Gorgeous Navy and Blue Throw Pillows [Inspiration and Shopping Options]

Looking to decorate your room with a bright and lively color palette or perhaps a soothing one? The color combinations inspired by blue and navy themes can work well with either feeling. And as always, throw pillows are such a great way to introduce your colors of choice into any room design.Gorgeous Navy and Blue Throw Pillows (Inspiration and Shopping Options)

You can play with hues of blue, all the way to dark navy blue and work them into most color palettes. We even have blue throw pillow examples in our post about which throw pillows best match a brown couch.


Here are some images to get your design senses going!

Navy blue pillows - solids mixed with geometric patterns - in a classic Mediterranean living room. Looking gorgeous on that yellow couch!

Dark blue works so well in a more traditional cream-white living room. We love how the blue tones are echoed in the carpet as well.

A modern living room gets a great blue accent from rectangle throw pillows on the armchairs -

Here's proof that blue works well on green too!

And mixes well with other shades of throw pillows, like on this grey couch -

Or this white couch. We love how the blue and navy throw pillows go so well with that dramatic dark wall behind the couch!

Here’s our list to help you on your search for the perfect blue and navy colored throw pillows. You'll find throw pillows of various kinds here, round, square and rectangle and in various patterns and textures. Use these as your starting point for getting the right set up for your living room or bedroom.

1. JWH: Handmade 3D Flower

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These super soft navy themed colors offer superior quality due to their sturdy design. A cursory glance at their appearance might deceive first-time buyers into thinking they’re fragile. But the 3D flowered shape is extremely durable due to the use of polypropylene cotton, a fine choice of material.

The blue 3D shaped flower adds a unique pop of color, subtly complementing all the details in your room. Maintenance is easy and in the case of accidental spillages, you can remove any blights and spots by hand washing.

This blue navy themed throw pillow comes in four sizes. You won’t have a hard time finding a compatibly sized pillow for your bedroom size.

Click on this link to purchase the pillow!

2. TPO Design: Sunbrella Pacific Blue Throw Pillow

For those of you who want a blue and navy themed pillow with a simplistic, minimalistic design, then this is the right choice for you. It is both soft and durable and can accommodate rough and long-term usage. This throw pillow can be washed without the fear of decolonization or damaging its fabric, making it perfect for accidental spillages. TPO Design made use of select materials to achieve a UV rating, which means this throw pillow can be used in just about any weather settings.

So if the sunlight was to penetrate your living spaces, you wouldn’t have to worry about damage to the fabrics due to harmful UV rays. Although we recommend filtering out UV rays because excessive exposure can harm the rest of your furniture and even your skin.

Click on this link to buy this throw pillow now!

3. Adonis Pigou: Anime Themed Cartoon Pillow

If you or your children are fans of anime, then this pillow will serve as the perfect gift. Designed by Adnois Pigou, this blue colored stuffed throw pillow contains a cute anime design that offers a lot of architectural value, but without playing a central role in your room. It is sturdy, easy to use, and offers a large surface area for maximum comfort.

The throw pillow is built for use by children, which means it can withstand rough usage. Likewise, this anime throw pillow can be cleaned without the risk of damaging either its fabric or color. We recommend this stuffed throw pillow to be used as an ideal birthday gift, even more so if the person is an avid anime fan.

Click here to buy this anime-inspired throw pillow!

4. Thevinni: Claude Monet Water Lilies

Are you a fan of the ocean, or any body of water in general? Then this water-themed pillow is just what you need. It is suitable for both children and adults alike and will speak to their love for the ocean. This pillow is extremely soft and might just be what you need for help with sleep difficulties. They might just improve their sleeping patterns just to be able to rest on this extra-comfy throw pillow.

The pillow easily catches attention and will more than likely serve as a great addition to just about any room. The vibrant colors will easily spruce up your room and is an extremely cost-effective way of improving your interior decors.

Thevinni made use of material that is durable, tough, but extremely silky to the touch. You can wash this pillow without worrying about washing away the color, making it easy to remove blights, dust, smudges, and spillages.

