27 Navy And Dark Blue Living Room Ideas

Blue is a versatile color and a fan-favorite when it comes to interior design. Not only does it suit a wide variety of color combinations, but it's also one of the most soothing colors in the color wheel. It's also found throughout nature, from the sky to the ocean, giving it all kinds of positive associations.

For this reason, it's no surprise if you're drawn to the idea of outfitting your entire living room in shades of blue. Just keep in mind that it's possible to overuse the color. This becomes particularly tricky to avoid if you like darker shades, such as navy and royal blues. Fear not, though! If you want to make a navy and dark blue living room work for you, there are ways. And we're here to help you out.

Blue living room with high ceiling, blue wall and vintage decors, 27 Navy And Dark Blue Living Room Ideas

1. The Power of White

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Lounge with blue sofa and patterned carpet

One of the most useful tools in your arsenal is going to be the color white. With its value-neutral effect on a room, it can take a too-dark aesthetic and turn it pleasing to the eye. Consider the living room above, for example. The navy blue couch and dark blue walls might have been overwhelming if not for the wall art and throw pillows to help break things up.

2. Strategic Lighting

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Modern interior living room with brown leather sofa, floor lamp, wooden coffee table and hardwood floor

If you're a fan of somber, of course, you're welcome to lean into the depth of both navy and dark blue. Take the living room above as inspiration! While the lightly colored decorative pillows do some of the work providing contrast, the dramatic lighting is actually what keeps the room from getting too dull. A dramatic spotlight helps you lean into the somber themes of the room while also providing a touch of necessary brightness.

If you're looking to recreate this living room, consider getting one of these:

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Alternately, if you're looking for something even more striking and industrial to boot, consider:

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3. Mixing Bold Colors

Living room with high ceiling, blue wall and vintage decors

Another great way to provide balance to a dark blue room is to shock the eye with a bold accent color. Here, the pink throw pillows do an excellent job of catching the eye and cheering up the room. If pink isn't your style, consider shades like lime green or even a burnt orange to do a similar trick.

4. Cheery Greenery

Wooden furniture with leather cushion in modern living room interior

A tried and true method for brightening up a room? Add some plants! You'll be surprised at what a dash of life can do to awaken the potential of a space and help it feel more welcoming. If you want help picking the right plant for your living room, you can check out our guide "10 Best Tall Plans for the Living Room."

5. Mid-Century Modern Chic

Blue interior in art deco style with armchair, poster, metal tables with marble countertop

If you're looking for fresh ways to add levity to a dark blue and navy living room, consider the mid-century modern aesthetic. The exposed, thin legs often associated with the style create a lot of space between the furniture and the floor, opening up the room to an airy feel.

Get the look for yourself with a piece like this accent chair:

Modway Remark Mid-Century Modern Accent Arm Lounge Chair

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6. Electric Blue

Blue wall in modern living room interior with white leather sofa

Shaking things up with an additional shade of blue is so bold a choice, it actually works. Take this living room, for example. The attention-grabbing electric blue table and accent pillows pop against the more somber navy backdrop.

7. All That Glitters IS Gold

Living room with blue sofa and yellow armchair

If you're looking for elegance that never goes out of style, look no further than the blue and gold color combination. Golden accents might shimmer on their own, but when they're set against a dark blue palette, they tend to gleam even brighter.

8. Two-Tone Sectional

Amazing apartment in blue with corner sofa, copper coffee tables and open bedroom

One way to intrigue the eye in a mostly-blue living room is to use alternating shades in an unusual way. Take a look at this sofa for the ultimate example. Adding a lighter shade of blue as one of the base cushions emphasizes the blue aesthetic while also surprising the eye.

9. The Beauty of Minimalism

Stylish living room interior in blue with a small sofa

A simple solution to avoiding overwhelming the eye with too much blue is to simply not have a lot of furniture in your living room. Embracing minimalism keeps a space open and inviting. All you need is a comfy couch and a light source, and you've got yourself a lovely spot to read after a long day at work.

10. Striking Textures

Living room with brown leather sofa, dark blue wall, hardwood floor and bookshelf

A tried and true way to add depth and visual intrigue to your interior design is through texture. Consider the leather couch in this living room. Not only does it draw the eye for the way the caramel color pops against the dark blue and navy, it grabs your attention with its sleek leather material.

If you'd like to achieve this look in your own living room, consider purchasing this piece:

Cognac Tan Brown Leather Couch

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11. Bottling a Storm

Living room interior with soft minimalist blue sofa, floor lamp and metal table

Another way to lean into the aesthetic of dark blue on navy as opposed to looking for contrast is to pair the shades with grey. This has the magical effect of making it seem like you've stepped right into a storm. Add natural wood floors or accent pieces to this look to create a rustic living room.

