11 Nature Bedroom Ideas [and How to Implement the Design]

You're all about the outdoors. There's nothing that brings you more of a sense of calmness than the sound of the wind in the trees, the smell of the woods after a rainfall, or the way sunlight dapples the forest floor. So why not bring that same sense of tranquility into your bedroom? With a nature-themed bedroom, you can feel like your camping even when you're not. You can transform your inner-city reality into a surprise wooded glade in your own home.

11 Nature Bedroom Ideas [And How To Implement The Design]

We've put together a collection of eleven great nature-themed bedrooms for you to draw inspiration from. Through the use of plants, murals, awesome bedding, and the perfect accessories, you'll soon have your own little piece of paradise. We've even taken the time to find a few similar items to the ones in the inspiration photos to get you started.

Are you ready? Let's take a stroll through these tree-lined bedrooms.

The Woodsy Bedroom

This warm bedroom has the feel of a treehouse. From the weathered wood bed-stead to the tree trunk side table, to the linens in tones of worn wood, even the old-fashioned candle holder on the side table, all the details make you feel as if you're in a private cabin in the woods. It's a room you want to curl into.

We found this gorgeous forest green throw to recreate the look above. It's 50" x 60", 100% cotton and incredibly soft like the whisper of a breeze against your skin.

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This reclaimed Teak side table is the perfect piece for your cabin of a bedroom. It's a piece of a solid tree trunk but is completely finished while preserving the natural look. It's 16" in height and about 11" in diameter, though each piece does vary.

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Photographic Nature Mural Bedroom

Why not bring an actual representation of the outdoors in? That's what makes this bedroom so unique. A photographic mural of sunlight through the trees takes up the entire wall behind the bed. Paired with house plants, a fun rattan light fixture, twig lamps, and an awesome nubby throw, this room has a fresh and fun feel.

We found this great open weave cane pendant lamp. It's 23" in diameter by 15" in height. It comes with a 30" long chain that can be shortened to fit your space. It takes 1 bulb and works with halogen, incandescent, or LED bulbs.

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This large wall-sized mural comes in 4 easy to install pieces. Bring the forest indoors! You can even change it out without leaving a residue if you decide to remodel your room.

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Fairy Tale Garden Bedroom

An amazing canopy bed that is strewn with garlands of flowers and leaves perfectly counterbalance the extensive painted wall mural of surrounding forest and landscape. It's a fantasy bedroom for someone who wants to spend their time lost in the clouds.

If you're not up for painting your own mural, there are loads of creative decals you can find to recreate the look of a mural. We found these more stylized sets that you can buy in multiples to create a woodland scene.

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If you want to add some garlands to your canopy, these rose studded leaves will add a fun pop of the outdoors. Each package comes with 5 garlands. This image shows all five twisted together. It comes in a variety of floral colors.

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Mist in the Trees Bedroom

Another take on using a photographic mural. This time misty woods mixed with neutral linens along with some fun accessories make for a calming, eclectic look.

We can resist a good cat pillow?

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And if you are looking for this mist inspired scene, we found this one.

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Flower Garden Bedroom

It may be the dead of winter but you want the romance of flowers. This clever bedroom design incorporates silk flowers surrounding a large round mirror to create a wall that breathes an air of spring into your room. White linens and a large deep green houseplant complete the look.

We found these darling little wall vases to create your own faux (or live) garden with.

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Treehouse Bedroom

Who wouldn't have loved this room as a child? A huge mural of a leafy oak tree spans the wall onto the ceiling where a ladder tucks up into a secret attic nook. This playroom adjacent to the bedroom is a perfect substitute for the outdoors on a rainy day.

Once you've gotten your mural painted, now it's time to make this space the perfect indoor camping spot. We found this adorable teepee for indoor play. It will fit perfectly beneath the leaves of your perfect old oak.

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Contemporary Forest Bedroom

You want the forest, but you want something more stylized. This bedroom utilizes blues, and blacks and grey to create a different kind of look.

This great throw pillow brings a forest friend to your bedroom but keeps it classy in simple black and white

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Super soft sheepskin is perfect under your feet when you crawl out of bed in your stylized woodland bedroom. We found this beauty. These are made from 100% New Zealand and Australian sheepskin and will vary slightly in color and size.

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Child's Delight Bedroom

For a kid, can a nature-themed bedroom get any cooler than their own actual treehouse bunk bed? Combined with this exquisite hand-painted forest mural, this one is sure to have your kid drifting off to sleep with dreams of bunnies and other forest friends.

We found this similar bunkbed for sale. It's been highly rated by other parents and is crafted out of lovely soft grey pine. It measures 77" long x 43" wide x 90" high and holds two twin mattresses.

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You might as well let those woodland friends grace the comforter sets for your awesome treehouse bunk bed. This adorable set features a friendly raccoon, a bear, and clever squirrel.

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Evergreen Bedroom

Maybe all you need to turn your bedroom into the feeling of the great outdoors is a wonderful new bedding set. This one with appliquéd evergreens and matching patterned sheets will do the trick just fine.

These flannel sheets bring the perfect woodland feel.

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Fairy Lights Bedroom

This delightful room brings in the magic of twinkling lights to give a cozy feeling to this fairy inspired bedroom. Tiny birdhouses accent the spray of lights on the back wall. A rustic worn iron bed frame pairs perfectly with creme linens and rose accented throw pillows.

We found this boho birdcage to perfectly accent your room. Put a candle in it for your bedside table and watch its shadows flicker among the lights.

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Fairy lights strung on bendable copper are a versatile addition to your enchanted forest of a room. This 66ft string contains 200 LED lights and has an off-on switch near the plug. You can also purchase an optional USB power attachment.

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Springtime Woods Bedroom

Soft greens, elegant florals, and a unique wooden cut-out bed give this nature-themed bedroom a springtime feel. A simple corner vanity and unique uplighting at the head of the bed really make the details shine.

This beautiful wall piece features the same laser-cut imagery as the bed in our inspiration photo. Take this unique 4' wide wall-hanging and put it above your headboard as a focal point. It's crafted of natural maple but you could always add a quick coat of paint to work with your color scheme if needed.

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This fresh, springtime comforter set is 100% cotton outer fabric with a soft micro-fiber fill. It is machine washable and the set includes comforter and two pillowcases. Available in twin, queen, and king sizes and extra pillowcases are available for purchase.

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