renting a home or apartment.

You can also purchase moving blankets from places like Home Depot, Lowe's, or Walmart for anywhere from $10 to $20. Simply sliding the blanket or towel beneath the heavy furniture can keep you from causing drag marks on your carpet which can also lead to frayed carpeting.

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Purchase Furniture Sliders Or Coasters

If you aren't able to disassemble your furniture, consider using furniture coasters are sliders to place beneath it. These are small round pads that you can place on the bottom of the furniture to prevent it from making contact with your carpet. They are typically made of felt, rubber, or plastic and are one of the most effective ways to keep your carpet protected.

You may also hear these coasters referred to as "caster cups," and many come with spikes that sink into your carpet to prevent dents. Once you place the coasters beneath the furniture, you should have minimal issues sliding the furniture across the carpet, and you don't have to worry about snags and other types of damage.

These gliders can also be used on hardwood carpet as well. You can also keep the pads on the furniture while you are arranging it in your new place so that you can position the furniture without damaging your floors.

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Rent A Dolly

If you prefer to take some of the grunt work out of moving furniture, you can always rent a dolly from Home Depot or Lowes. Renting a sturdy dolly with wheels can help make your furniture move go a lot faster, especially if you have a lot of steps.

A dolly can completely protect your carpet from damage, as the only thing that will make contact with the carpet is the wheels of the dolly as opposed to the edges and bottom of the furniture. You can usually rent a dolly for about $20 to $30 from Home Depot.

If you see yourself moving furniture around often and want an investment that will save you time and sweat in the future, consider purchasing a dolly.

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Use Plywood Boards

Sometimes, professional movers will use plywood sheets to create sort of a sub-floor beneath the furniture, to prevent damage during a move. This can be a very effective way to prevent your carpet from being damaged by heavy furniture.

You can purchase sheets of plywood from Home Depot or your local hardware stores—you can also find them online. You may need a second pair of hands to slide the cardboard beneath the furniture, and you'll also need moving blankets or rope to hold the plywood in place as you move the furniture across the floor and out of the space.

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Use Floor Runners

A good floor runner can provide you with a great non-slip surface when you are moving heavy furniture across your carpet. These runners typically have self-adhesive coverings, and their neoprene surface glides easily across the top of the carpet. You can also keep these runners on the bottom of the furniture for extra protection, even if you aren't moving.

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Use Carpet Masking

Another great way to protect your carpet is to apply carpet masking tape on the day of the move. The masking should be applied to the areas around the furniture as well as the areas of the carpet that the furniture will be moved across.

Carpet masking tape has a self-adhesive bottom that will stick to the carpet so that the heavy furniture does not damage the fibers of the carpet. It also provides a great non-slip surface during the move.

Don't Drag, Lift Instead

The best way to prevent carpet damage is to move your furniture carefully and slowly. When lifting heavy furniture from the ground, be sure to use proper lifting techniques. This means bending your knees and positioning your hips so that you have a firm placement on the ground before lifting the furniture with your legs.

It's best not to drag the furniture across the carpet if you don't have any sort of barrier between the piece and the carpet such as a blanket, piece of cardboard, or coaster. Also, be sure not to lift heavy furniture above shoulder level, as this can easily cause physical injury as well as damage to the furniture in the rug if it's dropped.

While it may be very tempting to try to move your furniture at lightning speed (especially if you're paying someone to assist you), it's always better to err on the side of caution.

Can Heavy Furniture Damage The Carpet?

Yes, heavy furniture can damage carpet overtime by creating divots (small indentations) in the fibers of the carpet. Sometimes these dents are removable, and sometimes they are not; it depends on how long the furniture has been in the same place. Furniture can also damage a carpet by ripping the fibers out of the carpet's padding causing them to fray.

How Do You Remove Drag Marks From The Carpet?

Drag marks occur when heavy furniture or other items are not lifted, but drug across the carpet. One of the quickest ways to remove them is to simply vacuum the carpet. The brushes from the vacuum will pull the fibers of the carpet, causing them to stand up again.

It's best to go over each track mark at least a couple of times in the same direction to remove them. This can also help to remove temporary divots from the carpet.

If the area of the drag marks is only a couple of square feet, you can use an upholstery vacuum or simply swipe your hand over the surface of the carpet as well. When doing so, be sure to go in the direction of the rest of the carpet fibers, as the drag marks will be in the opposite direction of the carpet's nap.

How Much Weight Can Furniture Sliders Hold?

Furniture sliders can typically hold anywhere from 1200 to 1600 lb of weight, depending on the brand. So if you're moving furniture that's heavier than that, you'll need to use several sliders to lessen the load on each slider.

How Do You Move Heavy Objects By Yourself?

Workers adjusting sofa in truck

Here are a few tips to remember when moving heavy objects by yourself.

Examine The Object That You Are About To Move

Take a second to inspect the object to see where the most comfortable pickup spots are. Remember, physical weight matters more than size, so it's best to know how to maneuver the object to prevent personal injury.

Find The Best Route

After you have examined the piece that you plan to move, find the best way for getting it out of your location. This prevents you from having to think on your feet (literally) while holding the heavy item and can help you determine what, if any, spaces need to be physically cleared ahead of time.

Lift And Carry

When lifting the object, be sure to plant your feet firmly on the ground and use your legs to do most of the lifting, as opposed to your back and arms. It's also helpful to have a weight belt on to prevent injury. Also, keep the heavy object close to your body while keeping your back straight throughout the entire process. Do not twist your torso while lifting the heavy object, and always keep your shoulders lined up with your hips.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope that this post has shown you the various ways to move heavy furniture across your carpet without damaging it. Be sure to check out these other helpful guides before you go:

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