15 Awesome Navy Sofa Living Room Ideas

If you want more color in your living room, consider a navy sofa. It brings in cool undertones while remaining pleasantly neutral for your changing decor through the years. In many ways, it mimics gray, black, and white but brings a little more spunk than the typical neutrals. 

While navy goes with many colors, remember that it clashes with some tones if not paired correctly. Typically, navy pairs well with light pinks, other shades of blue, yellow, burnt orange, and neutral tones. However, unless you like the maximalist style, introducing too many accent colors makes a living room look chaotic.

Navy comes in a multitude of shades ranging from an ashy, almost gray navy to a brighter, more vibrant navy that looks almost royal. It also has different undertones like green, black, and gray. Be sure to decorate with appropriate colors depending on the shade of the navy sofa you purchase.

At the end of the day, style your living room according to your own preferences and have fun with it! If you need some inspiration, check out this list of 15 awesome navy sofa living room ideas.

A navy blue decor of lounge with sofa, wooden furniture and patterned carpet, 15 Awesome Navy Sofa Living Room Ideas

1. Different Shades Of Blue And Brown

Blue up-to-date decor of lounge with blue sofa and patterned carpet

Keeping it simple and neutral, adding brown provides the perfect complement to a navy sofa. It looks natural and helps make a blue living room look a little warmer in tone. This makes a living room feel cozy and inviting. 

Adding other shades of blue feels cohesive and simple. It also takes the guesswork out of pairing random colors to your navy sofa. Incorporate lighter shades of blue for an airier feel or dark shades of blue for a moodier tone. 

2. Light And Airy

Elegant living room interior with a blue sofa, armchair, coffee table, patterned carpet and paintings on the gray wall

A navy sofa grounds an all-white living room and creates visual interest. It draws the eye and thus invites guests to approach and sit down on the couch. When you want to amp up the light and airy vibe, choose white planters, white wall hangings, and white sheer curtains to let in lots of light. 

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3. Yellow Accents

Graphic pattern and yellow pillow setting up on modern blue sofa at home

Sometimes navy looks too dark and gloomy and needs vibrancy. Adding yellow accents achieves a youthful design that keeps your living room looking fresh. Adding too many yellow decorations risks looking tacky. Add just the right amount in your throw pillows, some wall hangings, and in your flower arrangements. Balance the yellow decor with other shades of blue, gray, black, and white. 

4. Colorful Bouquets For Pops Of Color

Navy blue modern classic sofa set with beautiful flower vases in nice living corner

Since furniture costs so much more than smaller decor items, it makes sense to purchase your furniture in neutral colors. Then, you add colorful decor around your furniture as the trends change. One inexpensive way to add color includes purchasing bouquets of flowers, either real or faux. Choose your vases carefully and style them on your coffee table and end tables. 

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5. White, Teal, And Pink

Blue modern living room interior

When your navy sofa looks teal due to its green undertone, pair it with other teals, pinks, and white tones. Use teal accent chairs with pink pillows, teal and pink panel curtains, and teal and pink wall hangings. Keep the walls white so that the teal and pink really stand out in your living room. If you own many books, turn them with pages facing out to create a more neutral palate. 

6. Boho-Chic Design

Boho-chic design isn't going anywhere soon. One way to liven up a boho-chic living room with different colors is to add a navy sofa. This brings in softer, cooler tones than the ambers, browns, and black tones. 

Some staple elements of boho-chic design include rattan wicker light fixtures, geometric patterns, and leather poufs. Poufs tend to be a bit expensive, so one way to bypass the expense is to purchase an unstuffed pouf on Amazon. Then fill it with leftover shopping bags or unused t-shirts. 

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7. Monochromatic

Modern interior of the living room in monochrome blue with a stylish velvet sofa, a beige carpet, and a golden floor lamp

When you like to keep it simple, opt for a monochromatic color scheme. Find a paint color that looks close in tone to your navy sofa, and then add some navy panel curtains. Monochromatic color schemes tend to look dramatic. If you want to tone it down a little bit, just add an appropriate accent color. 

8. Maximalist Gallery Wall

Gray armchair and blue sofa in spacious living room interior with framed artwork on white wall

In contrast to the beautiful Scandinavian minimalism this decade, a new trend called maximalism has emerged. Maximalism celebrates many different colors, wall hangings, and plants. It's controlled chaos with excess personality. 

This design style works great if you collect a lot of art and feel like you don't have enough wall space. Show off your many different art pieces by creating a gallery wall. If you want to keep some semblance of order, try framing all of your art prints in the same type of frame. 

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9. Relaxing Beach House

Blue living room corner with a wooden floor, a loft window and a long comfortable dark blue sofa with navy cushions on it

A navy sofa looks perfect in a beach house because it complements the blue ocean and sky. Pair your navy sofa with light wood tones to mimic the sand. Even when you can't be on the beach on rainy days, you can enjoy a beachy atmosphere inside your own living room!

10. Cozy With High-Pile Carpet

Cozy living room with soft rug and many plants

If you prefer coziness above all else, place a high-pile area rug in front of the sofa. Purchase a navy blue rug to match your sofa or soften the room even more by buying a cream-colored rug. Add to the coziness by layering plush throw blankets and plenty of velvet and faux fur throw pillows. 

11. Black And White Tile

Luxurious dark blue plush couch surrounded by green plants standing on a chessboard floor in a living room interior

Checkered patterns, especially in black and white floor tiles, are back in style. To add more visual interest to a black and white pattern, add some navy with a navy sofa. For more color, bring in real potted plants.

12. Fun Accent Wall

Poster above blue settee in white apartment interior with armchair, wooden table and plants

When you want the navy color to stand out in your living room, add an accent wall. An accent wall with polka dots, geometric shapes, or chevron patterns looks modern and fun. To avoid costs, choose a peel and stick easily removable wallpaper. 

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13. Classic Vintage

Pretty simple decor of living room with blue sofa and light

A vintage velvet navy couch tends to look bright and almost royal in tone and brings elegance and class to your living room. For more vintage elegance, look for gold-embossed mirrors, tiffany glass-style lamps, and vintage books to stack strategically around the room. 

14. Light Pink And Baby Blue Accents

Navy and light pink go together so well that its pairing will probably never go out of style. The combination looks like pink sand beaches and old Hollywood glamour. For a more modern spin on this color combination, introduce baby blue accents as well. 

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15. Scandinavian Minimalism

Stylish boho living room interior with design navy blue sofa and wooden handmade coffee table

To keep a minimalist living room from falling flat, choose a navy sofa instead of a beige or white one. With bare walls and minimal decor, it's difficult to make a living room feel inviting. Adding in the navy makes a living room feel lived in and intentional, even with minimal decor. 

Finish Decorating Your Living Room

With this list, it's time to complete the rest of your living room. Think about your color scheme regarding your navy sofa. Will you use light pink, yellow, or neutral tones to complement the navy? 

Also, what accent chairs, end tables, curtains, rugs, and accent decor will you incorporate? For more design inspiration in your living room, check out these helpful posts:

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