15 Music-Themed Bedrooms [and How to Recreate the Look]

Do you love music? You don't have to be a musician to be a music lover. Maybe there's a certain melody you just love; maybe you have an affinity for beats and rhythm. Or there might be that one song that generates nostalgia, taking you back to a certain time in your life. Music is everywhere in our world today, and everyone has their own unique relationship to sound. From reggae and ska to classical, classic rock, or country, there is a genre for everyone.

15 Music Themed Bedrooms [And How To Recreate The Look]

The pulse of the beat connects us to our body and reminds us that we are human. In fact, music is one of the oldest known art forms. The oldest known song is said to have originated 3,400 years ago from Uragit in Syria! Since then, every culture has developed its own sonic signature, and music has spread across the globe. Music is a way to connect to our history, heritage, and humanity. If music is a passion of yours, why not redecorate your room to reflect that?

Choosing a theme is a simple way to streamline your bedroom design, allowing your whole room to look and feel cohesive. When choosing a theme, you will want to go with something that speaks to you: your dreams, your desires, and your passions. If you are a true music lover, this post is for you!

15 Music Themed Bedrooms That You Need To See

Whatever your relationship to music, these music-themed rooms will give you divine design inspiration. Here are 15 music themed bedrooms that will spark your inner interior designer! Each room is accompanied by a few decor suggestions to help you turn your room from blah to bodacious.

1. The Argyle Rocker

The walls of this room make a statement, with enormous brown and black argyle patterns. The dark color scheme conveys coolness and matches with the artistic rendition of a guitar. Statement throw pillows really elevate the look.

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A tastefully designed bedroom is highlighted by a bed dressed with a mix of red, gold, and striped pillows, a charcoal grey quilted throw, and a two-panel wall art above showcasing electric guitars against a checkered taupe backdrop ar 3:4

Consider adding a piece of art that depicts a guitar. As an example, here are some artistic renderings of some famous guitars that will pop on any wall:


And a few throw pillows could really tie the theme together. Check out this music-themed pillow:

2. Brit Rock

So much incredible music has originated from Great Britain. The Beatles, The Who, The Clash. Bowie, The Rolling Stones; the list is endless. England is truly a source of music magic. Why not honor that through your bedroom decor? This Brit Rock bedroom showcases the British flag, complete with posters, a Union Jack guitar, and throw pillows. The color scheme is simple: red, blue, white, and black.

A lively bedroom setting with a prominent wall art of a guitar superimposed on the Union Jack, complemented by a bed graced with red and navy pillows, some with stars and one with the Union Jack motif, next to a bedside table featuring a lamp and a stack of magazines ar 3:4

Here are some canvas prints to complete your own Brit Rock bedroom:

Here is a red table lamp for your nightstand that will fit effortlessly into your Brit Rock theme:

3. 60's Guitar Star

This room has some Woodstock vibes, paying homage to the classic rock of the 1960s. Peace signs adorn the walls, and this bed is decked out with a guitar-studded bed frame.

A music-themed bedroom showcases a collection of various ar 3:4

To get a similar feel, why not try a guitar comforter?

And this groovy metal piece sign will give your room that retro 60's vibe.

4. Piano Livin'

This piano-themed room is out of this world. The unique light fixture really draws the eye, while the music note bedding amplifies the theme. A simple black-and-white color scheme really keeps this room from feeling overwhelming.

A sophisticated bedroom with a dramatic black and white theme features a bed with a musical note printed comforter, framed music-themed artwork above a striped headboard, all under a striking chandelier, with a soft glow from a window on the side ar 3:4

While completely renovating your lighting may not be possible, consider choosing other statement pieces, like this lamp:

The bedroom is also decked out with vintage vinyl records on the walls. Consider some record art, like this piece:

5. Pop Princess

A romantic bedroom exudes charm with a pink color palette, featuring a four-poster bed draped in sheer white fabric, a floral bedspread, and walls adorned with musical score wallpaper, completed with lace curtains and classic furnishings ar 3:4

If you want your room to have a similar vibe, try looking for some whimsical music note wall decals, like these ones:

To add magical vibes, add a bed canopy, something like this:

6. The Drummer

This room is cool and chic, with the muted grey tones, drum decal, and unique bedside table lamp. Throw pillows emphasize the music theme, while posters on the wall showcase some favorite bands.

A modern musician's bedroom boasts a cozy bed with gray bedding featuring a large white logo, flanked by two nightstands and lamps, with monochromatic framed pictures of musical instruments above, complemented by shelves of records and a red guitar to the side ar 3:4

Throw pillows like this one are a really simple way of solidifying a bedroom theme. Consider layering pillows of different shapes and sizes.

7. Boy Rock

This room has so much edge. From the exposed brick to the hanging guitars, this bedroom reeks with attitude.

A rustic bedroom with an Americana vibe features an exposed brick wall with an American flag, three electric guitars hung above, a bed with plaid bedding, and a vintage amplifier and road cases, creating a rock-inspired ambiance ar 3:4

To get the same effect without wrecking your walls, you could put up exposed brick wallpaper:

And if real guitars are out of your budget, you can find a substitute that offers the same vibe, like this edgy neon guitar light:

8. Sonic Boom

This room is also edgy but with a modern twist. Minimalism, along with the simple black and steel grey color scheme, really sets the mood for this room. The light-up sound wave wall decor makes a bold statement.