12. Making the Most of Accent Pillows

Interior of the living room in blue with a sofa, table and terracotta pillow

All you really need to create visual intrigue in your dark blue and navy living room is a well-placed accent pillow. Look no further than this living room. The rich clay-colored pillow stands out against the blue couch and keeps the space from getting too gloomy.

13. Going Glam

Luxurious fashionable living room with upholstered blue furniture, armchair, sofa and coffee table

Sometimes less isn't more, as evidenced by this living room. Adding as much blue decor as you want to a single room can work in your favor if you lean into the glitz and glam. Consider the button accents on the chairs, the ruffled texture of the side tables, and the abundance of elegant glassware adorning each tabletop. All these things add to the glamorous aesthetic and end up working together rather than feeling disparate.

Want to add a similar touch of grace to your own home? Consider these accent pieces:

lass Bud Vases for Decor, Small Vintage Flower Vases

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14. Embracing Nature

Blue living room with gray sofa and classy wooden coffee table

Since blue is found throughout nature, it makes the perfect backdrop for a rustic living room. Notice the way the dark blue walls of this space help make the natural wood table pop.

15. Dark Wood Dream

Blue living room, berjer and wooden coffee table

You may think that adding more darkness to your already-dark living room would be unhelpful. However, dark wood pairs quite nicely with dark blues like navy. Take this living room, for example. The unique quality of the coffee table adds enough levity for the eye, so you can relax and appreciate how dark wood and dark blue complement each other.

16. Heightened Accents

Living room in blue with terracotta tables

Of course, one accent piece with a striking color is all you need to break up a room's monotony. However, using two creates a visual cohesion that pleases. Just look at the way the coffee table and the accent pillow work together in this room to brighten up the otherwise somber blues.

17. Silver Lining

Living room interior with parquet floor, blue wall and sofa

Metallics tend to pair well with shades of blue, and silver is no exception. Given the way it provides contrast in a similar fashion to white, it's no wonder why silver and blue make such an iconic color combo.

To bring this look into your own living room, consider this elegant coffee table:

Faux Marble Accent Table

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18. The Might of Mirrors

Blue living room corner with wooden floor, loft window, comfortable dark blue sofa with navy cushions, armchair and large mirror on the floor

Mirrors are the best friend of any interior decorator. They have the ability to open up a room and create the illusion of more space. Therefore, a big, floor-length mirror is the perfect remedy for a dark blue and navy living room that feels too cramped.

19. Popping Patterns

Navy blue settee against the wall in blue living room interior with plants on checkerboard floor

One great way to incorporate a little fun into a blue-on-blue living room is with a fun pattern. Consider the area rug in this picture. The checkered pattern draws the eye and adds a bit of contrasting color to the palette.

20. Picture Perfect

Want a way to add more color to your dark blue living room while also creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere? Try adding a picture collage to the wall! The photos will draw your eye, and the memories will make you smile.

21. Art Connoisseur

Speaking of sprucing up your walls, you can opt to add an eye-catching piece of art instead of personal photographs and achieve a similar result. Just look at this living room. The yellow color complements the shades of blue and gives an air of sophistication to the whole room.

22. Book Nook

Books are a great way to make a living room feel homier. Since the spines are different colors, they also happen to introduce some contrast into a blue living room.

23. Letting In Light

Natural light is the best way to brighten up a space. If you have large picture windows or otherwise prominent windows in your living room, take advantage of them by make them a centerpiece in your room design.

24. Florals for the Win

Another natural way to cheer up a room is with flowers and flowery accents. The potted plant in this living room may sit off to the side, but it takes center stage when it comes to where your eye is drawn.

Do something similar in your own home with these:

Artificial Orchid Silk Fake Flowers Faux Dancing Lady Orchids Stems Flower

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25. Creative Lines

As much as the eye is pleased by symmetry, there's no denying that it's drawn to a lack thereof. Consider the way the sofa table isn't centered behind the sofa and how that emphasizes both the sofa's place in the room, as well as the artwork.

26. Add an Area Rug

A great way to keep the eye from being overwhelmed is by adding an area rug to a room. It draws attention to one section of the space at a time. Have it utilize the color scheme, as in the living room pictured above, for bonus points.

27. The Scene-Stealing Accent Chair

Want to go for a bold look? Add an accent chair with a unique color to your dark blue living room. Obviously, this space features a yellow chair, but oranges, pinks, and lime greens all make excellent choices, as well.

Next Steps

Still looking for inspiration? We've got you covered! Since the sofa is the centerpiece of any living room, it's vital that you pick the right one for your space. Check out our "15 Awesome Navy Sofa Living Room Ideas" to get started.

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