Click on this link now to order this product for your bedroom.

5. Generic: Custom Football Blue Themed Throw Pillow

Are you trying to create a sports themed room for your kids but are running out of ideas? This blue themed football throw pillow will help you get back on track. An extremely unique feature about this throw pillow is the fact that it can be customized to your heart’s content! The letters and numbers on this throw pillow can be changed to accommodate any combination of names and player numbers.

This throw pillow can be gifted to your friends and family members with their names and number plates decoratively styled on top. This will undoubtedly speak volumes about your commitment to them.

The throw pillow has size dimensions as follows: 18 inches by 18 inches. This makes it universally compatible with both home and office use. You can use this pillow with sofas and beds alike to create fun vibes in the room. This throw pillow is made with 100 percent polyester, making it durable for rough use. Furthermore, it can be machine washed without the fear of damaging its fabric or color.

Buy this sports-themed throw pillow for your room by clicking here.

6. Tina’s Home: Cable Knit

If you want to add warm, welcoming and ‘homely’ vibes to your room, then consider buying this cable knit throw pillow. The blue color will easily complement neutral colors and add an eclectic touch of contrast to your room. It spans 18 inches across in both height and width, making it ideal to be used in different rooms.

This pillow cover is designed with a double layer that is made with 100 percent acrylic. It also features an easy to use zip that is hidden from view. Consequently, this makes it incredibly convenient to remove the throw pillow cover and wash it without the fear of damage. Just make sure you only use mild detergent and cool water.

This textured pillow is bound to add a pop of color to spruce up your room the way you always wanted it to be.

Click here to buy this throw pillow on Amazon.

7. ASSR: Round Filled Navy Themed Throw Pillow

This round velvet throw pillow is bound to mesmerize your visitors. The reason it works so well is due to its eclectic choice of textures and navy themed color palette that introduces a pop of color to neutral spaces.

The materials used to construct this throw pillow are a unique combination of velvet fabric with polypropylene cotton, making it extremely soft, durable, and comfortable. Its round design can be used to provide cushioning to the back, perfect if you want to relieve the pressure on your back due to long hours of continuous sitting. Do remember to walk for 15 minutes every now and then!

This decorative blue throw pillow is compatible with sofas, chairs, and beds. If you’re the kind of person who sits for long hours at a time, then this pillow will minimize the damage of sitting by improving blood circulation in the thighs and buttocks.

Click on this link now to buy the blue throw pillows.

 8. Adonis Pigou: Anime Themed Blue Throw Pillow

This is the second throw pillow designed by Adonis Pigou to feature on our list, which should attest to the company’s commitment to durability and artful design. These pillows feature a lighter shade of blue, keeping other features roughly the same.

This throw is made with a combination of spandex and cotton, which makes it oddly stretchable, but extremely durable. Your children will find the anime-themed skin of their throw pillows fun to play with. The throw pillows are designed with long-term use and will sustain rough use throughout their long life-span.

These pillows are the perfect birthday gift because of the friendly anime themed design.

Click here to buy this pillow!

9. Great Deal Furniture: Light Blue Navy Themed Throw Pillows

A first glance at these navy themed rectangular pillows will look nothing out of the ordinary. But that’s intended by the manufacturer, who wanted to create something that subtly adds a pop of color to the room without attracting too much attention. This makes it ideal for use in dining rooms, bedrooms, and more importantly, living rooms.

This throw pillow features tassels on all corners, giving them some extra oomph. Great Deal Furniture is offering these pillows in sets of 4 with varying dimensions, guaranteeing capability with all room sizes.

If these throw pillows catch your fancy, then click on this link to buy the set of 4.

10. Kimlor: Blue Denim Themed Pillow

Denim clothes are known for their tough, rough exterior on the outside, but a softer and smooth construct on the inside. This makes them perfect for use as trousers and shirts, but as throw pillows?

Kimlor’s American Denim Collection has introduced this unique line of throw pillows to bring the denim to your living rooms. And the best part is that this throw pillow is perfectly comfortable and highly versatile.

To get these unique throw pillows to your living rooms, click on this link!

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