A contemporary bedroom showcases a sleek aesthetic with a white electric guitar on a dark wall, a striking neon light pulse design overhead, and a bed adorned with geometric-patterned and striped gray bedding ar 3:4

You can achieve a similar effect with this minimalist sound wave wall decal:

Part of what ties this room together is the unique black and white area rug. A rug like this one can easily add personality to any room:

9. Vintage Rock

This room gives real vintage vibes, from the vinyl records on the wall to the wooden cabinets. A simple way to change your bedroom is to alter the height of your bed. Try lowering it towards the ground to help change the mood.

A cozy, vintage-inspired bedroom is adorned with a wall of classic vinyl records, a traditional wooden bed frame and dresser, a quilted bedspread with circular patterns, and a guitar amplifier, creating a warm, music-lover's retreat ar 3:4

Put up some record art, like this incredible piece, to add a retro feel.

The live concert poster on the wall also solidifies the music theme. Put up a vintage poster to really cement the retro vibes of your room:

10. Piano Man

This room is clean and crisp. The music theme is conveyed with a comforter that makes a real statement. Small decor--the white ceramic piece sign--adds attitude to the room, while the guitar complements the musical comforter.

A chic, monochromatic room features a bed with piano keyboard and musical note print bedding, a classic wooden guitar resting against the wall, and an elegant black wall-mounted lamp, set against contrasting light and dark walls ar 3:4

A simple comforter may be all you need to make your room music-themed. Something like this simple black and white comforter will add to the theme:

The ceramic peace sign is a cute little piece that adds a kind of rockstar attitude. Something small, like this hand sculpture, can add a lot of flavor to your room.

11. Rockin' Out

This room has major rockstar vibes with its eclectic decor. The wire guitar and headphones on the wall clash wonderfully with the vinyl records. With the guitar, amps, and unique desk lamp, this room is totally for the eccentric rocker.

A cozy bedroom corner with a bed dressed in vibrant orange and teal bedding, an assortment of decorative pillows, and a wall adorned with various vinyl records and a black electric guitar ar 3:4

If you want to achieve a similar effect, consider wall decals that portray some musical item, like this one:

And here are vinyl records that you can attach to the wall, or alternatively use for another project--perhaps put them on a bed frame, or around a mirror.

12. All About The Bass

This room is all about the bass and is decorated with a surplus of speakers. The enormous orange bed gives off definite music producer vibes.

A bold bedroom boasts a unique headboard wall filled with an eclectic assortment of vintage speakers, complemented by a vibrant burnt orange duvet and striped accent pillows on the bed, with a classic boombox sitting at the bedside ar 3:4

Recreate the look with specialized wallpaper, like this one, patterned with vintage boomboxes:

And to get that luxurious effect, replace your comforter with something suede and swanky, like this soft comforter:

13. UpScale

This room is made musical by fun wall decals: music notes, a piano, and a xylophone. The bedding compliments the theme with a guitar comforter and drum pillow. If you really want your room to convey how much you like music, why not hang photos of yourself playing your instrument of choice?

A vibrant bedroom features striking red walls with framed black and white music-themed photos, a bed with red and black bedding adorned with musical notes and symbols, and a digital piano, creating a dynamic and creative space ar 3:4

You can achieve this look with a musical comforter like this one. It also comes with two matching guitar pillow shams.

And these cute musical decals are an easy way to tie the room's theme together:

14. Poster Paradise

This room is all about the posters. Band posters line the wall. And the tin decoration along the wall adds a lot of attitude.

A bohemian bedroom is richly decorated with a quilted patchwork bedspread, a wall and ceiling covered in an eclectic mix of concert posters, an ornate textured ceiling panel, and a collection of guitars, evoking a warm, music-infused atmosphere ar 3:4

Add your favorite band posters, like this Led Zeppelin poster, to make your room reflect your love for music. Your posters don't have to match--they could contrast, and give off an eclectic, messy rock vibe. Or, if you are looking for a streamlined aesthetic, consider picking posters that match a color scheme. Black and white are always a classic.

15. Eclectic Electro Rock

This cool, modern room features a chalkboard marked up with various genres of music. The clashing patterns give off edgy vibes, while the black and white color scheme keeps from overwhelming the eye.

A modern bedroom combines creative flair with cozy comfort, featuring a black chalkboard wall with white doodles and music-themed diagrams, a sleek black bed with patterned bedding and vibrant red pillows, and a stylish atom-shaped ceiling light, with a window offering a view of the outdoors ar 3:4

To get this look, try chalkboard wallpaper. You could write your favorite genres of music on it, like in the picture, or you can even write your favorite song lyrics.

Black and white striped bedding will match with almost any bedroom style. Consider a comforter like this one, and pairing it with a black and white rug that clashes in the pattern. The clashing patterns give the room a real rock vibe.

We hope you enjoyed this collection of themed bedrooms! Leave us a comment to let us know which room was your favorite! And don't forget to check out our other themed bedrooms here.

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